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[01.20.09] JYP entertainers invade Youtube

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Beginning with JYP and his first youtube channel, the “dancing gorilla” has created an official channel for his lovelies, Wondergirls and 2PM. To get people to visit, the channel will be giving away a free autographed album with another little gift if you leave a comment on their official video. Already within two days, over 850 comments have been posted for the Wondergirls video and about 350 for 2PM. Fans must be crazy.

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Korean Singers Gather in Singapore for K-Pop Concert

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In conjunction with the Korea Festival 2008 next month, Korean singers will gather and perform at the Singapore Indoor stadium on 4th November!

To promote Korean culture in Singapore, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea has organized a Korean Festival 2008 from 1st – 18th November with the highlight being Shinhwa members JunJin and Andy, boyband 2PM, popular girl group Wonder Girls, Jewelry and V.O.S., etc will gather in Singapore for the first time for a Korean Pop Night at the Indoor Stadium on 4th November.

It’s known that the 6,000 tickets will not be for sale. According to the organizers, most of the tickets will instead be distributed through their sponsors like LG, Samsung, Far East Organization, Korean Air and Asiana Airlines. But they also revealed, “We might be distributing 200 – 300 tickets during concert day but nothing has been confirmed yet.”

>> Lucky Singaporeans! Hehe they’ll be able to see a lot of KPop stars. Wish i had the money to fly there and watch the event. A lot of my favorite stars will be performing, whaaa!!!!

Credit: OMY Singapore