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[01.30.09] Han Hye Jin & Kwon Sang Woo Pair As Lovers

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Actress Han Hye Jin is likely to be cast in the upcoming MBC drama “Cinderella Man” , set to broadcast in April, as the co-star/lover of Kwon Sang Woo. She will be playing the role of a fashion designer Seo Yeo Jin, set to begin a problematic love relationship with Kwon.

Despite being cast as a fashion designer, Han Hye Jin’s character isn’t all that glamorous. Yeo Jin studies in a top fashion design school in Paris but goes into heavy debt after her father’s sudden death. Her life changes from heaven to hell in a snap.

Yeo Jin is a character with a strong self-esteem, who rathers being starved to death than to beg from others. However, under a chance coincidence, she is forced to share a small shop left by her father with an mysterious “hooligan” Oh Dae San (Kwon Sang Woo). Under his “guidance”, Yeo Jin works as a fashion designer for imitation goods and is later thrown into confusion during the love process.

However, it is said that MBC is still considering Han Hye Jin’s involvement as they deemed this role too similar to her role in “Terroir”. Another actress being cast is Han Eun Jung.

Credit: Hanfever