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SBS Good Daddy Will Become a Permanent Program

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Kim Heechul, Lee Hong Gi, Kim Gun Mo, Kim Hyung Bum and Yoo Se Yun will keep their “daddy” jobs in SBS new variety show ”Because I Like You”.

The parenting pilot program “Good Daddy” featured Kim Heechul, Lee Hong Gi, Kim Gun Mo, Kim Hyung Bum and Yoo Se Yun where they took care of a 9-year old girl. The Chuseok special episode won rave reviews from viewers after it’s broadcast on 14th September via SBS television network.

The program will now be a permanent weekly program and be known as “Because I Like You”. The program will continue in the same format where the process of taking care of a 9-year old girl will be shown.

According to the program’s PD, “Actually, we have to consider the reactions from viewers and the ratings plus we want to show a more meaningful program to viewers. Many daddies are now very concerned with parenting and education and we had hope to invite such guests (normal daddies) onto our show.”

“But because it’s variety, it’s hard to balance that with making it meaningful. There are many cases where we have to replace the original cast from the pilot program. But in this case, all of them have expressed that they want to continue and are delighted to know that it’s now a weekly program.”

Filming begun yesterday and is scheduled for broadcast on 1st November at 5.20pm (KST). This program will be shown every Saturday evening and compete against KBS2TV “Star Golden Bell” and MBC “Introducing Stars’ Friends”.

Eun Hyuk and Lee Teuk Guest Stars on We Got Married

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Super Junior members Eun Hyuk and Lee Teuk will appear on this Sunday’s broadcast of MBC star wedding variety “We Got Married” as “Super Uncles” and handle the quadruplets mission together with Alex and Shin Ae.

Alex having experienced the “torture” from their earlier baby mission decided to wise up and call for help from his two good buddies in Eun Hyuk and Lee Teuk for help. The two Super Junior members agreed without hesitation and eagerly participated in the recording. This won’t be the first time that Eun Hyuk and Lee Teuk are taking care of babies. Super Junior became a one-day daddy for orphans at the Dong-Bang Welfare Center earlier this year in May and even helped in preparing and celebrating the orphans pivotal 1st birthday.

According to the PDs of “We Got Married”, “When Alex and Shin Ae took on the baby mission last time, they didn’t have much chemistry. We hope to present a better scene to viewers where the two of them as a couple and their friends take good care of the babies and complete the mission successfully.”

While recording the baby mission, Lee Teuk and Eun Hyuk took care of the babies with unbridled joy and there were cries of “Suju Uncle” throughout the day. This happy jovial atmosphere continued throughout till the end.

Besides seeing Alex and Shin Ae taking on the babies mission once again, the 2 new couples Son Dambi/Marco and Hwayobi/Hwanhee will go through an initiation process in a survival training camp of some sort led by the incumbent couples of Crown J/Seo In Young and Hwang Bo/Kim Hyun Joong.

>> Yay!! Lee Teuk & Eun Hyuk on WGM… can’t wait to watch this episode.. ^^

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Stars Join “Hanareum Hope Festival”

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Actors Jang Geun-suk, Eric and Park Hae-jin, and singers Super Junior, SHINee, Jang Yoon-jung, Crying Nut and others, will be taking part in the “2008 Hope Festival with Academic Credit Bank System” (Hanareum Hope Festival) on September 23rd and 24th at the Olympic Park in Seoul.

The “Academic Credit Bank System” is a system implementing extracurricular activities as academic credit for junior colleges and universities. This festival marks the 10-year anniversary since the system has been in use.

The “2008 Hope Festival with Academic Credit Bank System” is sponsored by the National Institute for Lifelong Education, and participants include institutes who use the academic credit bank system, such as Seoul Art College.

The festival program will include performances by celebrities and students, fashion shows, independent film seminars with renowned movie directors Heo Jin-ho (“Happiness”) and Oh Ki-hwan (“The Art of Seduction”), singing contests, and magic shows.

In July, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology had named actors Choi Ran, Jang Geun-suk, Park Hae-jin, Eric, and singer Jang Yoon-jung as spokesmodels for the academic credit bank system.

Source : KBS Global