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Hyun Joong: Not quitting WGM even after becoming an actor

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Not leaving WGM.

Despite Hyun Joong being busy filming his drama Hana Yori Dango, he is still scheduled to appear in WGM.

A close source to Hyun Joong said on the 4th that he will start filming the drama from the 5th onwards but he is still continuing with WGM and that thanks to the understanding of both sides, they have adjusted the filming schedules to accommodate both their schedules.

The source also said that due to the drama filming, he was unable to film the studio shoots for WGM. The filming locations for this month will be in Australia and Macau, but with the adjustments to the schedule, he will be able to continue participating in both WGM and the drama till the end of the year.

An official from WGM also stated that they will stick to the current cast of Hyun Joong- Hwang Bo, Crown J- Seo In Young, Hwan Hee- Hwayobi as well as Marco- Dam Bi till the end of the year.

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Lettuce Couple sponsored with a karaoke set

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Muize brought this to my attention, apparently the Lettuce Couple has been sponsored with a karaoke set for their home. This was seen to be an essential for the couple as they are both singers. The set can be seen in the pictures above, as well as their wedding photos and other ornaments that they share as a couple. Missing things: her poster above the piano, his guitars and his hats. Feels a bit empty without those bits there, huh?

Credits: Spero Spera

Hyun Joong+ Hwang Bo: There is no farewell for us! The lettuce couple’s spontaneous Olympics competition.

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It’s already been 5 months since they got married! Now finally, the two people who feel a little bit of flutters with each other.

Although they have been given their missions, the Lettuce Couple ignores the ‘farewell’!!

With the meaning of doing what they want to do together, the two of them hold their own Olympics.

The burning will to win and the passionate competition which is the Lettuce Couple’s Olympics. Who will the winner be?

*Credits: ss601*

Hyun Joong: Displayed a new romantic charm when participating in the OST of ‘That man’s book, 198 pages’

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Hyun Joong, who was voted as WGM’s most lovely couple together with Hwang Bo, participated in the OST of ‘That man’s book, 198 pages’, which will be released on the 23rd of October.

Hyun Joong displayed his sensitive, deep voice filled with a romantic charm through the OST.

‘That man’s book, 198 pages’ is a story of a man (Lee Dong Wook) who searches through a library only for page 198 after his first love leaves and is assisted by librarian (Eugene). The both of them share the memories and secrets of their loves in this movie. The song, ‘Looking at’, which was specially produced by Hyun Joong and SS501 for the movie will be inserted as the ending title song.

The song’s beautiful melody and lyrics speak of the sweet, careful confession of love between two lovers who are about to begin their relationship.

Hyun Joong real side shown in WGM is seen to overlap Lee Dong Wook’s character in the movie, as Hyun Joong portrays a man who was initially awkward and unable to open up to Hwang Bo and was blunt to her before slowly reaching out carefully and becoming a warm partner who takes care of her.

The music video of ‘Looking at’ will first be shown in early October.

*Credits: Empas News & All Seoul’d Out*
>> Looking forward to their song. ^^

Hyun Joong: Resumes activities after four days with the filming of WGM on the 20th

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Hyun Joong resumes his activities with the filming of WGM on the 20th.

The production staff of WGM said that he resumed filming of WGM with Hwang Bo on the 20th and that after the sleeping pills incident on the 16th, they were very worried about him but seeing him healthy on the 20th made them feel relieved.

Hyun Joong who was sent to the hospital on the 16th due to an overdose of sleeping pills was supposed to resume filming of WGM on the 18th however the filming date was postponed again to the 20th. He officially resumed his activities again after four days.

The shooting of WGM on the 20th was their farewell vacation concept shoot. However, the staff said that the shooting atmosphere for these two newlyweds was rather different from the other couples when they filmed their episode. The both of them shot the episode of them spending time at their house and at the park.

Hyun Joong’s agency said that after the incident on the 16th, he was spending time resting at home and doing his recording schedule, and that he was in relatively good health.

Hyun Joong will be making his comeback with the rest of his SS501 members in October. Apart from his activities as a singer, he is expected to continue the rest of the year with a drama and with WGM.

Credits: Empas News