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[01.31.09] WGM New Year couples to replace ALL of WGM current couples!!!

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We got Married, the Korean variety that rocked the nation last year has resorted to changing all of their couples, AGAIN.

This time round, Hwanyobi couple and Mardambi couple would be leaving the show on 8th February. The WGM New Year special couples would be replacing them: Junjin-Siyoung, Taeyeon-Hyungdon, Shinyoung-Sungrok

With its declining ratings, the PDs promise to make the show a more entertaining with more unique scenarios for the couples and even possible scripting.

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[01.30.09] WGM New Year couples; to be permanant?

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The PDs of We Got Married did not rule out the possibility of having the New Year Special couples (Junjin- Siyoung, Taeyeon- Hyundon, Shinyoung- Sungrok) continuing in future episodes as well.

The PDs are hinting that that all 3 couples will be continuing in the show unless any couple gets a negative response (*hints* Taeyeon and him)

I can’t wait for all the laughter that I’ll get when watching the show from all those gagmen on the show!!!
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[01.22.09] Junjin – Lee Shi Young the new HOT WGM couple

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New WGM couple JunjinLee Shi Young decides on marriage by breaking wooden planks with their heads. For the 25th Jan Seollal special of WGM, viewers will see Junjin and Lee Shi Young spending a day together getting to know each other’s interests, personalities and hobbies, after which they make the decision on marriage by breaking wooden planks with their heads. This scene was filmed in Lee Shi Young’s actual home. Althought the matrimonial home should have been prepared by the production team and all the couple has to do is to move their belongings into the apartment, but all filming was done in Lee Shi Young’s home. This is because Lee Shi Young’s unique lifestyle and her vast amount of collectibles made it impossible to move her belongings. Upon seeing her collections, Junjin remarked, “Pretty girls don’t usually collect things like these,” and refused to believe that it was really Lee Shi Young’s apartment. Out of all 3 couples who will be appearing on the special, the Junjin-Lee Shi Young couple has garnered the best response. Lee Shi Young, who started out in a mini-series on cable channel Super Action, moved on to more prominent roles in KBS2 dramas ‘The Kingdom Of The Wind’ and more notably ‘Boys Before Flowers’, where her short appearance has left a deep impression on viewers. WGM PD Im Jung Ah said, “Lee Shi Young has a very unexpectedly interesting personality for a pretty girl like her, and her actions aren’t what you would expect from pretty girls like her.” She added, “For Junjin, it will be very interesting to see his reaction when he sees a partner whom he didn’t expect. From there we’ll be able to see how this variety star uses his humor and wit to deal with the situation.”

Source: Now News / Kuki News

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[01.22.09] Infinity Challenge = Boys over Flowers?!

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After parodising Big Bang, One of Korea’s best variety show, Infinity Challenge, will be imitating Korea’s popular drama, Boys over Flowers in their upcoming episodes. This episode would be shown in early February.

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>>A must see episode of Inifinity Challenge for Boys Over Flowers fans like me.. Just looking at the pics makes me laugh a lot already… im sure i’ll laugh more when i get to watch the episode already. ^^

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[01.22.09] T.O.P. Will Reunite With Lee Hyori on Family Outing

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It has been a long wait for Lee Hyori, but no doubt worth it. Following after Daniel Henney in the New Year Special, charismatic Big Bang member T.O.P. will be the next to appear on SBS Family Outing as a guest family member.

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[01.22.09] Are Seo In Young and Crown J Dating?

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Yes, yes, as we all know We Got Married is coming to a slow and painful demise. With the desperate additions of two overweight, goofy comedians and total public trainwrecks (Old Man Junjin and I’m-going-to-publicly-run-my-mouth Taeyeon), it’s pretty much over.

However, there is speculation that WGM may be continuing in the sense of the Witch and the Ant dating in real life. Crown J dropped the P-word when presenting his soon to be ex-wife with 321 red roses, one for each day they were married. I don’t know about a lot of guys mentioning the word “propose” other than “Oh you want a proposal? Okay I ‘propose’ you get me another beer…” from my ex-boyfriends.

Well, he still has her other shoe so we’ll just have to wait and see what new summer shenanigans these two cook up. I bet they’re aiming to get their own spinoff show, those two attention whores. A!

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[01.21.09] We Got Married Has New Approach For Season 2

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It appears that MBC We Got Married will now be adopting a new approach where each of the newly matched up couples will develop their make-believe marriage based on a given concept. This apparently started with the Kangin – Lee Yoon Ji couple whose concept was based on a college couple starting out and living on a shoestring budget. This is a total contrast to the beginning where the couples were just put together and then develop accordingly.


In an interview with PD Shim Jung Ah on the 19th, “The We Got Married New Year Special on the 25th will mark the debut of the 3 new couples who will experience the We Got Married experience for a day. We believe that this will inject some vitality to the show and make it more interesting for viewers.”

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