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Korean Singers Gather in Singapore for K-Pop Concert

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In conjunction with the Korea Festival 2008 next month, Korean singers will gather and perform at the Singapore Indoor stadium on 4th November!

To promote Korean culture in Singapore, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea has organized a Korean Festival 2008 from 1st – 18th November with the highlight being Shinhwa members JunJin and Andy, boyband 2PM, popular girl group Wonder Girls, Jewelry and V.O.S., etc will gather in Singapore for the first time for a Korean Pop Night at the Indoor Stadium on 4th November.

It’s known that the 6,000 tickets will not be for sale. According to the organizers, most of the tickets will instead be distributed through their sponsors like LG, Samsung, Far East Organization, Korean Air and Asiana Airlines. But they also revealed, “We might be distributing 200 – 300 tickets during concert day but nothing has been confirmed yet.”

>> Lucky Singaporeans! Hehe they’ll be able to see a lot of KPop stars. Wish i had the money to fly there and watch the event. A lot of my favorite stars will be performing, whaaa!!!!

Credit: OMY Singapore

[08.09.25] [News] Andy, “WGM” Romantic Guy in Paris

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Through the MBC TV’s “We are Married” show, Andy has been seen as a romantic guy but in Paris he is going through a bit of a change.

Completing his photo shoot for Le Coq Sportif, Andy flew into Paris soak in the the culture and lifestyle there including food, arts and sports.

Le Coq Sportif representative in Paris said, “Andy emerged from the ‘We are Married Show’ as a guy who is sophiscated and one with a soft heart.”

With the the promotions for the single album done and as a before the start for the role for the musical ‘Singles’, he took a trip to Paris. The atmosphere of Paris is one of romance which also offers a variety of cultural experiences.”

Meanwhile, Andy’s photo shoots for Le Coq Sportif footage has been broadcasted on the cable channel tvN every Saturday called “Style Monologue – Andy’s French Kiss”. Being broadcasted to Olive channels, he is gaining a lot of popularity.

Shinhwa’s Andy through MBC TV “Sunday Sunday Night” segment “We are Married”, he became a couple with Solbi shows his appeal to the female audiences. Also, the group (Shinhwa) seems to be going strong with much popularity.


What is Solbi Smiling At??

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… of course she is smiling at ANDY!!! (or rather, Andy’s Musical “Polaroid”)

Solbi was spotted in the audience of Andy’s musical “Polaroid” – rather fulfilling her promise to see for herself whether he has a kiss scene with Honey Lee (keke).

So it seems clear now that they are continuing their courtship outside of the show now that they’re no longer only obligated to do couple tasks on TV! Do I hear a cheer somewhere?? Yahooooo!

Credit: Londonface@wordpress

>> So happy to hear this news… does this mean they’re now dating for real??! Yay!! 😀

[08.09.22] [News] Andy Casted in the Musical “Singles”

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Singer Andy has been casted in the creative musical “Singles” which will start performances in November. Leaving the cute image behind he will take on the role of a mature single man.

Today the agency said, “Andy during this time had countless projects to choose from and was in a dilemma but chose “Singles”. It seemed that he wanted to once again be in a musical and show his ability as an actor by being part of it. After practice, in November the performances will start in Baekam Art Hall.”

Debuting last September in the musical “Music in My Heart” and continue to work steadily in musicals as his second musical was the “Polaroid”.

The representative of the company in charge of “Singles” said, “Andy’s potential as an actor in a musical is great and has the ability to become a big star. Through this musical, it looks like he could garner more roles in the future.”

Andy’s role in the musical is “Soo Hyun” who is a capable, single man.

Andy has completed activities for his solo albums as well as held concerts. On the 23nd, he will be shooting his last appearence for the MBC show “We are Married”.


>>Whaa… another musical for Andy oppa.. ^^

Solbi Sobs As Leaving We Got Married Becomes Reality

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The farewell vacation mission for the four make-believe couples on MBC “We Got Married” will be shown next as we will finally know who will stay and who will depart. Andy and Solbi are already confirmed to be the first to exit.

Due to some issues and the continuation of what happened 2 weeks earlier, I wasn’t really interested in anything else yesterday. I was more concerned with what they would be showing in the preview instead. What did they expect me to do? I couldn’t possibly watch in peace and joy after all the drama created in the past week by the PDs who gave interview after interview about the possibility of the couples staying and then leaving the next instance.

