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[01.29.09] Valet Park in Han Ji Hye’s Poon

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Well, that’s what I thought after seeing this photo. And to top it off, by landing a modeling deal with a casual clothing brand called “BANG BANG,” what else would you think?

On the 28th, the absolutely stunning model and actress Han Ji Hye, landed a 1 year modeling deal with casual clothing brand “BANG BANG.”

Han Ji Hye will being filming her first CF for BANG BANG in February, and will then proceed to work on the catalog with So Ji Sup, who was chosen as the brands’ male model.

Normally I don’t like to valet park, but if Han Ji Hye insists on taking my ride for a spin, I guess I’m all in.

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East of Eden Shin Family Candid Photos Gains Popularity

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Park Hae Jin revealed that the much-talked about candid photos of the Shin Family (East of Eden) will continue to be posted on Han Ji Hye’s Cyworld.

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Random post…

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2 weeks ago i finally got my Shinhwa the Greatest Artist 1998-2007 DVD. Here’s the pictures i have taken..

…also listening and addicted to Minwoo’s 4th jib: M Rizing. As i expected… the theme of the songs are different from his previous albums.. i admit, among the 6 members of Shinhwa, Minwoo’s the most talented in my opnion. He’s got a great voice, good at writing/composing songs, and he dances good. The others are talented as well in their own respective ways but it’s just Minwoo for me even though Junjin’s my favorite, LOL. ^^,

Here’s the latest MV of Minwoo: Don’t Trust Men

Here’s a picture of my Shinhwa 9th Album Special Limited Edition. ^^ Still wasn’t able to get my copy of their 9th Jib White Edition (Repackaged Limited Edition). Hopefully i can get it next week.

As for the dramas i’m watching….

Daily Dramas:

Cooking Up Romance

I’m getting impatient with this drama… Manbong still haven’t noticed Hye Gyeong. But in the preview for today’s episode Hye Gyeong seems to realize that she’s attracted to Manbong. I wonder how many episodes this drama have…

You Are My Destiny

Everytime i’m watching this drama i always get annoyed with the evil…hypocrite…obssessed character, Subin. Looking forward on the day when Subin’s evil acts will be exposed..

Mon/Tue Dramas:

Strongest Chil Woo

still watching it on KBS world.. Can’t wait till it finishes, lol. The story’s good but if not for Eric Moon i might not be watching it. hehe! ^^

Love Marriage

Have only watched episode 1but i immediately got hooked. I have it till the latest episode but due to Surgeon Bong Dal Hee i haven’t watched the succeeding episodes but i’ll watch it soon…

East of Eden

I have seen episodes 1-5 as those were the only episodes with english subtitles at the moment. I would not watch this drama if not for the many stars i like: Park Hae Jin, Lee Da Hae, Han Ji Hye, Yoon Jung Hoon minus Song Seung Hoon, lol! not much of a Song Seung Hoon but i don’t really hate him… ^^ The drama’s a mixture of revenge, family and complicated love story… very interesting but a very long one…

Wed/Thurs Drama:

Beethoven Virus

So far i have only watched episode 1 but i instantly got hooked with this drama. The theme of the story, which is about orchestra really interestes me. Plus… i love the cast.. jang Geun Suk & Lee Ji Ah… yay!! can’t wait for the subs…

from Left: Tazza, Painter of the Wind, Kingdom of Winds

Still haven’t watched these 3dramas becoz Tazza & Painter of the Winds still doesn’t have subtitles. As for Kingdom of the Winds…i still don’t have the time. I’m downloading it for my mom actually coz she likes Song Il Gook. ^^

Weekend Drama:

Mom’s Dead Upset

I enjoy watching this weekend drama on KBS World. I love the story of Yeong Su And Jeong Won. I also love the other characters except for the dramatic mother, Hanja, hahaha!! ^^

Dramas i’m watching on Philippine TV via GMA channel:

Be Strong Geum Soon

I love this drama mainly because of Kang Ji Hwan, hehe! ^^ I’m really anticipating this drama ever since and i even bought a copy without english subtitle and it’s in mandarin audio, hahaha! that’s how much i love kang Ji hwan.

My Husband’s Woman

It always make me want to strunggle the other woman every time i’m watching this drama… She’s one of the most despicable woman on Kdramas i have seen. ^^

Drama I’m watching on DVD:

Surgeon Bong Dal Hee

It’s my first time watching a medical drama… and i’m loving it.. The cast is good. I love Lee Yo Won, she’s so pretty.. Can’t wait to see the love story between the perfectionist doctor and the intern, hehe! ^^

“Likable or Not” Reach Highest (Daily) Drama Ratings since 2000

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The KBS 1TV daily drama “Likable or Not” is now the most popular daily drama to have been broadcast after 2000.

On the 24th, AGB Nielsen Media Research released the results of a survey of the 20 highest-ranking TV programs by episode after 2000. The “Likable of Not” episode which aired on the 22nd ranked 17th with 43.9% ratings.

The daily drama edged in front of the 2003 MBC daily drama “Miss Mermaid” (43.6%, January 2nd) and the 2007 KBS1 daily drama “Innocent at 19” (43.2%, January 2nd).

TV ratings for “Likable or Not” began at 26.8% on September 3rd of last year and have continued to rise steadily. The last episode will air May 2nd.

Source: KBS Global

>>>Soo… happy that this drama’s rating is very high… I love the drama that’s why it’s sooo sad for me to know that this week is it’s last week on television… i’m gonna miss DanBaek moments… 😦

Kim Ji Suk “gets married” with Han Ji Hye, rating reaches 40%

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Daily drama “I Hate You But It’s Fine” of KBS1 has developed to its climax. Main actor Kim Ki Suk and actress Han Ji Hye held a wedding but they still had a problem because Han Ji Hye’s mother has not agreed. However, the wedding has made rating of this drama increased to 40.9% on more time while ratings of the previous episode broadcasted one day before decreased to 35.2%.

On the episode broadcasted on March 27, main characters worn wedding-suit. Han Ji Hye felt wretched because her mother didn’t accept this wedding. She said to Kim Ki Suk “If my mother doesn’t come, we will absolutely not get married.”

Looking back all the achievement board of “I Hate You But It’s Fine”, the highest rating was 42.9% on February 11. Since then, ratings only reached 39%. However, this drama has been 14 weeks on the top list of drama’s ratings. This drama will definitely keep its first place in this week.

Credit: KST-Cichild

>>I was sooo… looking forward to this episode and finally… the moment i’ve been waiting for…
The episode was so cute and a bit dramatic because of Danpoong’s mom. I immediately downloaded the episode right after reading dramaok’s detailed episode guide. DanBaek are sooo… cute together… can’t wait to watch this on KBSworld.^^