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Song Hae Gyo Criticized for Poor Acting in Comeback

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After a 4 year absence from the small-screen, Song Hae Gyo’s return in her new drama The World They Live In this past week has come under fire from viewers for her somewhat awkward articulation of her lines.

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Happy birthday, Hyun Bin

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Hyun Bin just celebrated his birthday (his 27th) with a large-scale fanmeeting, hosted at the Dome Art Hall at the Children’s Grand Park in Seoul, on September 27 (actual birthday September 25). With approximately 2,000 fans present, the event took the title “2008 Hyun Bin Fan Meeting & Birthday Party — The Present… HYUNBIN” (what a mouthful of redundancy) and welcomed a number of overseas fans from Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, China, and Singapore.

Conducted in typical fanmeeting style, Hyun Bin greeted his fans, took questions from those in attendance, chatted with former co-stars and other guests, and revealed his official fan club, “The Space.”

Birthday wishes were sent also via video from other stars, including clips from Jang Dong-gun, Song Hye-gyo, Shin Mina, and Jung Ryeo-won. Singer Kim Dong-wan (with whom he co-starred in the film Taekwon Boys back in 2004) was present as a guest, as well as unexpected guests Gong Hyung-jin and Jang Dong-gun, who made surprise appearances at the end.

Hyun Bin: “It’s been a year since meeting with fans, so this has really been an exciting and happy time. With these international fans who came from far away to attend, I hope all my fans have had a special time, and I will continue to show more of myself through more activities and work.”

Hyun Bin is currently at work filming his comeback drama with Song Hye-gyo, KBS’s The World They Live In with Full House PD Pyo Min-soo. His film I Am Happy has been selected to close the upcoming 13th Pusan International Film Festival, which opens this week.

Credit: CBN News & Dramabeans

Another World’s Within Poster

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I just found another poster from Soompi…

The World That They Live In Promotional Poster Unveiled

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YEG has started the PR part rolling for KBS2TV “The World That They Live In” with the unveiling of the drama poster today to fans and media.

The drama leads, Hyun Bin and Song Hae Gyo had completed their overseas shoot recently in Singapore and are back in Korea to resume filming. The sudden unveiling of the drama poster has generated lots of interest among fans. YEG explained that they would rather release the beautifully created poster rather than just bits and pieces to satisfy the fans curiosity.

Seeing Song Hae Gyo with short hair plus a gentle looking Hyun Bin has heightened fans interest with their relationship and the plot of the drama.

The drama is expected to greet viewers on 27th October.

Credit: Coolsmurf@wordpress

>>Seeing the poster… makes me anticipate the drama even more. 😀