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Saeng il chukahae Wannie!! ^^

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saeng il chukahamnida…

saeng il chukahamnida…

saranganeun Wannie sshi…

saeng il chukahamnida!!! ^^

[11.17.08] Kim Dong Wan Enlisted Today

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Kim Dong Wan was enlisted at the Chungcheongnam-do training camp this afternoon. He is the second Shinhwa member to be enlisted after Eric.

wannie Just like Eric, Kim Dong Wan will also serve his miltary duty as a civil servant. He will be receiving 4 weeks of basic military training before being transferred to the Seodaemun-gu Government Office where he will serve as a public service officer. Kim Dong Wan released a mini-album Promise for his fans before his enlistment and promised to reunite with them 2 years later.

>> It sad to know that two members of my favorite group Shinhwa is now doing their military service… 😦

Credit: Coolsmurf

Kim Dong Wan – [Single] Promise

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