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[11.18.08]Kim So Eun as Kim Bum’s Lover in ‘Boys Before Flowers’

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Actress Kim So Eun, also given the nickname of “Little Ha Ji Won”, has been confirmed a role in the upcoming “Boys Before Flowers“, playing as Goo Hye Sun’s friend Ga Eul.

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Boys Before Flowers Heading To New York for Overseas Filming

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The main cast and production team of KBS2TV Boys Before Flowers will head to America next week for overseas filming lasting for around 10 days.


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Rounding out the Boys Before Flowers cast

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Kim So-eun (Yuki), Lee Shi-young (Sakurako)

So, with the main characters all lined up (the boy-men of Flower Four, main character Makino, beautiful model Shizuka, and tough older sister Tsubaki), now it’s time to turn our attentions to the rest.

Gu Hye-sun’s (Makino) character’s best friend Ga-eul (meaning Autumn; Yuki in the manga) is 19-year-old new actress Kim So-eun — and yes, she will share a “fresh” and “dramatic” storyline with Kim Bum’s Soujiro (er, So Yi-jung).

Sakurako will be taken on by 24-year-old Lee Shi-young, who recently drew attention for her role as Yeon-hwa in the sageuk drama Kingdom of the Wind. I haven’t seen her act, but she definitely looks the part — fresh and innocent on the outside, but potentially “I will cut you” on the inside. Her character’s name is Oh Min-ji.

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Sneaks of Korean F4 and Goo Hye Sun from Boys Before Flowers

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The Korean adaptation of popular Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango, Boys Before Flowers which will be shown in December recently revealed the image concept for their Korean F4 and female protagonist, Yeon Woo.

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Hyun Joong: The violin interests me

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SS501 leader, Hyun Joong, has fallen for the violin.

Hyun Joong has been practicing the violin for his role as Rui in the upcoming KBS2 drama, Hana Yori Dango. As his role is one of a wealthy handsome man who is a member of F4, he is currently practicing the violin and will also be undergoing golf and horseback riding lessons, to fit in with the needs of the character.

His agency stated that he has been training his acting as well as going for classes to learn the violin, and because of his background with the guitar, it was easier for him with the violin as they were both similar. His instructor was also amazed with his progress after only seven sessions. They also stated that although the filming for the drama is scheduled to start soon, he is currently busy with WGM therefore he will learn horseback riding and golf when the drama starts.

SS501 were also scheduled to resume their activities in Japan in February next year, however, the shooting for the 24 episode drama is expected to carry on until March. The Japanese side would be understanding of this, as they too have high expectations for the drama.


Goo Hye Sun is Makino in Korean Hana Yori Dango

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Having revealed the Korean F4 last Friday, Group 8 has announced that Makino in the Korean Hana Yori Dango will go to actress Goo Hye Sun.

Goo Hye Sun will be the main female character in KBS2TV drama, “Boys over Flowers” (name for the drama) which will be shown in December. This will be Goo Hye Sun’s third drama in 2008 following SBS “King and I” and KBS “Strongest Chil-Woo” where she had played the leading role.

Goo Hye Sun plays Yeonoo that is the daughter of a Dry Cleaner owner, who is a swimmer at her school when her school doesn’t even have a swimming team. Near the dry cleaners, she was delivering or picking up clothes when she meets [runs into] the F4 leader (Lee Min Ho) and the whole series then starts as she deals with certain episodes and events as she becomes Cinderella.

Director Jeon Ki Sang explained Goo Hye Sun was chosen eventually because she fits Tsukushi’s image well, and acknowledges that the public had tossed her name around a lot as a prospective Makino when the drama was first announced. She was in fact one of the front-runners in the numerous polls.

With the female lead now decided, do you think she’s the right person?

>> I was suprised… Goo Hye Sun in my opinion is a good actress and she has proved it in her 3 previous dramas. I personally like her but for the Makino role… uhmm… i don’t like the idea… but i’ll have to see once the drama starts airing. ^^

Credit: Dramabeans & Soompi

Male Casting for Korean Hana Yori Dango Revealed

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>> I wouldn’t be posting today if not for the sad news (Cho Jin Shil’s death) and this exciting news coz i’m having a fever since yesterday and i’m supposed to be resting on my bed, LOL! ^^

“F4″ guys in the Korean Hana Yori Dango, aka Boys Before Flowers.

Although it was floated around that the casting would comprise mostly pop idol stars, it turns out (for the better, imo), that we’re split half-half between idols and actors (the two rising actors at least have a decent amount of experience — for their age, I mean).

  • First is F4 leader in the Tsukasa role, aka actor Lee Min-ho.
  • Kim Hyun-joong, idol singer of pop boy band SS501, takes on the role of Rui.
  • Kim Bum, is most recently of East of Eden as Soujiro.
  • And, finally, Kim Joon is the least-known of the F4 boys, as Akira.

Lee Min-ho takes the lead as “Doumyouji Tsukasa,” renamed for the drama as “Gu Jun-pyo”:

Lee Min-ho, born in 1987, has a decent amount of work behind him, having done several TV shows and a couple films, including I Don’t Know Either, Run! Mackerel, Public Enemy Returns, and the recent Our School E.T.

“A least they gave Doumyouji to a “real” actor instead of the crossover newbie in his acting debut. Not that that’s bad (we all have to start somewhere?) but considering that he’s the most crucial F4 role, he’d damn well better know how to act.” – dramabeans

Kim Hyun-joong takes the character of “Hanazawa Rui,” renamed “Yoon Ji-hoo”:

“Kim Hyun-joong, a 1986-er of boy band SS501, is currently paired with Hwang Bo on variety show We Got Married, and was the first name to be floated around earlier this summer. He’s taking over the role following Oguri Shun’s excellent portrayal — that’ll be an uphill climb, particularly given that the boy doesn’t have a lot of acting experience. It appears he was cast because he fits the image; we’ll see if his skills measure up.” – dramabeans

Kim Bum is cast in the “Nishikada Soujiro” role, renamed “So Yi-jung”:

Kim Joon as “Mimasaka Akira,” aka “Song Woo-bin”:

“As the guy I’m least familiar with (as in, not at all), this is the best pic I could get; Kim Joon (full real name Kim Hyung-joon, a 1985-er) is the guy on the right of the first pic. And when I say “newb,” I mean this is his acting debut. He is, however, a member of the newish pop boy band T-Max.” – Dramabeans

He looks like Kim Hyun Joong in this pic.. I wonder if he really looks like him in his other shots..

>> I like the casting especially Hyun Joong & Kim Bum.. i’m really looking forward to this drama. Hope it’s worth the wait. ^^

Credit: Joy News / Dramabeans / Coolsmurf