[06.17.09] SS501 Hyung Joon’s Hey Girl


Today’s the teaser MV of Hyung Joon…

can’t wait for the full MV to come out. ^_^

7 Responses to “[06.17.09] SS501 Hyung Joon’s Hey Girl”

  1. h! kim hyun joong get your number plzzzzzzzz

  2. hi! my love hyun joong i love yore music and yore look too loooooooooooooooooooving youuuuuuuuuuu and ^-^ and good bay~

  3. kim hyun joong and kim hyung joon are two different person.

  4. Hai Kim Hyung Jun!
    Im from Chicago Illinois
    Come visit here!

  5. hi may name is hanie im 14 years old i love so much korea cantry,music,reader,actors,food,film,people,every thing just korea im send 5 email for your grop becase i like your music ,its so nice and you are so handsame i like come to korea and see your grop and sey thanks for your music but i cant becse im 14 years old im not big.i like sey you every thing but i cant speak english very well.sorry.i sea 100 korea film and serial ,and i lesson korea music and your music i love ss501.i can speak little korea.potakeoo ,potaktero mida,answer may email,nanen chomal saranehoo your grop and your music,argen nenia?/ koroom calgeh.camsa mida.good night

  6. please sey me your id olease send mail with me .please

  7. Thank You Mr Admin.

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