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Siblings team to sell Paris Baguettes

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Kim Tae-hee (Venus and Mars, Love Story in Harvard) is a current brand model for food company Paris Baguette, and she’s calling in family ties to get little bro Lee Wan (Boys Don’t Cry) involved for the new Christmas CF.

Both siblings expressed minor nervousness that they would come off awkward together, but were able to strike a relaxed atmosphere once filming began. The CF will start airing on television mid-month.
Credit: Asia Today & Dramabeans

Kim Tae Hee is Lee Byung Hun’s Lover in IRIS

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No, that is not a typo. It was announced and confirmed by TaeWon Entertainment that Kim Tae Hee will act as Lee Byung Hun’s lover in “IRIS”.

Since finishing “Love in Harvard” 4 years ago, Kim Tae Hee has been missing from the small-screen and keeping herself busy with CF endorsements and movie filming. Tae Hee character is an agent of NSS, a national intelligence agency and will take part in many missions together with Lee Byung Hun’s character. Kim Tae Hee will play a different role from her past demure image, becoming a rational and strong female and will have a triangle relationship with Lee Byung Hun and another person who is yet to be picked yet. Their romance will serve to increase the tension and excitement in the drama.

The 20-episode drama had been attracting lots of attention because of it’s thriller espionage genre and the big names involved. It’s scheduled for broadcast in Summer 2009 and filming will begin once casting is done.

But if that is the case, what will happen to Son Ye Jin who was only announced as Lee Byung Hun’s lover just 5 days ago? Well, Son Ye Jin was apparently left out as there was a conflict in schedule between her and the drama filming.

>> A comeback for Kim Tae Hee on the drama field.. Too bad she was paired with Lee Byung Hun. Not that I hate Lee Byung Hun… but she’s just too pretty for him, LOL! (just my opinion). ^_^

Credit: Coolsmurf