[08.20.09] M.I.A.

The title of my post is similar to the title of Brian Joo’s blogspot before when he haven’t openned his myspace account for a long time…I copied it since i haven’t visited my WP account for more than a month I think??! =D

I just feel like posting today because I want to post about the “Bibimbap” I made for lunch today.. Here’s some pictures I took a while ago..

082020093054 (Large) 082020093053 (Large)

082020093053 (Large) 082020093055 (Large)

Looks yummy, right?! Hehehe! ^_^

I’m currently watching the ongoing dramas (Swallow the Sun,Take Care of Agasshi & Soul). I’m also watching Yamapi’s current drama, “Buzzer Beat,” courtesy of my Krissy unni who’s a huge fan of NEWS, particularly Yamapi, hehe! ^^ And i’m also re-watching my favorite drama of Goo Hye Sun, “Hearts of 19/Pure 19” just because I suddenly miss the drama,keke!

I’m still addicted to G-Dragon’s 1st album Heartbreaker. I so LOVE all of his songs especially Heartbreaker. I also love the MV.. It makes me get even more excited on getting my copy of his album. Too bad can’t afford to buy their 1st Japanese album right now since it’s quite expensive.. but maybe later i’ll be able to buy my copy. ^^

…and now i’m waiting for my download of Big Bang’s Big Show Concert to finish then i’m off to watch it, yay!! ^^

…and maybe i’ll be updating my blog again daily (but i’m not promising anything, LOL! =p)

2 Responses to “[08.20.09] M.I.A.”

  1. Wow sis good job! now you proved me that you know how to cook some delicious korean dish. It looks yummy ha hope you’ll make some more when I’ll visit in your house.LOL!!

  2. chingu, bongga ang korean dish mo,pwede na nating ihanda sa next gath natin

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