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Restoring masterpieces in Insadong Scandal

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Actress/singer/lingerie entrepreneur Uhm Jung-hwa joins Kim Rae-won in the upcoming movie Insadong Scandal, which is set in the art world and takes a behind-the-scenes look at art restoration and reproduction.

Although she’s taken on numerous acting projects in her 15-year career (previous screen roles include the drama Wife and the films For Horowitz and Singles), this is her first villain role as an ambitious collector.

Meanwhile, Kim Rae-won’s “cool-headed” character specializes in the restoration of valuable paintings, and the story unfolds around a hidden masterpiece of a painter who lived in the Joseon era.

For the past month, Kim has been studying art restoration and reproduction for the role to familiarize himself with the topic and lend an air of authenticity to his character. The film is set to start filming this month.

I’m… not sure about the pairing, but I won’t write it off immediately. Kim Rae-won tends to have good chemistry with his co-stars, and even if she wasn’t great in the awful movie, I keep remembering how she tried, dammit, to have chemistry with Daniel Henney in Seducing Mr. Perfect. She failed, but it wasn’t her fault; the juxtaposition of the two made her seem like Oscar material in comparison.

Credit: OSEN / Dramabeans

KIM Rae-won stirs up Insa-dong

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After two years, KIM Rae-won returns to the big screen with the film Insa-dong Scandal. Insa-dong (officially Insa-dong gil (street)) is a famous street in Northern Seoul which attracts a wide variety of domestic and international tourists, traditional food and tea lovers, and art connoisseurs.

KIM is cast to play Korea’s leading art restaurateur, a highly skilled and intelligent but cold person. The plot deals with a conspiracy to let a famous Joseon era painting disappear.The film is rumoured to bring non-mainstream art to the public’s attention.

Insa-dong Scandalwill start filming in October. All the attention is centred around KIM’s casting and return to the silver screen without information about the director or other cast members.

KIM revealed that he is thankful for being able to tackle a different kind of character again in Insa-dong Scandal. KIM’s latest film Sunflowerwas released in 2006. KIM played a young man who tries to come clean with his criminal years and out-of-control youth. Sunflower and Mr. Socrateswere a break from his previous roles in romantic youth dramas like …Ing and My Little Bride. During his two year break from cinema, he starred in the popular television drama Sikkaek.

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