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[04.01.09] Good Bye Yoon Ji Hoo~ (Fancams)

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saw this chinese posting by 火星j on baidu.
believe it’s a korean fan’s account, but the source is not indicated on the chinese posting.
won’t do word-for-word translation, will just share the key points and sequence of the event, ya?

the event’s supposed to start at 9pm, but people started crowding at the venue from 4ish in the afternoon.

the event started with the ‘famous’ jihoo scenes from the drama. after that, hyun joong apppeared from behind the screen.

he sang Thank You, and he was wearing the gray suit.

seems like his voice wasn’t in the best of condition. he sounded rather tired, but he still sounded great.

then the emcee came out. they chatted and joked for awhile.

then hyun joong sang Because I’m Stupid. this was also live. but he sorta missed the beat and made a mistake. he looked very nervous actually, but very cute.

next, kim bum and kim joon appeared on-stage and they started chatting again. they were hilarious, so funny!

then hyun joong sang Happiness Is, again he sang live while kim bum and kim joon sat on the safe by the side of the stage. as he was singing, he was goofing around and touching the two boys’ faces. totally funny.

then they watched the last epi of BoF. kim joon had to leave first; so hyun joong and kim bum sat on the sofa to watch the drama. can’t remember much of the drama honestly, except that there seemed to be a fair bit of hyun joong’s scenes.

after the drama ended, the two stood up to greet and thank everyone. then kim bum left the stage.

hyun joong changed his outfit to something that’s quite rain’s style (bb: the white jacket with black gloves?) and did a solo… it was hot. (bb: wonder what song he performed… it wasn’t mentioned.)

after that, the three guys from SS501 (triple S) came out and sang U R Man, and the trio also performed Because I’m Stupid.

and then jung min appeared!!!

and hyun joong also appeared, so the five of them sang together (bb: what song, what song??) next, the five of them introduced themselves and chatted on-stage. and then they sang Make A Lover.

then, they discussed on-stage what next to sing… then they sang… (bb: what song, what song??)

it feels so great to see the five of them on-stage again after so long. it’s wonderful to be able to come!!!

although it’s good for those who could make it here this time, but for those who could not come, please you must go and catch them in the asia tour. you really won’t be disappointed…

Translated by happiebb @ soompi

Fancams available under the cut.. Enjoy!! ^_^

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[03.24.09] Kim Hyun Joong Is Confused

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“Now that its nearing the end, I am not even sure if I am acting or not (can’t distinguish reality from acting), I feel a bit empty”.

On this afternoon, Kim Hyun Joong (23) was being interviewed at an outdoor filming location for KBS2TV Boys Before Flowers. Seeing Hyun Joong, you can’t help but feel that he looks a bit weak physically and mentally drained. When asked about what’s the 3 most unbearable things he experienced while filming, Hyun Joong expressed without hesistation, “cold”, “lack of sleep”, “hunger”, showing how much suffering he is going through.

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[03.09.09] Brand New Day Will Participate in “Boys Over Flowers” OST2

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New female group Brand New Day will participate in the second soundtrack of KBS 2TV “Boys Over Flowers.”

Their agent said, “To become part of the ‘Boys Over Flowers’ soundtrack is a good opportunity and experience for them.” The members also said happily, “We are so happy to participate in this soundtrack, and it’s a great honor.”

Brand New Day made their debut in January with their song “살만해” (Survivable).

Source: Newsen
Credit: seoulfull

[03.09.09] Kim Hyun Joong is Pissed…Again

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The last time we saw Kim Hyun Joong show any emotion on Boys Over Flowers was intense. This time its very personal.

F4 member Kim Hyun Joong has expressed his resentment in the poor behavior of the production company and their lack of sympathy towards the late Jang Ja Yun.

Specifically, Kim Hyun Joong was dumbfounded when he and his fellow actors were told on March 8th there would be an open set during filming on the same day. He and Goo Hye Sun were shocked to see over 100 Japanese tourists already waiting at the filming site. He asked indignantly if any of this made sense as they were still mourning their late colleague. Kim Hyun Joong and fellow cast mates are refusing to start filming with the onlookers, finding the situation unacceptable.

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[03.08.09] Jang Ja Yun Suicide Because of Depression

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The shock suicide of Boys Before Flowers actress Jang Ja Yun (26) is still causing shockwaves all over Korea and the industry with many speculating over the actual reasons behind her doing so. Theories ranged from contractual woes with her management, lack of appearances (airtime) in Boys Before Flowers, bashing by antis, etc but close friends have revealed that the main reason was probably depression. Jang Ja Yun had hanged herself in her home yesterday with police ruling out any forms of foul play after initial investigations.

Police revealed after investigations that Jang Ja Yun had developed depression after losing her parents in a car accident 10 years ago. Jang Ja Yun was still in high school when that happened and although she got on well with life after inheriting her parent’s fortune, she had already suffered a big blow mentally that could not be healed easily. Jang Ja Yun might have looked cheerful and bubbly on the outside normally, but she was horribly scared of being left alone deep inside her heart and highly afraid (phobia) about losing her friends.
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[03.07.09] Boys Over Flowers OST 2

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Just sharing the 3 songs from Boys Over Flowers OST 2. ^_^

A\’ST1 – 아쉬운 마음인 걸

SS501 – 애인 만들기

T-Max & J – Wish UR My Love

*A simple thanks before you download is highly appreciated. ^^

[03.06.09] Who could have been Geum Jan Di?

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Though I’ve already stated how much I hate Goo Hye Sun‘s over-the-top acting (I know Jandi/Makino is an over-the-top character, but the Japanese version managed not to annoy the hell out of me; and note, I hate her acting in this drama, not Goo Hye Sun herself), I can’t say for sure if it would’ve been better if any of these other girls who were also considered for the role of Geum Jan Di were acting instead. Before Goo Hye Sun was finally cast, these (unlucky) girls were in the running to become the lead character in the #1 TV drama in Korea:
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