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[11.18.08] Lettuce Couple Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo’s farewell trip to Halla San: The outcome of their confirmation of love?

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According to the media, Lettuce Couple Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo had their last outdoor filming for WGM in October.

The both of them climbed Mount Halla (Halla San) and had a confirmation of their love. Although they cannot reveal what the exact outcome is, officials from WGM have said that it is a happy ending for the both of them.

Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo will still be appearing in WGM till December, as they had pre-filmed enough episodes to be broadcast for the next 3 to 4 weeks. The reason for the pre-filming is due to Hyun Joong’s schedule as he was to participate in the drama ‘Hana Yori Dango’. This is similar to Shin Ae’s situation, where she too is to take on a drama.

Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo who have been appearing in WGM as the Lettuce Couple since May have received a lot of love from the audience.

*Credits: Empas, Hankooki News, DC Gallery*

>>Though i’m sad with this news that they’re already leaving the show… i’m somewhat excited with this confrontation of love… hehehe i hope it’s compatible with what i have in mind, hahaha! ^^

[11.15.08] Hyun Joong’s interview at the SS501 mini concert

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( Irrelevant parts omitted )

SS501 had their mini concert on the 15th at 7.40 p.m. at the Seoul Olympic Stadium themed ‘SS501 Showcase with Triple S’.

During the interview session of the concert, Hyun Joong was asked, ‘Do you like Hwang Bo or do you like Triple S (the fanclub) to which he answered ‘I like Hwang Bo and I love Triple S’.

He also said that they were worried that the fans might have forgotten them due to their long overseas activities and thanked them for waiting for them all this time.

>> I so love Hyun Joong’s answer to the question… hahaha!! ^^
*Credits: Empas News & All Seould Out*

[11.17.08]Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo Leaving We Got Married

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Following the departure of pioneer couples Andy, Solbi and Alex, Shin Ae from MBC star wedding variety We Got Married recently, it was revealed today that the much-loved Ssangchu (Lettuce) Couple would also be leaving the program soon. Many viewers and fans have expressed their regrets at this.

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Random Hyun Joong & Hwangbo news… ^^

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1) Hwang Bo was recently awarded Best Dance Singer at the Korean Entertainment Arts Awards Ceremony held on the 12th. (Chukahae Hwangbo! ^^)

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Hyun Joong: Not quitting WGM even after becoming an actor

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Not leaving WGM.

Despite Hyun Joong being busy filming his drama Hana Yori Dango, he is still scheduled to appear in WGM.

A close source to Hyun Joong said on the 4th that he will start filming the drama from the 5th onwards but he is still continuing with WGM and that thanks to the understanding of both sides, they have adjusted the filming schedules to accommodate both their schedules.

The source also said that due to the drama filming, he was unable to film the studio shoots for WGM. The filming locations for this month will be in Australia and Macau, but with the adjustments to the schedule, he will be able to continue participating in both WGM and the drama till the end of the year.

An official from WGM also stated that they will stick to the current cast of Hyun Joong- Hwang Bo, Crown J- Seo In Young, Hwan Hee- Hwayobi as well as Marco- Dam Bi till the end of the year.

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Crown J and Hwang Bo Auctions Their FUBU Jeans

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As the spokespersons for urban streetwear label, FUBU, Crown J and Hwang Bo both attended a charity auction event FUBU Creative Festival yesterday afternoon at Patriot Park situated near Seoul Olympic Park as they auctioned off their jeans (with their faces) for a sum of 400,000 KRW (approx. 278 USD).

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Hyun Joong and Hwayobi were initially supposed to be a pair

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It was announced that Hyun Joong and Hwayobi were intially meant to be paired together.

The both of them are currently participating in WGM, Hyun Joong as one half of the Lettuce Couple and Hwayobi as the newly added wife of Hwan Hee.

Jeon Seung Ho PD said that the original partners for WGM were actually Hyun Joong and Hwayobi. This was because they had initially thought that a couple with the 4D concept would have been interesting to watch.

However, he said that they finally decided that if the both of them were partnered together they would have not have been able to showcase their individual charms, and Hyun Joong was then partnered with Hwang Bo.

>> Glad that Hyun Joong ended up being paired with Hwangbo. 😀
Credits: Empas News

Lettuce Couple sponsored with a karaoke set

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Muize brought this to my attention, apparently the Lettuce Couple has been sponsored with a karaoke set for their home. This was seen to be an essential for the couple as they are both singers. The set can be seen in the pictures above, as well as their wedding photos and other ornaments that they share as a couple. Missing things: her poster above the piano, his guitars and his hats. Feels a bit empty without those bits there, huh?

Credits: Spero Spera

Hwang Bo: My body’s secret is Taekwondo

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Standing at 165 cm and weighing 46 kg, Hwang Bo’s frame is firm.

She says that the secret for her body is to drink lots of water and walk a lot. She doesn’t go for full body massages or practices a strict fitness routine for maintaining herself. In fact her secret method is one that is not well known to most people, Taekwondo.

Hwang Bo is currently a 3rd Dan black belt holder in Taekwondo, and the only thing preventing her from getting her 4th Dan (which would enable her to become a Taekwondo trainer) is her busy schedule.

She said that had she not become a celebrity, she would have become a Taekwondo trainer. She also added that she enjoys sports which involve swift movements such as badminton, basketball and swimming. Lately, she has also been going for walks with her mother around her house, each session lasting about one and a half hours. Another health tip that she recommended is mountain climbing as it is a method for strengthening leg muscles as well as a way to help control one’s breathing when singing.

Hwang Bo is also well known for taking good care of herself. She watches her calories carefully and once she feels full, she sets her spoon down. Even when watching TV, she does not keep still and does movements with her body. She says that although she doesn’t have a fantastic body, she does put in a lot of effort.

Credits: Empas News, Star News

Hwangbo: Sings ‘Mature’ with passion

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Hwang Bo singing Mature live on the MNet ‘M Countdown’ program on the 25th. Love her, but definitely not her outfit… Oh well, I guess she’s well covered for a reason!

Here’s her performance:

Thanks to: jaeurazn1 from YT!

*Credits: Osen, Newsen & All Seoul’d Out*