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Please join us in our Brian Joo forum, “brianjoomusic” and let’s all talk about Brian.. ^^


[05.06.09] Fly To The Sky goes on farewell trip ending their 10-years activities together

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The Fly To The Sky members HwanHee and Brian go on a farewell trip to commemorate their activities together for the last 10 years since their debut.

They did that through SBS ‘Close Note’. Their manager said in an interview that this vacation will leave them with some good memories as part of Fly To The Sky before they take a rest from group activities to focus on their individual activities.

The 2 also provided, “It is a lie if we said we don’t fight. We learned to be careful with what we say and be understanding after being together for about 7-8 years.”

They debuted with the song ‘Day By Day’ in 1999 and them appearing on SBS ‘Close Note’ will be their last activity together. This episode of ‘Close Note’ will be aired on 8th May.

>>>I cried after seeing them cry while hugging each other on the teaser of this show.. can’t wait for their episode to be aired this Friday. I hope the subs will be released soon… I WILL MISS FLY TO THE SKY…

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[03.05.09] YOBI & FTTS The Sweet Classic Concert

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HwanYobi &FTTS The Sweet Classic Concert
28th March 7.30 p.m
YongIn Gymnastic Hall.
Yobi-Hero (Mariah Carey) and other songs.
and some classic music presentations

News source: Leandrosxxi and Hwayobi EnchantedHaven

[03.04.-0] Brian,”A girl i want to marry”

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FLY TO THE SKY-BRIAN confession:“ have a normal girl i admire now,carrying the ideal of marriage too。”

BRIAN confessed that he is seeing someone and having a serious relationship now, while attending KBS COOL FM-‘MAYBEE VOLUMN UP show’

He confessed: ” I have a girl that i admire now, even think of marriage idea too。” when DJ MAYBEE asked :” If you have someone u admire , will you be the one at active side ?” Hwanhee answered :’ Yes” ,while BRIAN said:“In the past, i will test those around her to know how she felt,but now because i have someone that i likes,I become the active side。”

After heard what he said,Hwanhee shown a clue by saying that “BRIAN almost want to get married。”BRIAN further confessed that “although we haven’t get to the stage of real dating, but i believe it will went smooth in progress.”He then add on“ Those around who see her all said that she is my ideal type of girl”

BRIAN:‘she is a normal girl,that we study bible together。” When talk about the girl, Brian carefully said that:“she is someone that will mailed me wonderful bible quotes every morning, a very gentle girl.”

On the other hand,while asking Hwanhee opinion about the fake marriage in WGM,Hwanhee answered:“I don’t have any idea of marriage in the past, but now i know : ” ahh~~so is the feeling of u have someone to wait for you at home, and someone to take care of you , it feels good.”


[02.19.09] Fly To The Sky 8th Album, A Sudden Rise In Charts

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2009-02-19 (Thu) 09:10:25 Reporter Park Gwang Sun



[Prime Economy] Fly To The Sky’s official 8th album [Decennium] which was released on the 13th is continuing its success parade via words of mouth with the strong support of the netizens.

The title song ‘Restriction’ of Fly To The Sky’s 8th album, which had already shown signs of great success from its early preview, made a sudden rise up the charts after the full track release on the 12th, keeping its place within the top 10 on Bugs (Live 1st), (Daily 3rd), Melon and Dosirak. Moreover, the early release track ‘Just Go, You’ is affirming the intrinsic value of the well-made album by keeping its place near the top of the charts. They are also displaying a high sales figure in album sales, continuing their trend in not only online charts.

Fly To The Sky, displaying a smooth success parade, continues their live stage that filled many with admiration on TV come back stages, on M! Countdown on the 19th. They will show an unwavering and explosive Fly To The Sky stage also on KBS Music Bank on the 20th and SBS Inkigayo on the 22nd. They are planning to continue the Fly To The Sky effect, not only on live stages in music shows, but with guest requests pouring in from variety programs from various TV stations.

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Credits: Park Gwang Sun from Prime Economy + Deborah from Heavenly-Sent (translation).

[02.12.09] Hwanhee/Brian, Separate work in separate agencies ‘Not Break-up’

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Male duo Fly To The Sky’s Hwanhee and Brian will each settle into different agencies and work separately. Fly To The Sky, who meets their 10th debut anniversary this year after debut in 1999, will convert to a project group with the recently released 8th album ‘Decennium’ as their last.

Different from doing acting and entertainment occasionally as solo work with group work as a matrix, they will now contract with separate agencies and will concentrate on solo work different from a team format. It is a format where they will only work together when releasing a single or mini special album intermittently.

Fly To The Sky’s agency revealed ‘Hwanhee and Brian consolidated their standpoints as going their separate ways with the expiration of the contract with the current agency. Their 8th album is the last official album the two will release.’ Hwanhee will release a solo album at the end of this year, and Brian will start filming a movie in Louisiana, USA from June.

Meanwhile, Brian revealed his feelings in finishing off their actual official group work with this album as the last by saying ‘It’s already been 10 years since we’ve been together. I will pray for your happiness wherever you are, whatever you’re doing,’ through the ‘thanks’ section in the 8th album Decennium.

Reporter Kim Sung Yi [] 2009.02.12 19:03

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[02.12.09] Fly To The Sky, “This 8th album is our last official album”

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Duo Fly To the Sky, who celebrates their 10th anniversary with 8th album ‘Decennium’, revealed that this 8th album will be their last official album but assured fans that, they will not be disbanding.

They will end contract with current management company but will continue to work on as a project group and release more albums in the future.

Fly To The Sky members HwanHee (27) and Brian (28 ) spoke up to the speculations that they will be disbanding after their 8th album.

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