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[05.05.09] Kang Ji Hwan – The Story Behind His Debut

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A person who is constantly consoled by his friends who say “We can’t understand why you’re not in first place,” but can only cry when he looks at his report card. Actor Kang Ji Hwan (32) can be said to be that type of person.

That’s because even though the dramas Kang Ji Hwan starred in drew avid fans, he lost the ratings to the big hit dramas that aired on the other stations. 90 Days to Hwang Jini, Capital Scandal to Money’s Warfare, Hong Gil Dong to New Heart…they were all completely knocked out by the competition.

Switching over to movies, Rough Cut brought critical acclaim, but the spotlight was on So Ji Sub who returned after 4 years in this movie.

I met KJH on the 15th. He started talking in his usual quiet fashion. “My position is a little vague. I’m neither a top star nor a supporting actor, and although I canbe a leading actor, I’ve never had a drama where I got top ratings…”

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[05.03.09] Kang Ji Hwan’s Interview from Kang Star (Part 2)

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Q. What was your parents’ reaction when you finally made your decision to pursue your dream?
A. They didn’t oppose it, but when they first heard about it, they were hesitant. But they continued to support me. Even when I didn’t have any work and I stayed at home, they never asked “why” and waited. At times, that turned into pressure, but looking at it from my parents’ perspective, it must have been hard.

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[04.30.09] Kang Ji Hwan’s Interview from Kang Star (Part 1)

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Q. At the press premiere, I watched the movie seated right behind KJH and KNH. While everyone was roaring with laughter, you seemed to be unmoved…(laugh)
A. We’d already seen the movie several times, so that day we were too busy trying to read to reporters’ reaction…(laugh)

Q. We’ve heard that there were a lot of ad libbing…
A. It’s my own hard and fast rule to plan 70 percent beforehand, and to prepare 30 percent on the set. I would insert my ad lib after certain action or at the end of certain lines, or after certain emotional scenes so as to not get in the way of the opposing actor. In addition, I’d tell those involved beforehand while checking the flow of action to avoid confusion during the actual take. And if the reaction was not good or if for some reason it didn’t go well, I would immediately go back to the original script. The director recognized my effort and took care to leave it open ended to allow me to act as I liked. Actually, except for the scenes that were edited out, 90-100% of my ad lib was used.
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[03.06.09] Kim Ha-neul and Kang Ji-hwan are Mr & Mrs Smith

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The Korean version- that is.

Kim Ha-neul and Kang Ji-hwan are stars of the new movie, “Level 7 Public Officials ” ( very loosely translated from ‘7급 공무원). The words “public official” does not at all sound sexy or exciting. And unfortunately, a trailer is not available to find out whether our suspicions are true.

Kim Ha-neul takes on the Russian mafia to stop weapons of mass destruction from entering the country.

Level 7 Public Officials ” opens in April 2009.

Credit: Popseoul

“Civil Servant” kicks off filming, wishes self luck

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October 13 marked the official start for work on the romantic action comedy Civil Servant Level 7 [7급공무원], starring Kim Haneul as a sexy veteran spy and Kang Ji-hwan as a newbie agent on his first secret mission chasing Russian industrial spies who work for an illegal crime organization, in an attempt to prevent the proliferation of dangerous chemical weapons. (So many things to giggle at in the description. What’s not to love?)

Cast and crew performed the opening spiritual rites for good luck, and filming commenced in the city of Suwon on the following day.

The film is directed by Shin Tae-ra (of Black House) and also stars Kang Shin-il (Public Enemy Returns, Golden Bride), Ryu Seung-ryong (Painter of the Wind), and Jang Young-nam (Women in the Sun) in supporting roles. Also in attendance were several dozens of Japanese fans (attracted by Kang Ji-hwan, no doubt — not that I blame them!), some of whom sported T-shirts bearing Kang’s name.

Civil Servant Level 7 is looking at an early 2009 release.

Source: Arts News
Credit: Dramabeans

Triple To Be Delayed To May 2009

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The broadcast of “Triple” directed by Lee Yoon Jung of “Coffee Shop 1st Prince” fame has been delayed. It is now scheduled for a May 2009 broadcast.

“Triple” is a story between figure skaters and advertising executives. It was originally scheduled to be aired in January 2009. It has now been pushed back to May 2009 after MBC made some changes to it’s broadcasting schedule.

A MBC representative said yesterday, “The delay in broadcast is a good thing for us. We can now recheck the script in detail and can prepare for it even better with the additional time.” Fans have been looking forward to this even more after Kang Ji Hwan was added to the cast recently, already comprising of Yoon Kye Sang, Lee Sun Gyun and newbie actress Min Hyo Rin.

Secret agent man Kang Ji-hwan

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Kang Ji-hwan really is keeping busy, making the most of this productive and successful time in his career. (He did back-to-back dramas, shooting Capital Scandal before launching himself directly into the eight-month-long commitment with Hong Gil Dong, after which he kept active promoting his recent film with So Ji-sub, A Movie Is a Movie (aka Rough Cut), had a large-scale fanmeeting in Japan, and was recently cast in the upcoming Triple with Yoon Kye-sang and Lee Seon-kyun.)

Now he reunites with former co-star Kim Ha-neul as a danger-courting spy in Civil Servant Level 7, after previously playing cousins and lovers (yeah, I know) in the tearjerker melodrama 90 Days’ Time to Love. Apparently Kang took the role almost immediately after receiving the screenplay.

Known for being a perfectionist with his detailed, prepared character work, he now takes on double-duty in Civil Servant, ’cause he’s got two identities to juggle as a boring accountant who also happens to speak fluent Russian and act as a top-secret spy. Like Bond and Jason Bourne before him, he often handles missions alone (though he does work with Korea’s secret agent team); this mission concerns a biochemical weapon and Russian criminal organizations.

The movie, billed as an action romantic comedy, plans to start filming after its supporting cast is selected (likely mid-October).

>> Another Kang Ji Hwan movie to look forward too… ^^