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[03.24.09] [DL] Pics from GOOD’s Shinhwa 11th Anniversary site

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by midnightgirl13

If you checked the GOOD site today, you might have noticed that they set up a Shinhwa 11th Anniversary site with new pictures from their 9th album jacket shoot and the MV shoot

img01 img11


Currently active in areas of music, acting and variety etc
Hyesung, Minwoo, Junjin, Andy…
And currently serving their military service – Eric, Dongwan
While giving them all our support, at the same time we congratulate Shinhwa on the 11th anniversary of their debut.

Let this name go on forever



Source: GOOD Entertainment


here are the 103 pictures. ^^

Pic credits to GOOD Entertainment + wxl850508@bestshinhwa +

Saeng il chukahae Wannie!! ^^

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saeng il chukahamnida…

saeng il chukahamnida…

saranganeun Wannie sshi…

saeng il chukahamnida!!! ^^

2008 MKMF is One Giant Party for the Major Entertainment Companies?

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The dust have settled and the conclusion of the 10th Mnet Korea Music Festival (MKMF) this past Saturday have seen deserving singers who have worked really hard over the past year receiving awards as recognition. But there has been mumurings that the 2008 MKMF is just an internal party for YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment and MNET Media. The distribution of the awards has been described as distributing pork by some fans.


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[11.17.08] Kim Dong Wan Enlisted Today

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Kim Dong Wan was enlisted at the Chungcheongnam-do training camp this afternoon. He is the second Shinhwa member to be enlisted after Eric.

wannie Just like Eric, Kim Dong Wan will also serve his miltary duty as a civil servant. He will be receiving 4 weeks of basic military training before being transferred to the Seodaemun-gu Government Office where he will serve as a public service officer. Kim Dong Wan released a mini-album Promise for his fans before his enlistment and promised to reunite with them 2 years later.

>> It sad to know that two members of my favorite group Shinhwa is now doing their military service… 😦

Credit: Coolsmurf

Jun Jin to Hold Fan Meeting in Japan

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Jun Jin, who is enjoying a personal renaissance in variety shows, will hold a large scale fan meeting in Japan.

Jun Jin, who is also a member of the group Shinhwa, successfully released his solo debut album and held his first solo concert in Japan this April. His upcoming fan meeting will be held on November 3 at Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo under the title of “Jun Jin’s Fan Meeting; 2008 Autumn Special.”

KNTV, a Japanese network specializing in Korean content and the organizer of the event, said that Jun Jin is enjoying a great deal of popularity not only as a singer, actor and TV host, but also as a regular guests on entertainment programs such as “Highly Ambitious: Season 2,” “Good Sunday,” and “Infinite Challenge.”

Picture Source: Newsen

[08.09.25] [News] Andy, “WGM” Romantic Guy in Paris

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Through the MBC TV’s “We are Married” show, Andy has been seen as a romantic guy but in Paris he is going through a bit of a change.

Completing his photo shoot for Le Coq Sportif, Andy flew into Paris soak in the the culture and lifestyle there including food, arts and sports.

Le Coq Sportif representative in Paris said, “Andy emerged from the ‘We are Married Show’ as a guy who is sophiscated and one with a soft heart.”

With the the promotions for the single album done and as a before the start for the role for the musical ‘Singles’, he took a trip to Paris. The atmosphere of Paris is one of romance which also offers a variety of cultural experiences.”

Meanwhile, Andy’s photo shoots for Le Coq Sportif footage has been broadcasted on the cable channel tvN every Saturday called “Style Monologue – Andy’s French Kiss”. Being broadcasted to Olive channels, he is gaining a lot of popularity.

Shinhwa’s Andy through MBC TV “Sunday Sunday Night” segment “We are Married”, he became a couple with Solbi shows his appeal to the female audiences. Also, the group (Shinhwa) seems to be going strong with much popularity.


Random post…

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2 weeks ago i finally got my Shinhwa the Greatest Artist 1998-2007 DVD. Here’s the pictures i have taken..

…also listening and addicted to Minwoo’s 4th jib: M Rizing. As i expected… the theme of the songs are different from his previous albums.. i admit, among the 6 members of Shinhwa, Minwoo’s the most talented in my opnion. He’s got a great voice, good at writing/composing songs, and he dances good. The others are talented as well in their own respective ways but it’s just Minwoo for me even though Junjin’s my favorite, LOL. ^^,

Here’s the latest MV of Minwoo: Don’t Trust Men

Here’s a picture of my Shinhwa 9th Album Special Limited Edition. ^^ Still wasn’t able to get my copy of their 9th Jib White Edition (Repackaged Limited Edition). Hopefully i can get it next week.

As for the dramas i’m watching….

Daily Dramas:

Cooking Up Romance

I’m getting impatient with this drama… Manbong still haven’t noticed Hye Gyeong. But in the preview for today’s episode Hye Gyeong seems to realize that she’s attracted to Manbong. I wonder how many episodes this drama have…

You Are My Destiny

Everytime i’m watching this drama i always get annoyed with the evil…hypocrite…obssessed character, Subin. Looking forward on the day when Subin’s evil acts will be exposed..

