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Hyun Joong: Displayed a new romantic charm when participating in the OST of ‘That man’s book, 198 pages’

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Hyun Joong, who was voted as WGM’s most lovely couple together with Hwang Bo, participated in the OST of ‘That man’s book, 198 pages’, which will be released on the 23rd of October.

Hyun Joong displayed his sensitive, deep voice filled with a romantic charm through the OST.

‘That man’s book, 198 pages’ is a story of a man (Lee Dong Wook) who searches through a library only for page 198 after his first love leaves and is assisted by librarian (Eugene). The both of them share the memories and secrets of their loves in this movie. The song, ‘Looking at’, which was specially produced by Hyun Joong and SS501 for the movie will be inserted as the ending title song.

The song’s beautiful melody and lyrics speak of the sweet, careful confession of love between two lovers who are about to begin their relationship.

Hyun Joong real side shown in WGM is seen to overlap Lee Dong Wook’s character in the movie, as Hyun Joong portrays a man who was initially awkward and unable to open up to Hwang Bo and was blunt to her before slowly reaching out carefully and becoming a warm partner who takes care of her.

The music video of ‘Looking at’ will first be shown in early October.

*Credits: Empas News & All Seoul’d Out*
>> Looking forward to their song. ^^

An Exclusive Party with Lee Dong-wook

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Lee Dong-wook, just coming off his recent dark drama La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life), has been invited as a special VIP guest at the upcoming Bangkok International Film Festival, which takes place from the 23rd through 30th. However, as one of eighteen VIP guests, he represents the Hallyu world not on the basis of his recent drama work but an older series, the 2006 SBS trendy drama My Girl. Interestingly enough, while the other seventeen guests were invited on the basis of their movie work, Lee was the only one invited for a drama series.

In addition to walking the VIP red carpet, he’ll be holding his own fanmeeting and press conference, hosting his “Exclusive Party with Lee Dong-wook” on September 27.

A representative from his management company explained, “Because the drama My Girl and the film Arang were big hits in Thailand, Lee Dong-wook has a lot of fans there. As a result of holding one to two fanmeetings there, his interaction with his fans has made him popular.”

Credits: IS Plus & Dramabeans

New Dramas…

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During the weekend Lee Dong Wook’s new drama started airing… it’s called: Bittersweet Life 달콤한 인생 (La Dolce Vita). I’m hesitating whether i should download and watch it now or wait till the drama finishes and just buy a copy… hrrmmm… still can’t decide. The story seems a bit complicated and hard to understand but the thing that caught my attention is that the story seems to have some mystery in it… and i love mystery so maybe i should download the first 2 episodes, watch it and then decide if i should continue downloading it or not… hehe! Another thing why i’m hesitating on this drama because i hate the actress being paired to Lee Dong Wook…it’s non other than Park Shi Yon…hehe i really don’t like her even though she and Eric Moom have already broken up. Anyway, Here’s the picture and a bit of information bout the drama…


A love that is unfamiliar but sad.
Love is an empty space that can never be filled in

A changing world with changing people…
In this rapidly changing world, people are caught off guard by new events and have a hard time adapting to the times. Some types of taboo behavior are now acceptable and people even flaunt it. The confusion in social values has become an individual problem that people must grapple with by themselves.
One middle-aged couple faces a crisis as the foundation of their family crumbles.
When they reveal their true desires to each other, it takes on the form of a question to viewers on how important it is to reconnect with the values that are in disarray around us.

A melodramatic story and mystery…
A high-priced luxury apartment in the downtown area of Seoul. In this peaceful neighborhood, one young man committed suicide under uncertain circumstances.
Park Byeong-shik, a retired detective, discovers that the dead man is Lee Joon-soo, a fugitive he had been pursuing for years before he left the force. He picks up clues to solve the uncertain cause of his death.
The story begins with events that happened six months before the man died.
Did Lee Joon-soo really kill himself? His lover was Hong Da-ae.
And how was he linked to Yoon Hye-jin, a middle-aged housewife?
The drama traces events in the past and present to reveal the intricate web of story arcs.

More sophisticated and more luxurious…
The first episode was shot on location in Sapporo for three weeks to capture scenes of beautiful snow-capped mountains. The production quality of the show is very high as each scene was meticulously shot with great attention to small details and angle shots.
The drama contains the fun elements of a miniseries as well as highly charged moments. It will bring a fresh breath of air to viewers who are weary of the tried and true formula that they see over and over again.

Another new drama which i’m looking forward to watching is You Are My Destiny, which stars Yoonah from my favorite girl group SNSD and Lee Ji Hoon. I Don’t know the exact story of the drama yet but i really want to watch KBS new daily drama. Here’s some info bout the drama:
Jang Sae Byuk is a a girl who tries to find a new meaning in life after she receives an eye cornea transplant from another girl of the same age. She becomes close with the family of the dead girl who gave her the transplant. The family slowly accepts her as part of the family.