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These boys don’t cry

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…but they do attend high-profile film festivals.

Actors Lee Wan and Song Chang-eui of the film Boys Don’t Cry (director Bae Hyung-joon) are expected to attend the upcoming Pusan International Film Festival, including the Asia Pacific Actors Network (APAN) event on the 3rd.

In addition to those appearances, both actors will be on hand for a fan autograph-signing event, all in the name of promoting their upcoming war drama, which is set in 1953 — dealing with the two boys’ struggle to survive in the aftermath of the war — and opens on November 6.

>> It’s been a while since i last saw Lee Wan in the screen. ^^

Credit: OSEN

Bada and Song Chang-eui to Star in “200lb Beauty”

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Singer Bada and actor Song Chang-eui have been finalized as lead characters in the musical version of “200-pound Beauty.” The musical production company Shownote said that former SES vocal will play the lead female role of Kang Han-byeol and acclaimed actor Song the male lead of Han Sang-joon.

Song debuted in the musical “Blue Saigon” in 2002. Since then he has starred in a number of hit TV series, such as “Golden Bride,” “Yi San,” and the movie “The Boy Does Not Cry.” Currently he is starring in the legal drama “The Scale of Providence.” His last musical appearance was two years ago in “Hedwig.”

Korea’s noted diva Bada has built a solid musical career by putting on memorable performances in “Peppermint” in 2003 and “Tell Me On a Sunday” and “Notre Dame in Paris.”

Based on the hit movie of the same title, the musical “200-pound Beauty” will include three songs from the film’s original soundtrack. They are “Maria,” “Beautiful Girl,” and “Byeol (Star).” A special effects and makeup team will be ready to transform Bada’s appearance from a fat girl to a slim beauty right before the audience’s eyes. The musical is scheduled to run from November 27 through February 1 at Chungmu Art Hall in Seoul.

Source: KBS World…ail.htm?No=8295