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[06.16.09] Lee Minwoo’s back with ‘Minnovations’

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After failing to garner much acclaim with his 2008 “M Rizing” project album, Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo is back with his mini album project, Vol 4.5: MINNOVATION. Hoping to redeem his self-induced failure with “Don’t Trust Men.” Minwoo and a yet unnamed producer from America will be working together to produce an electronica track with hints of a hip hop beat.

Here the tracklisting.

01. Minnovation
02. Love Me Ice Cream
03. Summer Time
04. 나 집으로 가는 길
05. 가면 무도회 [Outsidaz Club Remix]
06. The “M” Style [BK (of 1TYM) Remix]

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[05.06.09] JunJin injures wrist ahead of comeback

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News went out that singer JunJin has recently injured his wrist.

His company revealed on the 2nd, “Ahead of his comeback, JunJin had hurt his wrist while exercising.”

It is set for JunJin to have his comeback stage on 9th on MBC Music Core. His company representative also revealed that the doctor had advised for JunJin to undergo operation for his wrist, which will take up to 6 weeks to recover. But because his comeback date is pushing near, he will just have to go ahead with his comeback plans.

What’s worse was that right after he got injured, the next day he was set to do filming for his album jacket on 1st May and the filming of his MV on 2nd.

JunJin’s new minialbum will be released on 7th May.

>>>Yay!!! Can’t wait to get my copy of his mini album and to hear his new songs. ^_^

[03.24.09] [DL] Pics from GOOD’s Shinhwa 11th Anniversary site

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by midnightgirl13

If you checked the GOOD site today, you might have noticed that they set up a Shinhwa 11th Anniversary site with new pictures from their 9th album jacket shoot and the MV shoot

img01 img11


Currently active in areas of music, acting and variety etc
Hyesung, Minwoo, Junjin, Andy…
And currently serving their military service – Eric, Dongwan
While giving them all our support, at the same time we congratulate Shinhwa on the 11th anniversary of their debut.

Let this name go on forever



Source: GOOD Entertainment


here are the 103 pictures. ^^

Pic credits to GOOD Entertainment + wxl850508@bestshinhwa +


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SHINHWA, Hwaiting!!! ^_^

[03.23.09] Junjin makes his comeback in April before army enlistment

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Singer Junjin will be making his comeback in April before he enlists for the army.

In a recent interview, Junjin said, “The album is scheduled to be released on 9th April. We’ve completed 50% of the recording now.”

The title track is a dance song that will allow Junjin to exhibit his dancing skills, and he is now working hard on recording and dance rehearsals.

As Junjin has been confirmed for active duty, this spate of album promotional activities will give fans the last opportunity to see Junjin before he enlists for military service.

With regards to the enlistment date, a spokesperson for Junjin said, “Because of his age, he will have to enlist this year, but the date has not been set yet.”

Junjin has received a lot of love and support from fans since releasing his 1st solo album, ‘New Decade’, in April last year, featuring the title track ‘WA’.

Source: SPN

>>I’m so excited for his upcomming album… can’t wait for April 9. YAY!!!! ^^

[01.30.09] Lee Min Woo, Music Bank Goodbye Stage Is Full Of Charisma

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M (Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo) revealed his last stage on ‘Music Bank.’

On KBS ‘Music Bank’ broadcast on the 30th, M (Lee Min Woo) presented his fans with performances of ‘Forgive Me’ and ‘I’m Hero’ as part of his goodbye stage. He revealed a black and white concept as part of his refined attire along with a gallant stage presence.

M (Lee Min Woo) released his 3rd album in September of 2007 and a year and 3 months later began activities with his 4th album, ‘M RIZING’ featuring the title track, “Don’t Trust Men.”

This edition of ‘Music Bank’ features Girl’s Generation, Baek Ji Young, Gavy NJ, SS501, Lee Seung Chul, K.Will, Lyn, Tae Goon, Kim Kyung Rok, Brand New Day, Blue Spring, May Doni, Wink, Jessica H.O, Untouchable, Ran, Tae.1, Dear Cloud, and MARIO among others.

Source: Newsen
Credit: Seoulfull@wordpress

[01.22.09] Junjin – Lee Shi Young the new HOT WGM couple

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New WGM couple JunjinLee Shi Young decides on marriage by breaking wooden planks with their heads. For the 25th Jan Seollal special of WGM, viewers will see Junjin and Lee Shi Young spending a day together getting to know each other’s interests, personalities and hobbies, after which they make the decision on marriage by breaking wooden planks with their heads. This scene was filmed in Lee Shi Young’s actual home. Althought the matrimonial home should have been prepared by the production team and all the couple has to do is to move their belongings into the apartment, but all filming was done in Lee Shi Young’s home. This is because Lee Shi Young’s unique lifestyle and her vast amount of collectibles made it impossible to move her belongings. Upon seeing her collections, Junjin remarked, “Pretty girls don’t usually collect things like these,” and refused to believe that it was really Lee Shi Young’s apartment. Out of all 3 couples who will be appearing on the special, the Junjin-Lee Shi Young couple has garnered the best response. Lee Shi Young, who started out in a mini-series on cable channel Super Action, moved on to more prominent roles in KBS2 dramas ‘The Kingdom Of The Wind’ and more notably ‘Boys Before Flowers’, where her short appearance has left a deep impression on viewers. WGM PD Im Jung Ah said, “Lee Shi Young has a very unexpectedly interesting personality for a pretty girl like her, and her actions aren’t what you would expect from pretty girls like her.” She added, “For Junjin, it will be very interesting to see his reaction when he sees a partner whom he didn’t expect. From there we’ll be able to see how this variety star uses his humor and wit to deal with the situation.”

Source: Now News / Kuki News

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