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Please join us in our Brian Joo forum, “brianjoomusic” and let’s all talk about Brian.. ^^


[03.04.-0] Brian,”A girl i want to marry”

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FLY TO THE SKY-BRIAN confession:“ have a normal girl i admire now,carrying the ideal of marriage too。”

BRIAN confessed that he is seeing someone and having a serious relationship now, while attending KBS COOL FM-‘MAYBEE VOLUMN UP show’

He confessed: ” I have a girl that i admire now, even think of marriage idea too。” when DJ MAYBEE asked :” If you have someone u admire , will you be the one at active side ?” Hwanhee answered :’ Yes” ,while BRIAN said:“In the past, i will test those around her to know how she felt,but now because i have someone that i likes,I become the active side。”

After heard what he said,Hwanhee shown a clue by saying that “BRIAN almost want to get married。”BRIAN further confessed that “although we haven’t get to the stage of real dating, but i believe it will went smooth in progress.”He then add on“ Those around who see her all said that she is my ideal type of girl”

BRIAN:‘she is a normal girl,that we study bible together。” When talk about the girl, Brian carefully said that:“she is someone that will mailed me wonderful bible quotes every morning, a very gentle girl.”

On the other hand,while asking Hwanhee opinion about the fake marriage in WGM,Hwanhee answered:“I don’t have any idea of marriage in the past, but now i know : ” ahh~~so is the feeling of u have someone to wait for you at home, and someone to take care of you , it feels good.”


[02.12.09] Brian, Hollywood entry … Start action comedy filming in June

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[Asia Economy Newspaper Reporter Lee Hye Rin] Fly To The Sky’s Brian will enter into Hollywood as an actor.

Brian was recently casted as a main character in an action comedy movie and will go into filming in June. Currently, the movie’s detailed information is being processed as unrevealed, and Brian will star as one of the three main characters in this movie.

This entry was attained by the introduction from the Korean-American actor Aaron Yoo, with whom Brian has been building friendship. Aaron Yoo is an actor who has been active with a relatively important part in the movie ‘Disturbia’ starring Shia LaBeouf. Brian is aspiring to find his place in Hollywood with this movie as a start.

Brian stated, ‘I think I will have to go to Hollywood as soon as Fly To The Sky’s 8th album work is finished. Although we will have to see the response from this movie, I would like to continue working as an actor in the US. Of course, I will continue singer and actor work in Korea too.’

Meanwhile, Fly To The Sky will release their 8th album ‘Decennium’ on the 13th and comes back through KBS ‘Music Bank’.

Reporter Lee Hye Rin

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[01.22.09] Fly to the Sky to release new album in Feb 2009

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Barring any glitches, R&B duo Fly to the Sky(FTTS) will be dropping their 8th album in February. It will be called Decenium.


FTTS: Their latest – and 8th – album will be unleashed in Feb 2009

One-half of the pair Brian Joo left a message to his fans at the FTTS Eternity Forum recently. In it, the 28-year-old revealed that they have completed recording the album and are currently working on the final touches to the tracks.

“The album should most likely be out mid-February or even earlier. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that this one really tops the charts,” Brian wrote.


Going strong: Hwanhee (left) and Brian have been in
showbiz for 10 years

Fly to the Sky celebrated a decade in the music industry on Jan 10. Their latest album entitled Decenium alludes to their 10 years in showbiz 🙂

>>Yay!!! So so excited for their new album.. can’t wait to hear their new songs. I love the title of the album. ^^

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Saeng il Chukahaeyo BRIAN JOO!! (^_^)

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I Just greeted Brian on his myspace account… hopefully if he’s not too busy i’ll receive a reply from him that could make my entire year wonderful, hahaha!!! ^^,

Here are some pictures of him i’d like to share since it’shis birthday today..


2 31

4 5


Happy Anniversary FLY TO THE SKY!!! ^^

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I’m annoyed with myspace right now…

it seems they’re having technical problem at the moment…

whaaa!!!! why now?!!

because of that i can’t log into my account and greet Brian personally.. huhuhu!!! 😦

But i’ll try it again later..

Brian Joo’s Video Answer to Questions from fans are up!!!!

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Friday, July 18, 2008
Videos are up~!!
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Hey you guys,

The videos to the questions I chose and answered are finally up… I am so sorry for the delay… I’m not to good with the internet… hahaha…^^ So check’em out and keep the questions coming for next month…

Friday, July 18, 2008
Video Location

The Videos are in my “Videos” folder next to where it says pics in the very first picture of us…


Pics | Videos

…Also, you must be added as a friend to my MYSPACE in order to be able to view the clips

Links to the Videos:

Question from Cindi Ngo (London)

Question from Jannie Pommergranite (Toronto, Ontario)

Question from Jessica (North Carolina)

Question from Tavia (Los Angelos, California)

Question from Tan Zhao Ling (Melaka, Malaysia)