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Cha Tae Hyun ‘Fixed’ By Kim Jung Eun

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During the recent filming of MBC’s “General Hospital 2“, actor Cha Tae Hyun was “fixed” by his partner Kim Jung Eun using Freestyle wrestling techniques.

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Han Hye Jin’s ‘Terroir’ to Be Broadcast Instead of ‘Lord of Study’

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Due to a halt in the production of “Lord of Study“, SBS has announced today (7th Nov) that the drama “Terroir“, which revolves around the process of grapewine production, is set to air on the 1st of December, replacing “Tazza”.

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Lee Joon Ki to Play a Violent Man in New Drama

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Oh Ji Ho Joins Park Ye Jin in Lord of Study

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Oh Ji Ho has been confirmed as Kang Suk Ho in SBS Lord of Study and has been receiving training from a lecturer teaching at a respectable school.

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General Hospital 2 Replaces The Return of Iljimae

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MBC announced yesterday that the follow-up drama to Beethoven Virus would be General Hospital 2 instead of The Return of Iljimae. The latter has now been delayed for broadcast officially to next year as a result.

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Beethoven Virus Gets An Extension Thanks to Good Ratings

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MBC Beethoven Virus starring Kim Myung Min, Jang Geun Suk and Lee Ji Ah has been extended by 2 more episodes and will end it’s run on 13th November.

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Park Ye Jin and Lee Hong Gi In Teacher-Student Relationship

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Park Ye Jin and F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Gi will play out a teacher-student relationship in SBS “Master of Study” drama scheduled for broadcast after “Tazza” in the Mon-Tue timeslot starting from 1st December.

“Master of Study” is adapted from a popular Japanese manga “Dragon Zakura” and revolves around 6 students with the worst grades in a special class. Many interesting stories happen along the way as they take on the challenge of getting into the prestigious Seoul University with hilarious results.

Park Ye Jin plays an english teacher who is easily moved (emotional) while Lee Hong Gi plays a student who has dreams of becoming a singer. Other students already casted include Byeol Kim who is a bully initially but later becomes a cheerful maths genius. Hwang Baek Hyun plays a rebellious student while singer Rich is a student who looks mature on the outside but is actually very humorous. Three other roles hasn’t been casted yet and among them is a maths teacher who is very popular but has a mysterious background.

According to the drama PD, “Although we are unable to keep totally to the original storyline in the manga, but we will seek inspiration from the Japanese manga and drama adapation and try our best to produce a good drama.” “Master of Study” will begin filming at the end of this month.

The follow-up drama to “Tazza” was supposed to be “Terroir” starring Han Hye Jin and Kim Joo Hyuk but it has been postponed to 2009 because SBS wants to fight KBS idol drama “Boys Over Flowers” with it’s own idol drama.

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‘A Time for Dogs…’ Ranked Number One on Yahoo! Drama Poll

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“A Time for Dogs and Wolves,” a drama series which aired on MBC last year, has been chosen by Korean and Japanese internet users as the best drama series of the year. According to the organizing committee of the annual Seoul Drama Awards, the drama received 60.1% of the total votes cast from September 4 to October 5 on Yahoo! Korea and Yahoo! Japan.

The recent poll was conducted solely online. A total of 16.8 million people cast their votes on Yahoo! Korea while 17.8 million people cast votes on Yahoo! Japan. However, as one person could cast votes more than once, the total number of votes is likely to be more than the actual number of people who took part in the poll.

2TV’s “Hong Gil-dong, the Hero” took the second spot with 36.9% while MBC’s “Coffee Prince” took the third spot with 2.0%. Actors that starred in “A Time for Dogs and Wolves” also topped the rankings. Lee Jun-ki and Nam Sang-mi shared the number one spot with 60.1% and 47.9%, respectively. Actor Kang Ji-hwan took the number two spot with 36.8% while Sung Yoo-ri took the number two spot in the female category with 39.1%.

Source: KBS Global…0856_11858.html

So Ji Sup and Shin Hyun Joon Are Brothers in Cain and Abel

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After a series of incidents including delays, name change, Ryeo Won dropping out, SBS announced today that the drama which was known as “Cain and Abel” before becoming “Dr. Stop” in September will use back the original name. So Ji Sup will still lead the drama but with the addition of Shin Hyun Joon.

This will be So Ji Sup and Shin Hyun Joon comeback after a 5-year gap since their dramas “Sorry I Love You” and “Stairway to Heaven” in 2004 respectively.

So Ji Sup plays Cho-In who is a genius doctor but is isolated from the higher powers of hospital politics. Shin Hyun Joon plays his elder brother, Seon Woo who thinks that his brother has taken everything away from him such as their father’s love, his talent as a doctor and his beloved woman.

According to the production company, “The development of Cain and Abel with the conflict between the two brothers as the base story has taken more than 2 years. We will continue with So Ji Sup as planned and have Shin Hyun Joon acting opposite him as his brother. We have also confirmed that the female lead will be Chae Jung Ahn whose last drama was “Coffee Shop 1st Prince”.”

Filming starts in November and scheduled for February 2009 broadcast.

>>  Too bad Ji Jin Hee won’t be in it.. but i’m glad that Jung Ryeo Won was replaced by Chae Jun Ahn, hehehe! ^_^

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Son Ye Jin is Lee Byung Hun’s Lover in IRIS

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It has been finalized that Son Ye Jin will be in the upcoming spy drama “IRIS” that is scheduled to air in the first half of 2009. Son Ye Jin is casted as Lee Myung Hee, an agent of NSS, a national intelligence agency.

“IRIS” is a collaboration between director Kang Je Gyu and Taewon Entertainment. The director of KBS2TV’s “Sorry I Love You”, Lee Hyung Min, will also be participating in this mega production, which boasts of 20 billion won in production cost and expected to be filming in many overseas locations.

Son Ye Jin plays an NSS psychological analyst who has a sensitive mind and is able to carry out effective preventive measures to thwart terrorist activities. She plays an important role in aiding Kim Hyeon Jun (Lee Byung Hun) to enter the NSS. As Son Ye Jin is a psychological analyst in this drama, she will not have too many action scenes as opposed to the other characters.

Son Ye Jin will be taking on a role that is very much different from her recent roles in drama “Spotlight” and movie “My Wife Got Married”.

After the promotions for her new movie “My Wife Got Married” is over, Son Ye Jin will officially begin her filming in the drama “IRIS”. In a recent interview, Son Ye Jin expressed, “I will not be discouraged because of the viewership ratings in ‘Spotlight’. I wish to attempt another television drama instead”.

“IRIS” is a 20-episode drama which is scheduled to air in the first half of 2009. Filming will begin in November. Shades of “Time of Dog and Wolf” perhaps?

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