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[06.16.09] Big Bang for Hite: see London, see France, see G-Dragon’s Underpants

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With the enormous popularity of the “So Fresh So Cool” song and CF, Hite beer is going to fire off another commercial featuring Big Bang, albeit without maknae Seungri (the 1990-er is too young to drink). As we have come to expect, stalker pics revealing the group’s fashion are making waves amongst netizens, though it seems pretty normal K-Pop-wise – bright, bold colors. Wake me up when something like this happens.

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[05.08.09] Big Bang Looks Bangin’ For Fila

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[05.06.09] Big Bang Does Coffee

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Big Bang’s ‘Caffe Latte’ CF teaser was released on the 4th. This CF includes an actual large-scale concert stage with 200 actual Big Bang fans. To get the realistic feel of a concert, an ad was put online to sign up as an extra. All extras were signed up within 8 minutes! What hardcore fans/extras!

In the teaser, Taeyang is seen with a lowered head and being scolded and a collapsed exhausted G-Dragon.

The new Caffe Latte homepage will include the making of, interviews, gallery and much more exclusive contents. This new CF will be released in its entirety on the 15th. Get ready to buy some coffee!

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[04.02.09] T.O.P is from the streets bitch

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A few pics of T.O.P from the highly anticipated drama IRIS popped up on the internet today. I couldn’t help but laugh at the way T.O.P was holding his gun in one of the pics. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought T.O.P was playing the role of a special agent and not a street thug.

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[03.27.08] Big Bang & 21 (ToAnyone) – Lollipop

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빅뱅(Bigbang), 21(투애니 원) ★ Lollipop
ALBUM TYPE: Digital Single
RELEASE DATE: 2009.03.27
GENRE: Dance
RECORD LABEL: YG Entertainment
BUY IT: YA North Am. / YA Global
PREVIEW: Lollipop CF

1. Lollipop


[03.24.09] G-Dragon goes shaggy mop

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We all know that Big Bang’s G-Dragon various hairstyles over the years have been eccentric… to say the least. This time it’s no different as he shows off his new hairstyle for LG Cyon’s lollipop. He goes with the shaggy mop look in a awesome pink jumpsuit. This guy is so awesome, how does he do it? I have no idea, maybe one day I can be muh sheet suh like him. Until then, I’ll stick with my mullet and hole stained white hanes t-shirt.

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[03.05.09] Big Bang, Singers G-Dragon & TaeYang VS Actors Top & SeungRi

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Big Bang will now dedicate time to their individual activities as singers and actors.

YG Entertainment said on March 6, “G-Dragon is working very hard to release a solo album in April. After that, there are plans to release TaeYang’s solo album as well.”

G-Dragon is currently working on his first solo album, and as a producer. TaeYang released a mini album last year, so this will be his second solo project.

After finishing solo activities for “Strong Baby,” SeungRi has finished his movie “Why Did You Come to My House” and has been casted for “71.” He will also be in the joint drama telecinema “My 19-Year-Old.”

Top will be acting with in the drama “Iris,” starring Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee, and starts shooting in mid-March. Top is also in “My 19-Year Old” with SeungRi and they are currently waiting to be cast and for shooting.

Source: Newsen
Credit: Seoulfull

[03.05.09] Seung-ri asks Why Did You Come to My House?

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Big Bang’s Strong Baby Seung-ri (19) will be appearing in a movie entitled Why Did You Come to My House (not to be confused with the 2008 SBS drama of the same name).


Celluloid ambition: Singer-turned-actor

The movie also stars Kang Hye-jung and Park Hee-soon. The cast and film’s director Hwang Su-ah appeared to the press at 11am today (March 5) in Seoul.

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[01.30.09] G-Dragon, Big Bang’s 4th Member to Go Solo

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G-Dragon (real name Kwon Ji Yong) will be Big Bang’s 4th member to go solo.

YG Entertainment said, “There are plans to have G-Dragon’s first solo album release in April.”

Since last year, G-Dragon has been preparing for his debut solo album. He will also participate in writing the music and lyrics, as well as being introduced as a music producer.

The agency said, “First, Seung Ri’s solo activities will be focused on, and then G-Dragon’s in the spring. The first half of this year will be spent on Big Bang’s individual member activities.”

Source: Newsen
Credit: seoulfull@wordpress

[01.30.09] Big Bang Fila Pictures Valentines Edition

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Korean apparel company FILA has released pictures of Big Bang for their new line of Valentine’s Day products.

All the boys are wearing two different shirts, both featuring the FILA logo. One is white and features the F logo with a pink to purple gradient, and the other is white and features a shiny F logo. You can view the pictures below (picture credit: GD @ bbvipz)

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