Andy and Solbi had gone to Namsan Park on 16th September for a stroll as part of their farewell vacation mission. They reminisced about the make-believe married life for the past 8 months and sorted out their emotions which Solbi especially had difficulty controlling. The PD claimed, “The recording was done under a very serene atmosphere and Solbi couldn’t quite control her emotions at the end as she started tearing heavily. This was inevitable since Solbi developed very deep feelings during the past 8 months of recording.

The “Ant Couple”, Crown J and Seo In Young decided to go through something that each of them wanted to do the most as part of their farewell vacation mission. The sporty Crown J dragged In Young to exercise via rollerblading which left In Young in some difficulty as she hated sweating. In Young meanwhile dragged Crown J along for her favorite activity, shopping.

Alex and Shin Ae was different. On 7th September, Shin Ae went to Ewha Womans University to attend Alex’s first solo concert as part of their mission. The PDs expressed, “Compared to the usual farewell vacations, they decided to use Alex’s concert as an avenue to act out their mission instead.”

Due to Hyun Joong’s health issue earlier last week, the filming of their farewell vacation mission was posting and didn’t make it to the preview. Most viewers including me are just concerned about who’s going to stay and leave. But just prepare yourself to cry buckets. Emotional episodes ahead.

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>>Seeing Solbi cries… makes me want to cry as well.. It really saddens me that AnBi couple is already leaving WGM. 😦

Andy & Solbi @ Perfect Couple Show

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Just sharing some caps… (pls. click pics to enlarge)
Credit: anbi thread @ Soompi

>>AnBi couple looks soo… cute together. It really saddens me that they’re having their farewell episode on We Got Married next week… huhuhu!!! 😦

We Got Married PD, “Not all of the current couples are leaving”

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PD Kim clarified, “There’s been constant talks about the couples leaving the show. The talks seem to hover around this. People seems to be misinformed and take the couples’ ‘Farewell Vacation’ concept to the extreme.”

PD Kim explained that the ‘Farewell Vacation’ mission didn’t really hint at the couples separating. “It’s just a way for them to look back at their marriage life so far. It is planned as a way for them to sort things out. After getting back from the ‘Farewell Vacation’, if the couples choose to separate then the production team will take their separation and will insert new couples.”

Andy and Solbi’s separation was already confirmed when they filmed the Chuseok special with the ‘We Just Got Married’’s 3 new couples. The question is who will be the new couple. He also said, “I’m really worried. Each have their own charms and it’s hard to choose. Hwan Hee – Hwayobi couple is interesting because they are the same age but we haven’t decided yet.”

On the possibility that all 4 couples separating after the ‘Farewell Vacation’, the PD said, “All 4 couples leaving is impossible. It would’ve been very risky and difficult for the WGM show itself. It is possible to have one to three couples leaving but there is no such thing as all 4 couples leaving.” He also said “We Got Married will be switched back to its original time. The production team wishes that we can tell many stories of the couples for a long time.”

Just like what the PD said earlier, all four original couples with the exception of one have finished filming their farewell vacation mission on 16th September. As Kim Hyun Joong is still recovering from his wrong consumption of sleeping pills, he was unable to film his mission on the 16th as scheduled. It was then postponed to 18th but DSP Entertainment decided to postpone it again and Hyun Joong will now film it on the 20th with his ‘wife’, Hwang Bo.

The AnSol couple, who had already decided to leave the program, took a stroll in a park while sorting out their feelings developed as a fake married couple for last 8 months. Solbi got emotional and shed tears. Andy and Solbi will leave the program completely after the last studio shooting on 23rd. Crown J and Seo In Young did what each of them wanted to do together, sports and shopping.

Alex – Shin Ae had a different farewell vacation from the others. Shin Ae went to Ehwa Women’s University on the 7th to attend Alex’s first concert. The production team said, ” In the case of Alex Shin Ae couple, rather than a farewell vacation, they had a special event which led to a sentimental moment between the two.” The concert specifically had a bigger meaning since Alex missed his birthday party on 2nd September preparing for the concert.

On a brighter note, the following pictures are Crown J and Seo In Young who displays a Bad Boy and Girl image respectively featuring for an Armani Exchange photoshoot. This will be published in October’s Cosmopolitan magazine.

