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[05.08.09] Lee Junki to guest star on Family Outing

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Famous actor Lee Junki will be the next guest star on the popular SBS Show “Family Outing.” The filming took place from May 4th to 5th in Southern South Korea in South Gyeongsang, near the sea.

One of the staff members of Family Outing stated that Lee Junki got along well with the other co-stars of Family Outing and that they participated in many games, they also tried to catch fish.

The episodes are scheduled to air on May 17th and May 24th.

>>Looking forward to his episodes since he’ll be with Lee Hyori again.. I’m sure the show will be fun. ^_^

[05.02.09] Picstures from Lee Jun Ki’s Cyworld

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These picstures were taken from his visit to Japan, which he posted yesterday on his cyworld. ^_^





Credit: DCJunki

[04.24.09] Lee Jun Ki – J Style MV

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Just wanna share Lee Jun Ki’s MV that just came out today…

Damn!! he looks so gorgeous..

I love the song though his voice isn’t that great since he’s an actor and not really a singer..

…but then… I LOVE LEE JUN KI whatever he does, hehehe!! ^^

I love the last part of the MV wherein he roared, raaaaarrr…. hahaha!! ^_^

[04.17.09] Saeng-il Chukahamnida Lee Jun Ki!!! ^_^

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Saeng-il chukahamnida..

saeng-il chukahamnida…

saranghaneun uri Jun Ki sshi…


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my #1 favorite Korean actor since his debut as an actor in Kdrama (My Girl).

Wishing you a good health, more success in your career, happiness, and may all your wishes and dreams come true…

I will forever be your fan… Saranghaeyo Junki sshi! ^_^

[04.02.09] Lee Junki MV Tease for Episode 2

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Photos of Lee Junki’s new MV specially made to be shown during his 2nd fan meeting for his fans were released to much fanfare today, with his new image becoming a hot topic among his fans. The photos were released by his management, Mentor Entertainment with a representative expressing, “When we filmed the MV, we had setup 5 video cameras around the stage. We also used a stage that could switch to different scene settings automatically and the effects can definitely rival a big budget movie production.”

The MV director said, “Lee Junki left a really deep impression on me when he was doing the dance steps during the filming. I think this MV will be a nice surprise for his fans.”
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[03.06.09] Lee Jun-ki Plans a U.S. Tour

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Actor Lee Jun-ki plans to go on a U.S. tour in the latter half of this year, following the ones in China, Thailand, Japan, and Hong Kong. Lee’s agency says that a detailed schedule is being worked out now and it’s coordinating the event so that his overseas activities wouldn’t be in conflict with his domestic ones.

Known for his amazing acting performance in the film “King and the Clown” and dramas “My Girl” and “Iljimae,” Lee has his own fan clubs in China, Thailand, Indonesia, and other countries. When he was in Indonesia for some volunteer work recently, the international airport there was paralyzed with Lee’s screaming fans. His immense popularity overseas has motivated his agency to host a world tour.

Lee has a fan concert planned for April 18 at the Olympic Park in Seoul. The concert titled “Episode 2” will be the foundation for his world tour. Meanwhile, he has left for Thailand on Thursday to model for Korean designer Andre Kim in a fashion show celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Korea-Thailand relations.

Source: KBS World

Credit: Seoulfull

[03.06.09] Kim Ha-neul & Lee Jun-ki in Indonesia

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Lee Jun-ki and Kim Ha-neul in Indonesia with Vicky, Dimas & Putri

Actors Kim Ha-neul and Lee Jun-ki took a trip to Jakarta, Indonesia for a tvN cable TV show entitled World Love Special.

On the 11th February, Lee Jun Ki, Kim Ha Neul and the crew of cable channel tvN joined hands together with Good Neighbors, a world international relief organization, traveled to the outskirts of Jakarta, Indonesia

Kim and Lee made friends with the villagers particularly a family with three children, namely Vicky (9), Dimas (7) and Putri (11). The three children who live with their grandmother Rantes (70) survive by collecting rubbish from the neighbourhood dumping ground, recycling the waste (picking out things) to sell for money. The father of the children is currently missing.

The party donated 7.5 million won in funds, a classroom computer and basketball goalpost to the school where Vicky, Dimas and Putri goes to.

Lee Jun-ki took many photos during the trip and he said that he learned many things from the simple ways of the children. Lee also said that he hopes to return to this outreach and perhaps in future, sponsor a global village of poor children.

This television program will be broadcast in two parts on 21st and 28th March, 2009 respectively. It will be on tvN at 9pm (Seoul time).

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[03.05.09] Lee Jun Ki To Have A World Tour

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Heartthrob actor Lee Jun-ki (27) will hold a large scale fan concert next month.

His management agency, Mentor Entertainment, said Lee will hold the 8,000 seat fan concert entitled “Episode 2” on April 18 at the Olympic Park fencing arena.

In May 2006, Lee held the first “Episode 1” concert at the Jamsil Student Stadium, drawing some 12,000 fans.

Mentor said, “Like last time, Lee has prepared dancing, songs, performances and events for his fans. It will be an upgrade from Episode 1.”

Composer Kim Hyeong-seok is the music director of the concert.

Mentor also said Episode 2 will kick off a world tour that Lee is planning for the year’s second half.

credits: KBS Global

[01.19.09] Lee Junki Goes Into Music

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The ultra-pretty actor Lee Jun Ki has decided to tackle the music scene next. After successful big and small screen appearances in “The King and the Clown” and “Iljimae”, the model-turned-actor is now ready to debut as a KPOP act. Junki demonstrated his singing abilities first with the three singles he produced in 2006, however this album, which will be released in March, will be his first official album.

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[11.26.08] Lee Joon Ki to Play a Hero Yet Again?

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It has been reported that Lee Joon Ki will play the leading role in SBS’s special weekend drama “Strange Heroes”, following his “Robin Hood role” in SBS’s “Iljimae” that just ended not too long ago. “Strange Heroes” is a new drama by Jeon Ki Young who also wrote “Crazy for You”.

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