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[03.01.09] Seo In-young sends greetings from New York! ♥

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Seo In-young is having a blast in New York!

Seo In-young wants her fans to know that she’s doing just fine in New York.

The Music Bank host & Jewelry group member is taking a much needed break in America. Many have been wondering about In-young since no one heard any news on her since she boarded a plane and headed to New York in mid-February.

Since everyone was worried that In-young might have disappeared from the public eye for good, she posted these pictures taken on the 25th Feb with the title “No Problem” on her minihompy. She’s doing all right.


Credit: Newsen


[01.22.09] Are Seo In Young and Crown J Dating?

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Yes, yes, as we all know We Got Married is coming to a slow and painful demise. With the desperate additions of two overweight, goofy comedians and total public trainwrecks (Old Man Junjin and I’m-going-to-publicly-run-my-mouth Taeyeon), it’s pretty much over.

However, there is speculation that WGM may be continuing in the sense of the Witch and the Ant dating in real life. Crown J dropped the P-word when presenting his soon to be ex-wife with 321 red roses, one for each day they were married. I don’t know about a lot of guys mentioning the word “propose” other than “Oh you want a proposal? Okay I ‘propose’ you get me another beer…” from my ex-boyfriends.

Well, he still has her other shoe so we’ll just have to wait and see what new summer shenanigans these two cook up. I bet they’re aiming to get their own spinoff show, those two attention whores. A!

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Jewelry Taking An Extended Break Until the End of the Year

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Korean girl group Jewelry has announced recently that they would be taking an extended break until the end of the year. Other than the scheduled recordings with the 3 major tv stations, they will not be attending other events.


Seo In Young expressed on her Cyworld that they have been overly busy in the earlier half of the year and used up quite a lot of energy. For their health, they have decided to take a break as a group and this means that Jewelry will miss out on nearly 20 million won worth of earnings for event performances.

The end of the year period is usually the time where singers earn the most money. With Jewelry opting to take a break, their earnings are likely to take a big hit. But according to Jewelry’s management, the members have to release an album and go to school, it’s simply too tiring. For their health, it’s better to just put the money issue aside for the moment. And thus, Jewelry’s performance at the 2008 MKMF is likely to be their last big-scale event for a while.

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WGM’s best couple: Hwan Hee, Hwayobi

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Hwan Hee- Hwayobi have been voted as WGM’s best couple.

In a recent internet site poll held from the 16th till the 23rd at Issueplay, Hwan Hee- Hwayobi were voted as the most interesting/fun couple as they came in first place when the results were announced on the 24th. The both of them received overwhelming support as they won by a landslide 51.8% of the total vote, with a total of 8,305 netizens voting for them.

Following them are Hyun Joong- Hwang Bo in second place with 24.3% of the votes. Crown J- In Young came in third with 12%, Marco- Dambi with 8% and Jin Young- Hyun Ji with 3.1%.

Andy-Solbi came in sixth place with only 0.4% whereas Alex- Shinae got 0.3% support from the vote.

*Credits: Yonhap News*

Rumors of Crown J and Seo In Young Leaving We Got Married

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Rumors spread today that Crown J and Seo In Young would leave “We Got Married” but it has been swiftly denied by their management.

According to the PDs, the couples that will exit the show will develop their solo careers along different paths. With the farewell vacation mission broadcast showing over the next two weeks starting this weekend, many are concerned over who would leaving together with Andy and Solbi couple.

Apparently, journalists have jumped the gun, fabricating stories and assumed that Crown J and Seo In Young would be leaving the show. They must have felt something was brewing with their “cold war” over a bowl of ramen with egg in the last episode which seems to be hinting at their eventual “split”.

The PDs of “We Got Married” had expressed that 8 months seems to be a much too lengthy period and in order for the program to develop better in future, an infusion of new faces is required constantly for the novelty factor.

Star Empire released a statement saying that they haven’t talked to the PDs at all about In Young’s possible departure or even thought about it at all. They also said angrily that even if In Young was to leave “We Got Married”, shouldn’t the PDs have consulted the person in question instead of through the media. Crown J’s management also released a statement saying the same thing, that they have not heard anything from the PDs about him leaving the show.

