About Me… ^^

I’m a simple person… a bit shy but sociable… i love meeting new friends…especially those who have same interests as me… i’m an optimist… i tend to be a perfectionist at times… I’m also laid back… I’d rather stay home, watch TV and do other stuffs than go at malls and spend a lot of money… I also love hanging out with friends from time to time to have a good laugh while sharing stories with them…

I’m an Asian Drama addict… from Korean drama to Taiwanese drama to Japanese dramas… but i’m more into Kdramas… I just enjoy watching them coz that way i feel like i’m getting relaxed… My favorite actors are Lee Jun Ki & Kang Ji Hwan…. i just love those two… I’m also into KPop… i love Shinhwa (my favorite group), Fly to the Sky (Favorite Duo), and a lot lot more Kpop singers and group… ^^

Sometimes i’m also in the mood to read books… i love reading inpirational stories, thriller/suspense, HARRY POTTER, and of course Psychology & Psychology-related books… ^^

16 Responses to “About Me… ^^”

  1. hi this is me, jin yi… remember me…? the piczo user… hehehe… i’m glad to know that you also linked some of your pages to my site… hehehe…

  2. oh i think it’s the website that i put here that links your page to mine…? hehee whatever! i’m glad to know u. and thanks for visiting my site huh… =)

  3. chingu,
    thanx sa pagsign sa guestbook, grabe nasurprise ako:)

  4. hi.. thx 4 coming to my page.. i even make ur blog as my blog roll ^^ hope w ecan be friends…. ^^

  5. hi there.. my YM : marinafrisca@yahoo.com 🙂 add me yet tell me that ure koala41 okay 🙂 thx b4

  6. annyeong! yeah,mejo matagal ko na din xa na-post(2nd mini gad).
    ASAP nga ang pag-post ko dun eh..lol
    thanx!more power rizz!!

  7. anaisafuego Says:

    I do like K dramas also…

  8. hi bro i watched you on sweet spy bro ur dbest….

  9. hi bro i watched you on sweet spy bro ur dbest…

  10. hi bro i watched you on sweet spy bro ur dbest…
    here is my friendster account hope u visit me ur dbest ur my idol bro

  11. hi bro i watched you on sweet spy bro ur dbest…
    here is my friendster account hope u visit me ur dbest ur my idol bro elrick_20 and here is my email adres hope u msg me tol elrick_20@yahoo.com

  12. Hi… I wanted to ask if u would u like to make an affiliates with us?
    we are: http://sarangarab.wordpress.com/
    ur blog and ours have the same interest 🙂

  13. hi koala41! i wanna send you an invite. can you please drop me a line! 🙂
    thank you! cheers,michi

  14. Hi there,

    My name is Cathy. I couldn’t find any of your contact info so i’m just going to write here. I am looking for potential writers for a kpop website, if you are interested, can you please email me thanks. and please delete this once you are done. thanks again:)

  15. COME ON realy

  16. An nyeong haseyo! It seems like your a bit popular blogger. And to tell you I am one who make a comments to your blogs. I have a great time making comments to your blogs. It’s cool specially the blogs about my ultimate KActor crush Kang Ji-hwan. And i just want to make a suggestion if you don’t mind. Can you make a blog about Ha Ji-won. She’s one of my favorite KActress. Kumapta!

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