Mon/Tue Dramas:

Strongest Chil Woo

still watching it on KBS world.. Can’t wait till it finishes, lol. The story’s good but if not for Eric Moon i might not be watching it. hehe! ^^

Love Marriage

Have only watched episode 1but i immediately got hooked. I have it till the latest episode but due to Surgeon Bong Dal Hee i haven’t watched the succeeding episodes but i’ll watch it soon…

East of Eden

I have seen episodes 1-5 as those were the only episodes with english subtitles at the moment. I would not watch this drama if not for the many stars i like: Park Hae Jin, Lee Da Hae, Han Ji Hye, Yoon Jung Hoon minus Song Seung Hoon, lol! not much of a Song Seung Hoon but i don’t really hate him… ^^ The drama’s a mixture of revenge, family and complicated love story… very interesting but a very long one…

Wed/Thurs Drama:

Beethoven Virus

So far i have only watched episode 1 but i instantly got hooked with this drama. The theme of the story, which is about orchestra really interestes me. Plus… i love the cast.. jang Geun Suk & Lee Ji Ah… yay!! can’t wait for the subs…

from Left: Tazza, Painter of the Wind, Kingdom of Winds

Still haven’t watched these 3dramas becoz Tazza & Painter of the Winds still doesn’t have subtitles. As for Kingdom of the Winds…i still don’t have the time. I’m downloading it for my mom actually coz she likes Song Il Gook. ^^

Weekend Drama:

Mom’s Dead Upset

I enjoy watching this weekend drama on KBS World. I love the story of Yeong Su And Jeong Won. I also love the other characters except for the dramatic mother, Hanja, hahaha!! ^^

Dramas i’m watching on Philippine TV via GMA channel:

Be Strong Geum Soon

I love this drama mainly because of Kang Ji Hwan, hehe! ^^ I’m really anticipating this drama ever since and i even bought a copy without english subtitle and it’s in mandarin audio, hahaha! that’s how much i love kang Ji hwan.

My Husband’s Woman

It always make me want to strunggle the other woman every time i’m watching this drama… She’s one of the most despicable woman on Kdramas i have seen. ^^

Drama I’m watching on DVD:

Surgeon Bong Dal Hee

It’s my first time watching a medical drama… and i’m loving it.. The cast is good. I love Lee Yo Won, she’s so pretty.. Can’t wait to see the love story between the perfectionist doctor and the intern, hehe! ^^

[08.09.22][News] Prank on JunJin – “We heard that you decided to quit Shinhwa?”

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MBC “Infinity Challenge” Hidden Camera section aired on 20th September has become the recent topic of viewers and netizens when JunJin, the current most popular male solo singer, got a prank from fake reporters about him and Shinhwa.

“Please tell us JunJin, is the story of you splitting from Shinhwa true ? We heard from other members that you decided to quit Shinhwa!”

Awake from sleep, JunJin was forced to get out of the house and face Ideiri SPN reporters. Numerous questions about Shinhwa were thrown from the air, which totally shocked the star.

“You have become a Superstar, with the popularity nowadays, are you going to quit Shinhwa?”

“What? I am still Shinhwa!” JunJin looked at the reporters and didn’t really know how to hit back since he was still in shock – “What kind of story? There’s no such thing!”

The singer then came back into the house and called everywhere to check what the reporters told him – “I was swarmed by the reporters. What happened?”

The reporters outside realised JunJin calling his manager couldn’t help but to burst out of laugh.

To release the pure singer from being all frustrated, Yoo Jae Suk, Jung Hyung Don, and Noh Hong Chul decided to get out of the car and go to his house. When the singer opened the door, his three IC members revealed that they were deceiving him!

“I’m sorry JanJin, but this is really funny” – Yoo Jae Suk tried to conform the young member.

Credit: SPN – Korean/Eng: LetSayEden @

>> This is sooo… funny.. poor Jinnie.. hehe! 😀

[08.09.22][News] Lee Min Woo – “JunJin! Now I am also around!”

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Lee Min Woo is the Shinhwa’s member who officially threw the challenge to Variety Show star JunJin.

In KBS 2TV “Happy Sunday – Kkokko Singles Tour” aired on September 21st, Lee Min Woo made everyone laugh by yelling “Choong Jae ah! You’re good!”

MC Tak Jae Hoon revealed that he got a text message from JunJin saying: “Jae Hoon hyung, please take good care of Min Woo hyung!”. All participants were impressed at the strong bond between those two Shinhwa members.

But soon, Lee Min Woo replied back, “Choong Jae ah, you better take care of youself ! Don’t worry about hyung !” *laughs*

Starting with “Kkokko Tourism for Singles”, Lee Min Woo is planning to take full-scale participation in variety shows following JunJin’s path – “JunJin! Now I am also around! Get the challenge from hyung !”

Credit: StarNews – Korean/Eng: LetSayEden @ – With precious help from HappyHeart7 @

>> MinJin love… whaa… this one makes me laugh a lot.. ^^

[08.09.22][trans] Minwoo-Junjin’s Cyworld Messages

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Msg from Minwoo
ChoongJae yah~~~ Come to my concert and play with me~~~
(MoneyMaker – Lee Minwoo)

and here is JJ’s reply (pink underline in the pic)
Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho
(Insecticide – Park Choongjae)

Pic from : ShinhwaChina
Source: Minwoo and Junjin’s personal CYWORLD
Chinese trans: 韩小国 @ Bestshinhwa
Thai trans:xue-ni @ Shinhwathailand
Eng Trans: Finny@Shinhwathailand
Credit: Shinhwabiz

>>Aww… MinJin love… ^^,