Say Hello to Kim Hyun Joong as Domyoji Tsukasa

The first cast name for the 24 episode Korean version of “Hana Yori Dango”, scheduled for broadcast at the end of the year has been released and it’s no surprise that it’s Kim Hyun Joong, leader of SS501 and probably F4.

Adapted from the popular Japanese manga “Hana Yori Dango”, the story is about a group of four boys who comes from extremely powerful families and their clashes with a normal girl at Eitoku Gakuen. Kim Hyun Joong is casted as Domyoji Tsukasa, the leader of F4 but Group Eight has revealed that they might switch his role around with regards to his personality. The screenwriter will be the one who wrote the highschool drama series “Sharp #3″ while the director is Jun Ki Sang who directed “Sassy Girl Choon Hyang” and “My Girl”.

With his participation confirmed, fans are concerned whether he might drop out of “We Got Married” where he has amassed great popularity as a make-believe couple with Hwang Bo. Hyun Joong has said that he has greater confidence to do well in the acting world following his variety show stint. He is now recovering at home following his wrong consumption of sleeping pills two days ago.

Kim Hyun Joong is expected to start filming officially next month and also release plus promote SS501 new comeback album at the same time.

Credit: Coolsmurf@wordpress

>> So it’s finally confirmed… Yay!!! So happy and excited at the same time. ^^,

31 Responses to “Say Hello to Kim Hyun Joong as Domyoji Tsukasa”

  1. YAY!!
    im so happy! since they said they might change his character to fit his personality…hopefully they change it to hanazawa. but i really want him to be domyoji
    and i also hope he gets better soon =[

  2. i think his personality is closer to Hanazawa Rui… but I would like to see him actually act.. so.. Its surprising to see him picked as Domyoji.. but I think that character would more interesting for him… with his personality of trying his best.. I’m sure he would do well *can’t wait*!!!

  3. I very happy with the character of Rui hanazawa indifferent ..
    character is suitable with you ..
    success is always ok ..

    I hope the boys before flowers can meet the fans in indonesia ..
    I look forward to a friendship with you ..

  4. sya naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. hello..^_^ how are u?>> im ivy grace from philippines

  6. how are you Kim, i like you somuch
    i very love u
    i am from myanmar

  7. aku ga tau bahasanya
    tapi tuk kim hyun juon harus tetap berkarya


  9. shalla noreen Says:

    hai!im shalla from philippines
    i like you so much
    have a nice day always
    wish you luck
    ! i really like you cause you are so cute,handsome and nice
    ss501 fAN

  10. hi kim hyun joong? how are you? i am fine here.

  11. NuRuL Hu5Na Says: Says:

    HellO….my brOtheR..”kIm hyUn jOon9..”
    I am VeRrY…lIk3 yOu….!!
    I am FrOom..IndOne5iA…!!!

    I am VeRrY-VeRrY…liKe you…BrOther….!!!!??

  12. hi kim contineo your song ok

  13. lindo ps
    eso es ovio
    ps si etsa xvr la fotico de
    Kim Huyn Joong

  14. renita aurel Says: hyun joong..!
    jujur saya tidak bisa mengerti dengan bahasa anda..!!
    tapi saya senang bisA melihat kakak di filem kakak..!!
    kalau kakak punya waktu luang kakak belajar bahasa indonesia agar
    bisa mengerti bahasa kita orang indonesia…!!!
    klw kakak tidak mengerti denggan bahasa aku kakak bisa terjemahkan
    ke dalam bahasa inggris..!!
    dan satu lagi kk..!!
    renita boleh berteman lebih dekat ma kk….???
    mohon d jawab ya..!

  15. Annen Hasee Hyun. Iri ottosymnika??? I’m from Kyrghystan, invite u to our country… Igosyn tedanhi eppyke…=)))

  16. sweet like sugar and beautiful like the moon and Innocent like babys

  17. go and break ur silent walls .fly free on the Success sky .enjoy

  18. wan noraini Says:

    are u haven’t came to malaysia? do a concert or ells

  19. ko

  20. ..ang pgi nya hangang hanga kme sau

  21. ,,im proud to ang i wish tahat you have more project to come

  22. praashansa Says:

    hey hyun joong oppa sa rang hae ❤

  23. anyaesaeyo oppa i love u hope 2 meet u smday

  24. Says:

    I wrily wrily love you so much?????????????????????????????????
    kim plizzz coming to indonesia????????

  25. love you and y0ur character very much…i really h0pe you will married with jun-di…..

  26. shradha kc Says:

    hi you are really cool. love you

  27. knw what i like ur hair..& also ur look..

  28. I love Kim Hyun Joong.

  29. hello kim hyun joong….. I love you so much… I have seen all of your serials and i love all of it.. You are so cute and adorable.. I would like to see you in person. hope you would come to India…

  30. maria olga rivas mellado Says:

    hello kim hyun joong….. I love you so much… I have seen all of your serials and i love all of it.. You are so cute and adorable.. I would like to see you in person. hope you would come to India…

  31. Say Hello to Kim Hyun Joong as Domyoji Tsukasa | KoaLa41

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