Andy Lee’s First Album – The First, New Dream

Andy - Album Cover


1. New Dream (Intro)
2. Love Song
3. Timing
4. U Turn
5. 바라고 또 바라고 (Hope After hope)
6. 우리, 사랑할까요? (Shall we fall in love?)
7. 얼굴 빨개졌다네 (Face’s Color Turn Into Red)
8. 널 생각해 (Think Of You)
9. Never give up
10. 엉뚱한 상상 (Extraordinary Imagination)
11. 거짓말 (Lies)
12. Music In My Heart

Shinhwa member Andy’s first solo album will feature a whole host of artistes such as Eric, Lee Minwoo, Kim Dongwan and Chae Yeon among others, further heightening the level of the audience’s interest in the album. And as the artistes all volunteered to take part in the album, it shows the support and friendship that Andy has accumulated in his 10 years in the music industry.
Eric features on two songs on Andy’s album, and regardless of the fact that he had to wake up very early the next morning for a photo shoot, he worked into dawn to personally write the rap lyrics, produce the song and even featured on the songs. This clearly demonstrates the deep friendship that he shares with Andy. Before recording, Eric even asked to be treated to a pizza as payment for his work, livening up the atmosphere in the studio.
In addition, Chae Yeon also features on vocals and an upbeat rap, after getting Andy to promise to impart some secrets of an online game to her. After recording, Andy fulfilled his promise and taught her
Solo artists and fellow Shinhwa members Lee Minwoo and Kim Dongwan have also extended their help to Andy for his first album by featuring on one of the tracks, and powerhouse female vocalist Amin.J who showed her talents in Epik High’s Fly also lent her vocals for the album.
Andy will be releasing the album on 18 Jan, and will also be holding his concert from 18-23 Jan at SH Club at Taehak-ro, presenting performances featuring Shinhwa members, Chae Yeon and Byul.

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5 Responses to “Andy Lee’s First Album – The First, New Dream”

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  2. Thanks for the info. =)

  3. Says:

    that’s soo cool!! I got the ALBUM!! love it!! i love lovesong!! it’s soo cute!!..and it’s sooo different from the rest of the songs!!

  4. Like Andy’s album ^^ nice songs, great collaborations!

  5. hahaa..i just notice..the title of the songs…was like..uhm… the happenings with solbi on wgm?hahaa.. i’m hallucinating~ [HAHAA]

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