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[05.08.09] Lee Junki to guest star on Family Outing

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Famous actor Lee Junki will be the next guest star on the popular SBS Show “Family Outing.” The filming took place from May 4th to 5th in Southern South Korea in South Gyeongsang, near the sea.

One of the staff members of Family Outing stated that Lee Junki got along well with the other co-stars of Family Outing and that they participated in many games, they also tried to catch fish.

The episodes are scheduled to air on May 17th and May 24th.

>>Looking forward to his episodes since he’ll be with Lee Hyori again.. I’m sure the show will be fun. ^_^

[05.06.09] Behind Joo Ji Hoon’s Drug Use

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Korean media outlets are starting to report what may have caused Joo Ji Hoon’s drug use. It seems to baffle many Koreans why such a popular top star would turn to drugs to end his career. Apparently critics have concluded his drug use was a tool for pleasure, pure leisure. His reason for using drugs was not due to being born with mental defects or stress from work.

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[05.05.09] Kang Ji Hwan – The Story Behind His Debut

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A person who is constantly consoled by his friends who say “We can’t understand why you’re not in first place,” but can only cry when he looks at his report card. Actor Kang Ji Hwan (32) can be said to be that type of person.

That’s because even though the dramas Kang Ji Hwan starred in drew avid fans, he lost the ratings to the big hit dramas that aired on the other stations. 90 Days to Hwang Jini, Capital Scandal to Money’s Warfare, Hong Gil Dong to New Heart…they were all completely knocked out by the competition.

Switching over to movies, Rough Cut brought critical acclaim, but the spotlight was on So Ji Sub who returned after 4 years in this movie.

I met KJH on the 15th. He started talking in his usual quiet fashion. “My position is a little vague. I’m neither a top star nor a supporting actor, and although I canbe a leading actor, I’ve never had a drama where I got top ratings…”

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[05.02.09] Picstures from Lee Jun Ki’s Cyworld

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These picstures were taken from his visit to Japan, which he posted yesterday on his cyworld. ^_^





Credit: DCJunki

[05.03.09] Kang Ji Hwan’s Interview from Kang Star (Part 2)

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Q. What was your parents’ reaction when you finally made your decision to pursue your dream?
A. They didn’t oppose it, but when they first heard about it, they were hesitant. But they continued to support me. Even when I didn’t have any work and I stayed at home, they never asked “why” and waited. At times, that turned into pressure, but looking at it from my parents’ perspective, it must have been hard.

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[04.29.09] Joo Ji Hoon’s Job Going Under

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Joo Ji Hoon’s future in showbiz is becoming more and more unclear after his recent problem with drugs.

He was recently spotted for a part in the new drama Tokyo Tower opposite actress Kim Ji Soo and had even gotten to the contract signing stage. However, it is possible that the contract will be dissolved due to his involvement in the scandal.

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[04.29.09] Kim Jung Hoon Enlists

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And another one joins the army. Singer turned actor Kim Jung Hoon reported on the afternoon of 28th April to the 306 reserve army unit in Euijeongbu, Gyeonggi Province in front of 500 Korean, Chinese, & Japanese fans. He had a short fan meeting to which he promised to return healthy in 2 years. Kim Jung Hoon debuted with Choi Jung Won in 2000 as UN until the duo disbanded in 2005. Afterward, Kim Jung Hoon became an actor and were seen in dramas Goong (Princess Hours) and Witch Yoo Hee.

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