[11.18.08] Moon Geun Young Criticised for Her Charitable Deeds


Moon Geun Young has been in the spotlight recently as she was given the nickname of “Charity Angel” but instead of complements, she was attacked by some netizens calling her a hypocrite. Conservative political commentator Ji Man Won and some netizens even dug out her family history, and used it as a tool to attack her.
News of Moon Geun Young donating a total of 850million won to charity organizations in the past 6 years was revealed recently and she was commended by many for being a role model to all. However, there were some netizens who held a different view about her. They said that she was just trying to increase her reputation and called her a hypocrite. They were even some who attempted to stir emotions by dragging her family into the picture. Moon Geun Young’s grandfather was a political prisoner previously, supposedly having communist ideas.

Political commentator Ji Man Won wrote on his website: “Actress Moon Geun Young is someone who is brought up under communist influence. She is spreading communist ideals and might be working as a spy for the communist North Korean.”

Eventually, the situation turned so bad that the Democratic Labor Party has to stressed: “If Moon Geun Young’s family history is what the Korean history was, we must treat it as a lesson instead of making accusations and witch-hunting.”

I seriously don’t know what the heck is wrong with some Korean netizens. Even charitable deeds can be made out to mean her having some agendas. I’m probably getting a little agitated, but can someone throw that Ji Man Won into some mental hospital or something. He is just getting ridiculous.

Source: Yonhap

Credit: Hanfever

2 Responses to “[11.18.08] Moon Geun Young Criticised for Her Charitable Deeds”

  1. Sugesh Vania Says:

    Hwy All, I support My Dearest Actress…..she is absolutely right…….

  2. IndieMuzicLovinTeen Says:

    wow thats rediculous. I agree with you, that person has to be thrown in a mental hospital or better yet tied up and held captive by MGY fans. XD jks.

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