[06.14.09] SS501 solo and compilation CD (Taiwan, version)

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ss501 taiwan

26th June SS501’s 1st release part 1 – Monopolizing Taiwan CD!!
First compilation album with 13 chart-topping tracks
2009 newly filmed greetings for Taiwan fans + New interviews with Chinese subs DVD
1st edition 2nd gift:
Limited 1st edition luxurious packaging, specially designed for Taiwan fans
Own the revelation of the 5 member’s secret profiles!! 30 page photobook with chinese lyrics

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[06.16.09] Lee Minwoo’s back with ‘Minnovations’

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After failing to garner much acclaim with his 2008 “M Rizing” project album, Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo is back with his mini album project, Vol 4.5: MINNOVATION. Hoping to redeem his self-induced failure with “Don’t Trust Men.” Minwoo and a yet unnamed producer from America will be working together to produce an electronica track with hints of a hip hop beat.

Here the tracklisting.

01. Minnovation
02. Love Me Ice Cream
03. Summer Time
04. 나 집으로 가는 길
05. 가면 무도회 [Outsidaz Club Remix]
06. The “M” Style [BK (of 1TYM) Remix]

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[06.16.09] Kim HyunJoong “It’s not true on admitting to hospital for a week, have finished medical treatment on 8th”

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The news that SS501 Kim HyunJoong to be admitted to hospital turns out to be groundless.

Kim HyunJoong’s company representative said to Newsen on 16th through a phone conversation “It is not true that he has been admitted to hospital. His condition is not good with flu symptoms and his waist is aching on 8th, so he received medical treatments in the hospital and seems like there was a misrepresentation in the reports.”

He added “Kim HyunJoong had been busy with his schedules even after the filming of ‘Boys Over Flowers’, thus not able to have a good rest. In addition, he has not fully recovered from the injuries suffered in the car accident during the filming of the drama. He is currently resting at home with not much schedules on hand.”

He explained more “The Thailand concert (? Isn’t it like a visit to Koh Samui?) was cancelled was we can’t work out on the flight arrangement, etc. We have to fly through Bangkok to reach Koh Samui, so the time constraint will make it difficult for us to finish our schedule. We have postponed the Thailand promotional activities to later half of this year.”

He added “He went home immediately after receiving medical treatment at the hospital on 8th. I hope the fans would not have any misunderstanding.”

Meanwhile, SS501 will have a rest this week and from next week onwards, they will take on activities such as CF filming, etc. And they will be preparing for their Asia Tour concert that starts from August onwards.

Credits : cox109@newsen.com + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

[06.15.09] So Hee & Sun Mi Are Too Cool for School

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The young and glamorous Wonder Girl maknae members So Hee and Sun Mi have dropped out of high school to focus more on their activities here in the U.S.

During a phone interview on the 15th, a JYP Entertainment representative revealed, “So Hee and Sun Mi dropped out of school voluntarily a while back.” Until now, ’92ers Sun Mi and So Hee have been attending CheongDam High School and ChangMoon High School, respectively.

The representative continued, “While in Korea, even though the girls were busy, they were able to squeeze school in with the little time they had, but it is not possible to do the same in America.” Additionally, “Since one or two months ago, the topic of whether Sun Mi and So Hee should drop out or not was discussed among their relatives,” and that, “it would be good if fans could look at this situation on the bright side.”

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[06.12.09] ss501’s THE 1st ASIA TOUR PERSONA

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As they say, “strike while the iron is hot!”. After ss501 band leader Kim Hyun Joong appeared in the hit drama Boys Before Flowers, his band has been in the spotlight and receiving much attention. All these while ss501 have been pretty popular in Korea and Japan, but rarely ventured to other countries in Asia. With the new publicity garnered, ss501 can now embark on their first Asian tour!

The good news is, fans in Malaysia can expect a ss501 concert in December 2009.


ss501’s will kick off their four month THE 1st ASIA TOUR PERSONA concert in Seoul on Aug 1 & 2. The concert in Seoul will be held at Seoul’s Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium. They will also be performing in Budokan, Tokyo on 13 August. The tour will cover 10 countries which includes Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Singapore and Malaysia!

ss501 will also be releasing their 2nd album by end of July 2009.

Only recently, it was reported that Kim Hyun Joong has been overworked and very tired. Besides working on their 2nd album, the boys are also working on a “collection album” where each member will have a solo song. Each solo song will be accompanied with a music video. So watch out for this too.

Source: JoyNews

[06.11.09] Forget Ga Eul, Hello Yoo Jin

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Regardless, no one wants to be typecast and remembered for just that one drama, movie or role. Actress, Kim So Eun who rose to prominence after her role as Ga Eul in Boys Before Flowers, will be taking on a totally new role for her latest drama, The Man Who Can’t Get Married.

The press conference for KBS2TV The Man Who Can’t Get Married was held on the 9th at Seoul Palace Hotel, with the main cast of Ji Jin Hee, Uhm Jung Hwa, Yang Jung Ah, Kim So Eun and Yoo Ah In attending and meeting the media. Kim So Eun talked about her role, “The role that I am playing is called, Jung Yoo Jin and is vastly different from the Chu Ga Eul character that I played in Boys Before Flowers. In the previous drama, Chu Ga Eul is a quiet girl who often encourages her friend, Geum Jandi. But Jung Yoo Jin has a more outgoing personality and is pretty similar to what I am in reality. I thus have an easier time acting out my scenes when the cameras start rolling.”

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[06.10.09] G-Dragon helped style 2NE1, No wonder they look like that.

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In a recent interview, 2NE1 revealed their plans for the future, how they feel about their sunbae’s Big Bang and why they have such a ridiculous interesting sense of style!

Even though lots of other girl groups tend to change up concepts and styles with each album, 2ne1 plans to stay true to one genre, claiming that they “will always be hip-hop” and “neutral”… whatever ‘neutral’ means. “We are very easy going,” they elaborated, “and we don’t act cute or pretend to be either. Our mini-album will be released in June and will have cute and sexy music added in there.”

While 1TYM’s Teddy produced 2NE1’s successful hit “Fire”, G-Dragon was a strong hand in the groups fashion concepts. G-dragon even lent some of his own accessories to Dara! Damn… they could not have asked a more unqualified person for fashion advice….

And how do they feel about their sunbae’s Big Bang, the group they were modeled after? “We still have a long way to go…. We never thought of ourselves as a group that will surpass Big Bang, but we want to be like them and always keep developing.”

Credit: AllKpop