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[01.22.09] ‘Swallow The Sun’ Casts Lee Wan As Another Lead

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Aside from the previously announced Sung Yuri and Ji Sung, Lee Wan is also now cast as another lead in the upcoming SBS drama “Swallow The Sun“.

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[12.04.08] Sung Yuri Confirmed for The Land of Professionals

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In a surprising turn of events, Sung Yuri who had been confirmed for Queen Seondeok has now instead been confirmed for All In 2 instead today.


Sung Yuri has been confirmed for All In 2 which will be known as The Land of Professionals. The male lead will be Ji Sung, last seen in New Heart.

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Sung Yu Ri doesn’t want to say goodbye to Hong Gil Dong

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In the evening of March 26, KBS2 channel will broadcast the last episode of ancient drama Hong Gil Dong. Main actress Sung Yu Ri has expressed her feelings on the official site. She thanks to audience for supporting this drama and hopes that they won’t forget character Yi Nok played by her.

Sung Yu Ri wrote “Up to now, I never had any drama which was left grieves for me as Hong Gil Dong. I appreciate to audience have supported this drama. The filming time gave me unforgettable memories, so sorry that I can’t tell you about those memories.”

Sung Yu Ri also wrote “Thanks for watching the drama till the last episode. Hope you won’t forget me and character Yi Nok.”

Besides, many audiences also left messages showed their regrets on the official site “Felt that the film has just begun; now it’s coming to the last episode. All the pass time, castings and the backstage workers had a hard-time, could see the attraction of each person.”

Hong Gil Dong will broadcast the final episode at 9:55 in the evening of March 26

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Kang Ji Hwan: wanted to have a girlfriend as his birthday gift

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On March 20, actor Kang Ji Hwan hosted a party to celebrates his 31st birthday.

Approximately 200 fans from Japan, China, Taiwan…etc, have attended the birthday celebration, which was held at 8pm, at Konguk University.

Although he was busy with the final scenes in the ancient drama Hong Gil Dong, but because of the Japanese audiences’ enthusiasm, Kang Ji Hwan has decided to host this birthday party.

Kang Ji Hwan’s manager revealed, “The audiences of some country in Asia, especially Japan, really paid close attentions to the drama Hong Gil Dong and the main actor Kang Ji Hwan. Not only the fans themselves, but also many of the foreign reporters were present in the celebration to interview Kang Ji Hwan”.

In addition, the main actress Sung Yu Ri, the “Hwal Bin Dang”’s members such as Park Sang Wook and Cha Hyun Jung also attended the celebration to cheer for their “leader” Kang Ji Hwan.

During the birthday celebration, when Kang Ji Hwan was asked, “Which birthday present would you want the most?”, he answered, “It would be great if I have a girlfriend”. His answer really surprised all the attendees.

Kang Ji Hwan said, “On March 19, after finishing the action scene with Sung Yu Ri and some other casting members offsite, Sung Yu Ri presented me with a birthday cake, and we all had a simple party. Having the opportunity to live and work with them make me feel very proud”.

Kang Ji Hwan revealed, “Actually, half a month ago was also Sung Yu Ri’s birthday. We have promised to exchange present with each other. Sung Yu Ri’s present is a puppy. Because of the very tight filming schedule I still haven’t had a chance to get her gift yet. It will have to be until after the drama has ended, before I could give her the present”.

After the party was over, Kang Ji Hwan and his viewers watched Hong Gil Dong’s episode 23 together. He said, “I am really happy that I could watch Hong Gil Dong with the audiences, the drama which has made me worked really hard over the past six months. I will try my best to do a great job on the final episode. Hopefully, it will be a source of joy for you”.

–> Can i be that girlfriend? wahahaha!!! ^^