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[04.30.09] Kang Ji Hwan’s Interview from Kang Star (Part 1)

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Q. At the press premiere, I watched the movie seated right behind KJH and KNH. While everyone was roaring with laughter, you seemed to be unmoved…(laugh)
A. We’d already seen the movie several times, so that day we were too busy trying to read to reporters’ reaction…(laugh)

Q. We’ve heard that there were a lot of ad libbing…
A. It’s my own hard and fast rule to plan 70 percent beforehand, and to prepare 30 percent on the set. I would insert my ad lib after certain action or at the end of certain lines, or after certain emotional scenes so as to not get in the way of the opposing actor. In addition, I’d tell those involved beforehand while checking the flow of action to avoid confusion during the actual take. And if the reaction was not good or if for some reason it didn’t go well, I would immediately go back to the original script. The director recognized my effort and took care to leave it open ended to allow me to act as I liked. Actually, except for the scenes that were edited out, 90-100% of my ad lib was used.
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[03.06.09] Kim Ha-neul and Kang Ji-hwan are Mr & Mrs Smith

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The Korean version- that is.

Kim Ha-neul and Kang Ji-hwan are stars of the new movie, “Level 7 Public Officials ” ( very loosely translated from ‘7급 공무원). The words “public official” does not at all sound sexy or exciting. And unfortunately, a trailer is not available to find out whether our suspicions are true.

Kim Ha-neul takes on the Russian mafia to stop weapons of mass destruction from entering the country.

Level 7 Public Officials ” opens in April 2009.

Credit: Popseoul

[03.05.09] Seung-ri asks Why Did You Come to My House?

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Big Bang’s Strong Baby Seung-ri (19) will be appearing in a movie entitled Why Did You Come to My House (not to be confused with the 2008 SBS drama of the same name).


Celluloid ambition: Singer-turned-actor

The movie also stars Kang Hye-jung and Park Hee-soon. The cast and film’s director Hwang Su-ah appeared to the press at 11am today (March 5) in Seoul.

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[12.01.08] 335,000 Audience in 4 days – Pure Comic Strip Tops Box Office

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Movie “Pure Comic Strip“, which is an adaptation from a comic of the same name by popular comic writer Kang Po, is reporting good news one after another. After the movie has broke the record for the most number of viewers on premiere day in history, it went on to take the crown for the box office last week.

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[11.17.08] Everyone’s all smiles for Sweet Lies

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November 17 was production press conference day for the new romantic comedy starring Park Jin-hee (War of Money), Sweet Lies.

In the movie, Park’s character is a TV writer who still carries a torch for her first love (Lee Ki-woo). When she happens to get in a car accident with him, she jumps to make the most of this opportunity, and fakes amnesia from the accident (so she can stay at his place until her memory returns). Jo Han-seon is the childhood friend who tries to get her memory back (which is when “the story takes a twist upon a twist”).

Yes, we can all hate clichés as a rule, but there are always some that work for us (hence the continued use of clichés) — and this movie employs two of my favorites: amnesia and forced proximity. I’ll definitely be checking this one out.

More pictures…

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Ha Ji-won in “My Love By My Side”

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Time for Kwon Sang-woo to share a bit of the spotlight: He’s been cast alongside Ha Ji-won in the new movie My Love By My Side [내 사랑 내 곁에], to be directed by Park Jin-pyo (You’re My Sunshine, Voice of a Murder).

The film is described as a melodramatic romance centering around a man who suffers from Lou Gehrig’s disease and the self-sacrificing woman who loves him. Kwon’s character suffers from the incurable illness as his body gradually becomes more and more paralyzed, but maintains his sense of humor and his dignity.

Ha Ji-won plays a cheerful and upbeat funeral director, and because of the frequency with which she encounters death, she doesn’t think of disease as the grave and dire thing that people typically see it as being.

The movie will be released sometime next year, and on the downside, I’m a bit sick of Kwon Sang-woo too, and terminal-illness melodramas are never my bag. On the upside, it’s always great to see Ha Ji-won in action.

Credits: Newsen & Dramabeans
>>I’ll be looking forward to this movie coz it seems nice… but then… the story looks so sad and tragic.