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Please join us in our Brian Joo forum, “brianjoomusic” and let’s all talk about Brian.. ^^


[08.20.09] M.I.A.

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The title of my post is similar to the title of Brian Joo’s blogspot before when he haven’t openned his myspace account for a long time…I copied it since i haven’t visited my WP account for more than a month I think??! =D

I just feel like posting today because I want to post about the “Bibimbap” I made for lunch today.. Here’s some pictures I took a while ago..

082020093054 (Large) 082020093053 (Large)

082020093053 (Large) 082020093055 (Large)

Looks yummy, right?! Hehehe! ^_^

I’m currently watching the ongoing dramas (Swallow the Sun,Take Care of Agasshi & Soul). I’m also watching Yamapi’s current drama, “Buzzer Beat,” courtesy of my Krissy unni who’s a huge fan of NEWS, particularly Yamapi, hehe! ^^ And i’m also re-watching my favorite drama of Goo Hye Sun, “Hearts of 19/Pure 19” just because I suddenly miss the drama,keke!

I’m still addicted to G-Dragon’s 1st album Heartbreaker. I so LOVE all of his songs especially Heartbreaker. I also love the MV.. It makes me get even more excited on getting my copy of his album. Too bad can’t afford to buy their 1st Japanese album right now since it’s quite expensive.. but maybe later i’ll be able to buy my copy. ^^

…and now i’m waiting for my download of Big Bang’s Big Show Concert to finish then i’m off to watch it, yay!! ^^

…and maybe i’ll be updating my blog again daily (but i’m not promising anything, LOL! =p)

[06.17.09] SS501 Hyung Joon’s Hey Girl

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Today’s the teaser MV of Hyung Joon…

can’t wait for the full MV to come out. ^_^

[06.17.09] Kim Hyun Joong’s “Please Be Good to Me” teaser

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Here’s Kim Hyun Joong’s ‘Please Be Good to Me” MV teaser… In my opinion, his MV is much better than Kyu Jong’s Wuss Up. ^_^

Credit: KoaLa41@wordpress

[06.17.09] Yoon Eun Hye’s Lady Castle set for August

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It has been a long wait but it’s certainly something worth waiting for. Actress Yoon Eun Hye will finally be returning to the small screen with a new drama this August after a near 2 years absence with MBC’s Coffee Prince.

Yoon Eun Hye will be returning with the drama called Lady Castle which is tentatively set for a 19th August premiere on KBS2TV. Lady Castle will be taking over the spot vacated by the lawyer drama, Partners in the Wed-Thus timeslot if everything goes according to schedule (barring drama extensions, etc). Competing dramas will be SBS’s Swallow the Sun starring Ji Sung, Sung Yuri, Lee Wan and MBC’s horror drama, Soul, starring Lee Seo Jin.

Lady Castle is a story about 3 daughters and the inheritance left by their father. Their lifestyle is disrupted after a poor man disguises himself as a housekeeper/manager of a rich house with an eye on the family’s hidden slush fund. He falls in love with the haughty second daughter (of three), Noh Yura, played by Yoon Eun Hye. Noh Yura is a lady who possesses a goddess-like beauty. She is strong-headed, selfish and the world revolves around her, where all things must go her way. Yet, Yura is lonely and longs to be loved, and for this, Yura is weak in front of true love and is one who you cannot help but love.

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[06.17.09] Which Korean Girl Group will dominate in 2009?

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2009 hottest new girl group debutants 2NE1 and 4minute are going to be duking it out on MNET M! Countdown for the title of best new girl group on 18th June! These girls have caught the attention of Korea’s netizens and are already starting to be compared even though 4minute hasn’t even had their debut stage. 4minute will have to work hard to impress the crowd and make their presence known on stage, or they’ll fall into the shadow of 2NE1’s ever-growing popularity.

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[06.16.09] Big Bang for Hite: see London, see France, see G-Dragon’s Underpants

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With the enormous popularity of the “So Fresh So Cool” song and CF, Hite beer is going to fire off another commercial featuring Big Bang, albeit without maknae Seungri (the 1990-er is too young to drink). As we have come to expect, stalker pics revealing the group’s fashion are making waves amongst netizens, though it seems pretty normal K-Pop-wise – bright, bold colors. Wake me up when something like this happens.

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