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Lee Jun Ki Could Be Frozen Out Till 2013

Posted in Entertainment News, Lee Jun Ki with tags on November 12, 2008 by koala41

There has been some new developments in the contractual dispute between Lee Jun Ki and his agency Mentor Entertainment recently. It’s understood that Mentor Entertainment is now seeking an amazing huge compensation of 1.5 billion won and freezing Lee Jun Ki’s entertainment career until 2013.


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On Screen To Real Life Couple, Park Seong Woong & Shin Eun Jung Wed!

Posted in Entertainment News with tags , , on October 18, 2008 by koala41

Couple of the MBC Drama, ‘Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi’ (The Legend), Park Seong Woong and Shin Eun Jung tied the knot in real life as they held their wedding ceremony on the afternoon of October 18th at the Vivaldi Park Grand Ballroom.

In addition to the staff of ‘Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi’, Broadcasters from the entertainment world whom they’ve known for a long while and 400 Japanese fans congratulated the couple.

The couple who played the roles of Jumuchi and Dalbi fell in love when they met in April of last year.

The newly wed couple plans to take their honeymoon once they wrap up work in current MBC Drama, ‘East Of Eden.’

>> I enjoyed watching this couple on Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi… and i was surprised when i read this news. I’m so happy for them. They look perfect together. ^^

Source: Newsen

Park Ye Jin and Lee Hong Gi In Teacher-Student Relationship

Posted in Entertainment News, FT Island, Lee Hong Gi, Master of Study, Park Ye Jin with tags , , , on October 18, 2008 by koala41

Park Ye Jin and F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Gi will play out a teacher-student relationship in SBS “Master of Study” drama scheduled for broadcast after “Tazza” in the Mon-Tue timeslot starting from 1st December.

“Master of Study” is adapted from a popular Japanese manga “Dragon Zakura” and revolves around 6 students with the worst grades in a special class. Many interesting stories happen along the way as they take on the challenge of getting into the prestigious Seoul University with hilarious results.

Park Ye Jin plays an english teacher who is easily moved (emotional) while Lee Hong Gi plays a student who has dreams of becoming a singer. Other students already casted include Byeol Kim who is a bully initially but later becomes a cheerful maths genius. Hwang Baek Hyun plays a rebellious student while singer Rich is a student who looks mature on the outside but is actually very humorous. Three other roles hasn’t been casted yet and among them is a maths teacher who is very popular but has a mysterious background.

According to the drama PD, “Although we are unable to keep totally to the original storyline in the manga, but we will seek inspiration from the Japanese manga and drama adapation and try our best to produce a good drama.” “Master of Study” will begin filming at the end of this month.

The follow-up drama to “Tazza” was supposed to be “Terroir” starring Han Hye Jin and Kim Joo Hyuk but it has been postponed to 2009 because SBS wants to fight KBS idol drama “Boys Over Flowers” with it’s own idol drama.

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Won Bin’s Parents’ House Wins 2008 Korean Architecture Award

Posted in Entertainment News, Won Bin with tags on October 17, 2008 by koala41

The house actor Won Bin built for his parents in Jeongseon, Gangwon Province has won the 2008 Korean Architecture Award. IDMM Architects, which was in charge of designing the house, said the house won the award on September 22.

The 406.46㎡ house, located on national highway 42, boasts an innovative structure. The first floor of the house leads directly to the third floor, without a second floor.

Apparently, Won Bin showed a photograph of Jennifer Lopez’s Beverly Hills mansion to architect Kwak Hee-soo, and also asked him to incorporate memories of his old childhood home in Gangwon Province into the design.

The kitchen is adorned with red bricks and features an old-style cooking-range that can heat the floor of the guest room.

Picture Source: Review Star

“Civil Servant” kicks off filming, wishes self luck

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October 13 marked the official start for work on the romantic action comedy Civil Servant Level 7 [7급공무원], starring Kim Haneul as a sexy veteran spy and Kang Ji-hwan as a newbie agent on his first secret mission chasing Russian industrial spies who work for an illegal crime organization, in an attempt to prevent the proliferation of dangerous chemical weapons. (So many things to giggle at in the description. What’s not to love?)

Cast and crew performed the opening spiritual rites for good luck, and filming commenced in the city of Suwon on the following day.

The film is directed by Shin Tae-ra (of Black House) and also stars Kang Shin-il (Public Enemy Returns, Golden Bride), Ryu Seung-ryong (Painter of the Wind), and Jang Young-nam (Women in the Sun) in supporting roles. Also in attendance were several dozens of Japanese fans (attracted by Kang Ji-hwan, no doubt — not that I blame them!), some of whom sported T-shirts bearing Kang’s name.

Civil Servant Level 7 is looking at an early 2009 release.

Source: Arts News
Credit: Dramabeans

Lee Jun Ki & Nam Sang Mi, ‘Time Between Dog & Wolf’ Selected As Most Popular Drama

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On the 14th, the Seoul Drama Awards was held in which a total of 152 works were submitted from 33 different countries. Talent Choi Su Jong and Eugene kept things moving as the hosts of the event with group Dong Bang Shin Gi and the ladies of the program, ‘The Chattering of the Beauties’ taking the stage in celebration.

