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[08.20.09] M.I.A.

Posted in RAMBLINGS... on August 20, 2009 by koala41

The title of my post is similar to the title of Brian Joo’s blogspot before when he haven’t openned his myspace account for a long time…I copied it since i haven’t visited my WP account for more than a month I think??! =D

I just feel like posting today because I want to post about the “Bibimbap” I made for lunch today.. Here’s some pictures I took a while ago..

082020093054 (Large) 082020093053 (Large)

082020093053 (Large) 082020093055 (Large)

Looks yummy, right?! Hehehe! ^_^

I’m currently watching the ongoing dramas (Swallow the Sun,Take Care of Agasshi & Soul). I’m also watching Yamapi’s current drama, “Buzzer Beat,” courtesy of my Krissy unni who’s a huge fan of NEWS, particularly Yamapi, hehe! ^^ And i’m also re-watching my favorite drama of Goo Hye Sun, “Hearts of 19/Pure 19” just because I suddenly miss the drama,keke!

I’m still addicted to G-Dragon’s 1st album Heartbreaker. I so LOVE all of his songs especially Heartbreaker. I also love the MV.. It makes me get even more excited on getting my copy of his album. Too bad can’t afford to buy their 1st Japanese album right now since it’s quite expensive.. but maybe later i’ll be able to buy my copy. ^^

…and now i’m waiting for my download of Big Bang’s Big Show Concert to finish then i’m off to watch it, yay!! ^^

…and maybe i’ll be updating my blog again daily (but i’m not promising anything, LOL! =p)

“Throwing You Away”

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I haven’t posted much this week because I got hooked watching Jang Hyuk & Gong Hyo Jin’s 2007 drama: Thank You. Jang Hyuk’s really a great actor.. I love the drama especially Bom & Harabeoji who’s suffering from dementia.

While sending the twilight ebook to my college buddy Eliza i decided to check new music releases from bww2 and then i got excited when i saw the single from Fly to the Sky’s upcomming 8th album: Decennium. The single’s entitled Gaburyeoh Nuh (Throwing You Away). I download it right away and i’m listening to it right now.. yay!!! so happy when i heard Brian’s wonderful voice… whaaaa!!! of course I got excited too with Hwanhee’s voice, LOL! 😀 Listening to it for the 3rd time now and I SOOO…. LOVE their new song. ^^,

That’s all… will try updating tomorrow if i got tired of watching but i don’t think i will, kekeke!! ^_^

PS: You can now download my “listening to” songs under pages (My Music Page) or you could simply click the link below. ^^

Listening to: Fly to the Sky – Gaburyeoh Nuh (Throwing You Away)


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…just dropping by to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year ^^,

Saeng-il Chukahaeyo Shin Hye Sung!! ^_^

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Saeng-il chukahae Sungie!! ^^

It’s also my cousin’s birthday today… Saeng-il chukaha Krissy Onni. ^^

It’s been a while…

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I Haven’t posted anything for almost two weeks now… I was on vacation last week and i’m still catching up with a lot of things this week but i’ll start posting news again tomorrow..

till then.. ^^,

Protected: Feeling OK!

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Annyeong~ ^^,

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I’m back again!!
I haven’t logged on my blog for a while…
I’ve been busy watching dramas and shows, which i have dowloaded…
Right now i’m hooked with Chae Rim’s latest drama, Powerful Opponents but too bad can’t watch episode 8 yet coz the AVR of my PC is having problems but my “sweet” brother is going to get me a new AVR, yay!! Kamsamnida oppa, hehe~
So what’s up with me this past few days other than watching dramas and stuffs…..
Aririang’s Pops in Seoul is going to celebrate their 1000th episode anniversary here in Manila @ Manila Film Center, which will be hosted by VJ Isak and Evan (former Click-b member).
I’m sooo…. excited becoz my kpop addict friends like me are planning A LOT!!
Irene and I will be leading our “PINOY FLY TO THE SKY GROUP” and our other friends will help and support us by joining our fansclub…
Honestly, it’s hard to decide on which fansclub i’ll go with but…
Shinhwa Philippines is inviting me to join them and wear an orange shirt on the event…
Then there’s the Big Bang Ph…. Suju Ph… and a lot more… so can’t i just wear a rainbow shirt for be to become a part of all the fansclub there, LOL! =P
But of course… i’ll still end up joining the FTTS group since me and Irene are the ones managing the fansclub…
So far we have 15 sure people who will be joining us… hope some more FTTS pinoy fans will join us in the event…

Another thing that makes me soooo…. HYPER this week is SHINHWA’s 9th Jib Repackage Album…
Yay!! They just released their 9th Jib last month and i was forced to get the Limited Special Edition since it’s limited with only 50,000 copies… and now here they are releasing the repackage edition, which is again limited to 20,000 copies only so i was forced to order AGAIN! hehe!
It’s really driving me crazy to support and buy Shinhwa stuffs coz they keep on releasing new stuffs almost every month…
I’m even planning on buying their new DVD called Shinhwa History 1998-2008… Arrrrggghh… It’s a bit expensive but i still want it becoz of it has 3DVDs with 1CD, plus it has eng subs…
I also want Minwoo’s latest DVD Concert, Andy’s DVD Concert as well as Sungie’s…
Then, a friend from ShinPhil told me a very good news the other night…
She told me that her friend is exchanging emails with one of Junjin & Minwoo’s booking agents and they’re asking if the two are popular here…
Then the next day she texted us ShinPhil sisters to keep visiting and posting at the forum becoz one of these days the booking agent will be visiting the forum to see if there are many fans…
they’re planning on bringing Junjin & Minwoo here for a concert…
I was sooo…. happy after hearing the news becoz out of the 6 Shinhwa members it’s my favorite member Junjin who might have a concert here, yipeeee…. i’m really….really….really happy….
I’m also glad that the other member is Minwoo coz i love all of Minwoo’s album and songs… ^^
And bcoz of this news… I’m now motivated to find a job to earn money and save-up for the concert, hahahaha!!! =D