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Because of a Man – Joo

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Here’s the lyrics of one of my favorite songs these past few days… I’ve been looking for its lyrics for a while and finally found it.. =D
I’m also considering Joo as one of my new favorite female singer along with SNSD (Girls Generation) & Wonder Girls. ^^


nan gireul irossuyo myut bonjaenji mollayo
ibyul apeso hwichung gorineun naega
nan maebon irol dae mada
saero-un sarameul chajaso dodashi gidaetjyo

hajiman ibonen shiroyo
doh isang irogeh salsooneun obtjyo

do isangeun namja daemooneh
oolgo ootji angeh
na doobaro soh isseurae
nugu egedo dashin
gidaeji angoh saraga bollae
doh isangeun namja daemooneh
heundeuriji angeh
honja saneungol bae-oorae
nuguwe soneul jabji angoh isodo
balgeun misoro ooseul soo itgeh

nan nuga piryohaetjyo
honja itjil mothaethyo
honjason apeumeul gamdanghal soo obsotjyo
nan sarangeul hal dae mada
yongwon hal gora midotgi-eh
modeungol ju-otjyo
hajiman ijeneun shiroyo
doh isang ibogeh sal sooneun obtjyo


Ooh~ Oh~ Ooseul soo itgeh~


English Translation

you were the only one for me,
you were the one that I loved,
you were the one I cherished all my life. you know,
you were like the sun in my life,
always there for when I needed you, never had to be alone
but these feelings that I have for you
will never be returned, I know

you left me here, left me on my own
with a broken heart
you didn’t mean those words you said
everything I heard were all a bunch of lies
so why’d you pretend?

you had me fooled, thinking you were true
you had me so confused
I thought I was your everything
who have I become, now I’ve changed the way I love
all because of you
things are not the same

Credits: Soompi forum