Also present was the Chairman of MBC, network producer Hyun Tak Shin with Yoon Eun Hye, Yu Ha Na, Han Go Eun, Lee Han Wi, Kim Dong Wan, Shin Ae, Lee Young Ah and the stars of Taiwan drama, “It Started With A Kiss” among many other global stars.

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Jung Sun Hee Admits She Was Threatened by Debtors

Posted in Choi Jin Shil, Entertainment News, Jung Sun Hee on October 16, 2008 by koala41

Jung Sun Hee has been left mentally and physically drained following the death of her husband Ahn Jae Hwan and close friend Choi Jin Shil over the past month. Currently on leave, she revealed her side of the story in an interview.

Jung Sun Hee said in her interview, “I only knew about Ahn Jae Hwan borrowing money from money lenders on 4th September. When he was missing, the debtors turned up one after another, asking for their money, threatening me and my family members. Some even threatened to reveal Ahn Jae Hwan’s misdemeanours to the public.” She continued, “I was totally unaware about Ahn Jae Hwan borrowing money from money lenders. I wouldn’t have gotten married so hastily if I knew about that. I believed that my husband was a honest person and that’s why I was willing to spend the rest of my life with him.”

His family members had suggested that Ahn Jae Hwan’s suicide was a cover-up and claimed that Jung Sun Hee knew the killer. She said, “The pain of losing your husband is great. But to lose your son and your brother, it brings an even greater pain. Someone has to be responsible for anything that happens. And in this case, I am probably the one who should be held responsible.”

She also talked about the rumors surrounding Choi Jin Shil lending money to Ahn Jae Hwan, “Choi Jin Shil unnie and Ahn Jae Hwan never talked before and much less lend money to him. This is a truth that all money lenders know.”

As for those who spread rumors about Choi Jin Shil being a money lender, “It was too much. So much so that it caused the innocent Jin Shil unnie to end her life over her grievances. This type of people cannot be forgiven.”

She ended by saying, “Things turned out like this because of me. I am probably going to carry this on my back for the rest of my life. Because of a rumor, an innocent person has left the world. This is simply too scary.”

>> I pity Jung Sun Hee.. she’s going through a lot of pain and hardships.. Himnasaeyo!!! ^^

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So Ji Sup and Shin Hyun Joon Are Brothers in Cain and Abel

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After a series of incidents including delays, name change, Ryeo Won dropping out, SBS announced today that the drama which was known as “Cain and Abel” before becoming “Dr. Stop” in September will use back the original name. So Ji Sup will still lead the drama but with the addition of Shin Hyun Joon.

This will be So Ji Sup and Shin Hyun Joon comeback after a 5-year gap since their dramas “Sorry I Love You” and “Stairway to Heaven” in 2004 respectively.

So Ji Sup plays Cho-In who is a genius doctor but is isolated from the higher powers of hospital politics. Shin Hyun Joon plays his elder brother, Seon Woo who thinks that his brother has taken everything away from him such as their father’s love, his talent as a doctor and his beloved woman.

According to the production company, “The development of Cain and Abel with the conflict between the two brothers as the base story has taken more than 2 years. We will continue with So Ji Sup as planned and have Shin Hyun Joon acting opposite him as his brother. We have also confirmed that the female lead will be Chae Jung Ahn whose last drama was “Coffee Shop 1st Prince”.”

Filming starts in November and scheduled for February 2009 broadcast.

>>  Too bad Ji Jin Hee won’t be in it.. but i’m glad that Jung Ryeo Won was replaced by Chae Jun Ahn, hehehe! ^_^

Credit: Soompi

Lee Hong Gi of F.T. Island Casted for Leading Role in Master of Study

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F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Gi has been casted for SBS “Master of Study” idol drama scheduled for broadcast in the Mon-Tue timeslot after the conclusion of “Tazza” expected in December. This is SBS’s answer to KBS idol drama “Boys over Flowers” scheduled for broadcast in end December. Exactly how will the idols fare against the incumbent star-studded “East of Eden” remains to be seen.

According to one production staff from “Master of Study” today, they are now discussing over the final details with Lee Hong Gi over his involvement. Other cast members will be announced in the next couple of days. Lee Hong Gi’s involvement is more or less confirmed with details to be ironed out.

“Master of Study” is adapted from a popular Japanese manga “Dragon Zakura” and talks of how students with the worst grades gets into Seoul University and their study process. Filming will begin at the end of this month with a broadcast date of 1st December if everything goes as scheduled.

>> This is something to look forward too.. hahaha!! ^^

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SS501’s Hyun Joong and Jung Min to debut as actors

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Jung Min will debut as an actor through the musical ‘Grease’ scheduled for November. Jung Min follows Hyun Joong in debuting in the acting field.

An official from DSP, SS501’s agency, said that Jung Min will be debuting in the musical ‘Grease’ in November, whereas Hyun Joong will be appearing in KBS2’s version of the drama ‘Hana Yori Dango’ in December, in which he was cast as one of the leading roles.

In addition to that, the shows in Japan which were scheduled for February next year will be postponed due to the involvement of the members in acting activities.

SS501 will be releasing their new album in October, marking their activities in Korea after a long while.

Credit: Newsen