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Dennis Oh will appear in drama East of Eden

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My thoughts: It’s been a year since Dennis Oh last appeared in a drama so I can’t wait to see this one… I was actually surprised to know that he’s included in this drama’s casting… soo… happy can’t wait to see him again in a new drama… haha I suddenly remember that I still haven’t seen his last drama Witch Yoo Hee. ^^

Popular Korean-American actor Dennis Oh will make his appearance in MBC’s special drama East of Eden. This marks his return to the small screen since drama Witch Yoo Hee at the beginning of 2007.

In East of Eden, Dennis will play as a casino player from Australia, then gradually becomes a steady support for the lead male character (played by Song Seung Hun).

Currently, Dennis is filming a movie outside Korea. After receiving this script, he will have to fly back regularly. However, he says that he will try his best to not disappoint audience’s expectations.

This big project East of Eden is scheduled to be aired in September in Korea.

Sung Yu Ri doesn’t want to say goodbye to Hong Gil Dong

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In the evening of March 26, KBS2 channel will broadcast the last episode of ancient drama Hong Gil Dong. Main actress Sung Yu Ri has expressed her feelings on the official site. She thanks to audience for supporting this drama and hopes that they won’t forget character Yi Nok played by her.

Sung Yu Ri wrote “Up to now, I never had any drama which was left grieves for me as Hong Gil Dong. I appreciate to audience have supported this drama. The filming time gave me unforgettable memories, so sorry that I can’t tell you about those memories.”

Sung Yu Ri also wrote “Thanks for watching the drama till the last episode. Hope you won’t forget me and character Yi Nok.”

Besides, many audiences also left messages showed their regrets on the official site “Felt that the film has just begun; now it’s coming to the last episode. All the pass time, castings and the backstage workers had a hard-time, could see the attraction of each person.”

Hong Gil Dong will broadcast the final episode at 9:55 in the evening of March 26

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More K-dramas i’m looing forward to…

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Drama 1 Mom 3 Dads (played by Eugene,Jo Hyun Jae) held a press conference.


On March 26, new drama of KBS2 One Mom and Three Dads has held a press conference in Seoul. