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[01.13.09] What to Expect From Hyung Don and Tae Yeon on We Got Married

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After 2 consecutive weeks of re-runs, MBC We Got Married will finally resume broadcast starting this Sunday with Episode 41. This follows a temporary halt to the strike by the media workers’ union over the passing of a new legislation to allow firms to own both newspapers and broadcast news outlets.

Besides being finally able to catch up with the love stories of the 3 existing couples on the show, we will also get our first look at the newly-matched couple of Jung Hyung Don and the leader of So Nyeo Shi Dae, Kim Tae Yeon.


More was also revealed about the setting that Hyung Don and Tae Yeon will be in. Just like Kangin and Lee Yoon Ji at the beginning, they will start off by being unattached to each other. Hyung Don will make a surprise visit at So Nyeo Shi Dae’s dormitory in the first episode to meet up with Tae Yeon.

The production team expressed that they will not be interfering with their decisions on whether they will start their make-believe marriage or not, “In order to show that this is not a foregone conclusion, we will let them meet first. Whatever the outcome is, it’s entirely up to Hyung Don and Tae Yeon.”

Hyung Don who has a failed “marriage” with Saori last year, will be getting married for the 2nd time if everything goes well. But the 11-year age difference, the expected Hyung Don behavior plus strong opposition from Tae Yeon’s idol fans have led to a public outcry for this to end before it has even started.


Tae Yeon also expressed her thoughts, “Hyung Don oppa might appear to be pretty lazy in his earlier “marriage” on the show. But with this new dating mission handed to him, he will be showing a totally different image.”

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Jung Sun Hee Admits She Was Threatened by Debtors

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Jung Sun Hee has been left mentally and physically drained following the death of her husband Ahn Jae Hwan and close friend Choi Jin Shil over the past month. Currently on leave, she revealed her side of the story in an interview.

Jung Sun Hee said in her interview, “I only knew about Ahn Jae Hwan borrowing money from money lenders on 4th September. When he was missing, the debtors turned up one after another, asking for their money, threatening me and my family members. Some even threatened to reveal Ahn Jae Hwan’s misdemeanours to the public.” She continued, “I was totally unaware about Ahn Jae Hwan borrowing money from money lenders. I wouldn’t have gotten married so hastily if I knew about that. I believed that my husband was a honest person and that’s why I was willing to spend the rest of my life with him.”

His family members had suggested that Ahn Jae Hwan’s suicide was a cover-up and claimed that Jung Sun Hee knew the killer. She said, “The pain of losing your husband is great. But to lose your son and your brother, it brings an even greater pain. Someone has to be responsible for anything that happens. And in this case, I am probably the one who should be held responsible.”

She also talked about the rumors surrounding Choi Jin Shil lending money to Ahn Jae Hwan, “Choi Jin Shil unnie and Ahn Jae Hwan never talked before and much less lend money to him. This is a truth that all money lenders know.”

As for those who spread rumors about Choi Jin Shil being a money lender, “It was too much. So much so that it caused the innocent Jin Shil unnie to end her life over her grievances. This type of people cannot be forgiven.”

She ended by saying, “Things turned out like this because of me. I am probably going to carry this on my back for the rest of my life. Because of a rumor, an innocent person has left the world. This is simply too scary.”

>> I pity Jung Sun Hee.. she’s going through a lot of pain and hardships.. Himnasaeyo!!! ^^

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