Starting from the 21st, ‘Se Pa Kui’ will go first during ‘Sunday Sunday Night’. ‘We Got Married’ will be switched to the second part instead. And there will be time change with 60 minutes (for the first part) and 90 minutes (for the second part). The second part of Alex – Shin Ae and Crown J – Seo In Young’s Childcare Diary as well as Andy – Solbi and Hyun Joong – Hwang Bo’s Farming Village experience will be aired this weekend. The studio recording for the couples’ ‘Farewell Vacation’ will be recorded on the 23rd and broadcasted on the 28th.

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>>I love the pics of Crown J & Seo In Young from Cosmopolitan. Both looks soo good together ^^

We Got Married PD, “It’s the Couples Decision to Stay or Leave”

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The PD of MBC “We Got Married” expressed in an interview today, “Andy and Solbi are the most likely couple among the present four to leave the show but we will not decide on anything until we get their consent.”

During the studio recording next week on 23rd September, it will be D-Day as each couple will sit down and decide whether or not they would want to continue being on “We Got Married”. The couple will then make a decision with a ‘X’ or ‘O’, if both says ‘O’, then they will continue. If not, they will exit.

This decision making segment was actually played out during the New Year’s Special between Solbi – Hong Kyung Min, Alex – Jang Yoon Jung, Jung Hyung Don – Saori and Seo In Young – Crown J. But it was only a one-off special then.

Since “We Got Married” became a weekly staple, they have ditched the decision making process and create missions for the make-believe couples. The decision to continue or drop out of the show is entirely up to the participants.

The PD of “We Got Married” expressed, “Thus, if Andy and Solbi both say that they want to continue on the show, it is a possibility. But right now, Andy and Solbi are the couple that has most trouble controlling their emotions.”

Many viewers did find it a pity when the 9 years age gap couple of Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jeong left the show without giving a proper reason or explanation. They just disappeared suddenly. All four couples have/will be filming a mission similar to a ‘goodbye trip’ before the studio recording to help them make their decision on whether or not they want to leave. The couples who will stay and the couples who will leave will be revealed on 28th September.

The PD ended by saying, “The three new couples from the Chuseok special are most likely to come in as replacements should any present couple decide to leave. But nothing will be decided yet until someone exits the show. The new couples are unlikely to be a duplication of what couples currently brings to the show because it would be difficult. He reiterated that it’s not for sure that the most popular couple from the Chuseok special would be picked.”

Solbi expressed in a separate interview, “I have become really close with Andy oppa and the filming staff. Of course, we will be able to meet in other programs but thinking about how this will be the last hurts my heart. It was really hard making the decision to leave but we made the difficult decision for the better of our activities. I know that the fans are sad. But both of us will find everyone again with an improved look.” (not sure before or after the PD interview?)

I really dislike the PDs for being so fickle minded and absolving themselves of any blame. So it’s now down to Andy and Solbi? Whatever they do, it’s their own business? If they continue, great. If not, we have replacements.

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Andy and Solbi Will Go Separate Ways After 7 Months of ‘Marriage’

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The inevitable has happened, the lovable Andy and Solbi couple will be leaving MBC star wedding variety “We Got Married” after 7 months of ‘marriage’.

According to the “We Got Married” PD in charge of recording today, Andy and Solbi will be recording their farewell holiday today and then leave the show entirely. The couple leaves the variety show having been on it since March this year and lasting around 7 months before eventually saying goodbye. This final recording of Andy and Solbi will be shown towards the end of September.

Andy and Solbi have been winning lots of love since appearing on “We Got Married” and fans will no doubt be sad at this latest happening which was being foreshadowed by a string of events (cut scenes, new couples, lack of chemistry recently, etc). After leaving the show, Andy’s schedule will still be packed to the brim with his musical, nationwide concert tour, overseas promotions, etc while Solbi will embark on her solo singing career with her new album.

The departure of Andy and Solbi at this juncture means that one of the 3 new couples who will be appearing this Sunday on the Chuseok special could be drafted in to replace them depending on circumstances like how well-received they are, fans reaction, their schedules, etc. The 3 new couples was originally scheduled to make a one-time only appearance this Sunday.

This is a sad day for Anbiholics. Tears will flow when it airs.

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>>> I can’t believe this news… whaaa!!!!! 😦