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[06.17.09] Which Korean Girl Group will dominate in 2009?

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2009 hottest new girl group debutants 2NE1 and 4minute are going to be duking it out on MNET M! Countdown for the title of best new girl group on 18th June! These girls have caught the attention of Korea’s netizens and are already starting to be compared even though 4minute hasn’t even had their debut stage. 4minute will have to work hard to impress the crowd and make their presence known on stage, or they’ll fall into the shadow of 2NE1’s ever-growing popularity.

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[05.08.09] Fans love WonderGirls SunMi’s new short hairstyle

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sunmi - short hair

WonderGirls member SunMi has recently cut her hair to shoulder-length short.

She sent out greetings to fan recently on 6th May on their official fan cafe. And fans immediately spotted her new hair, much different from her previously long locks.

SunMi’s recent message to fans.

[01.22.09] The Wonder Girls Are Coming!

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It’s happening… JYP has set his sights on America for his WonderGulls. Just like last year, they’re performing at the Wiltern Theater on March 5th and La Mirada Theater (both in SoCal) on March 6th. Then on the 8th they’re at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NY. And they have their own YouTube channel now… JYP is for realz, people. He’s really gonna bring them and their Engrish to the US. Get your tickets now!

Credit: Allkpop

Listening to: Seung Ri – Strong Baby

[01.21.09] Sunye involved in hit and run by 120 people

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No joke. According to the media, once again the netizens have proven how insane they are.

After the accident and the late fan meeting, more than 120 people claimed they were the ones who hit Wondergirls‘ SunYe’s vehicle assuming they would be able to meet with her personally to apologize or what not.

Oh please. If you were really her fan you would probably just send a lump sum of money to them anonymously so they can fix the car but never claim that you did it because you were so ashamed to having hit your favorite idol star.

Credit: Popseoul

[01.20.09] JYP entertainers invade Youtube

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Beginning with JYP and his first youtube channel, the “dancing gorilla” has created an official channel for his lovelies, Wondergirls and 2PM. To get people to visit, the channel will be giving away a free autographed album with another little gift if you leave a comment on their official video. Already within two days, over 850 comments have been posted for the Wondergirls video and about 350 for 2PM. Fans must be crazy.

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2008 MKMF is One Giant Party for the Major Entertainment Companies?

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The dust have settled and the conclusion of the 10th Mnet Korea Music Festival (MKMF) this past Saturday have seen deserving singers who have worked really hard over the past year receiving awards as recognition. But there has been mumurings that the 2008 MKMF is just an internal party for YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment and MNET Media. The distribution of the awards has been described as distributing pork by some fans.


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Wonder Girls, Big Bang, DBSK Share The Big Awards at 2008 MKMF

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The 2008 Mnet Korean Music Festival (MKMF) took place last night at Seoul’s Jamsil stadium with it being hailed as the biggest-ever in it’s 10 year history. From the red carpet to the awards ceremony, the entire festival lasted 6 hours. Not only that, it was broadcast live in Korea, China and Japan at the same time which meant that much more watched the event for the first time in history. But the most important thing was who will walk away with the big awards.


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