Crown J has also posted on the Ant Couple Cyworld Club that the rumours about them leaving are untrue and that no one has heard anything about departing from the show. He also mentioned that he has given In Young a burnt copy of his new album (which hasn’t actually been produced yet).

Their mere presence, mannerisms, “A!”, “Too Much” song, etc (I could go on and on…) would be sorely missed. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but their interaction was one of it’s kind and the program certainly needed them to act as a sharp contrast to the other couples. Thankfully, they are not leaving yet.

Still cloudly outlook with regards to Alshin and JoongBo couples future.

credit: stargirl777 (clarification + additional news) & coolsmurf

>> Glad to know that this is just a rumor.. if ever it’s true and the PDs will put the three new couples in the show… i might just watch and download the JoongBo cuts, hehehe! 😀

Solbi Sobs As Leaving We Got Married Becomes Reality

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The farewell vacation mission for the four make-believe couples on MBC “We Got Married” will be shown next as we will finally know who will stay and who will depart. Andy and Solbi are already confirmed to be the first to exit.

Due to some issues and the continuation of what happened 2 weeks earlier, I wasn’t really interested in anything else yesterday. I was more concerned with what they would be showing in the preview instead. What did they expect me to do? I couldn’t possibly watch in peace and joy after all the drama created in the past week by the PDs who gave interview after interview about the possibility of the couples staying and then leaving the next instance.

Andy and Solbi had gone to Namsan Park on 16th September for a stroll as part of their farewell vacation mission. They reminisced about the make-believe married life for the past 8 months and sorted out their emotions which Solbi especially had difficulty controlling. The PD claimed, “The recording was done under a very serene atmosphere and Solbi couldn’t quite control her emotions at the end as she started tearing heavily. This was inevitable since Solbi developed very deep feelings during the past 8 months of recording.

The “Ant Couple”, Crown J and Seo In Young decided to go through something that each of them wanted to do the most as part of their farewell vacation mission. The sporty Crown J dragged In Young to exercise via rollerblading which left In Young in some difficulty as she hated sweating. In Young meanwhile dragged Crown J along for her favorite activity, shopping.

Alex and Shin Ae was different. On 7th September, Shin Ae went to Ewha Womans University to attend Alex’s first solo concert as part of their mission. The PDs expressed, “Compared to the usual farewell vacations, they decided to use Alex’s concert as an avenue to act out their mission instead.”

Due to Hyun Joong’s health issue earlier last week, the filming of their farewell vacation mission was posting and didn’t make it to the preview. Most viewers including me are just concerned about who’s going to stay and leave. But just prepare yourself to cry buckets. Emotional episodes ahead.

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>>Seeing Solbi cries… makes me want to cry as well.. It really saddens me that AnBi couple is already leaving WGM. 😦

Park Min Young does U-Go-Girl on Ya Shim Man Man

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Park Min Young was on SBS “Ya Shim Man Man – Entertainers Village” this past Monday night (15th Sept) and did a part of Lee Hyori’s “U-Go Girl” dance.

She said beforehand on her Cyworld that she wasn’t that comfortable appearing on variety shows and would prefer sticking to acting instead. The following is her latest Cyworld entry after the Monday night broadcast.

Really let myself go (free)… ^^
A (her friend I suppose): Min Young ah, was that faked by you?
R (Min Young english name is Rachel: Ah? No..
Was really sleepy that morning (recording), my ear was even buzzing

If you missed the broadcast, the following is a clip of Park Min Young introducing herself followed by her performing a part of Lee Hyori’s “U-Go-Girl” dance with Seo In Young, JunJin and Yoon Jong Shin joining in for a while just to make it more variety-like. Min Young had practised 2 hours for this.

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>> I love the U-Go-Girl performance of Park Min Young… she looks so adorable… but what i liked best was when Junjin joined her, hahaha!!! Jinnie looks so cute.. ^^,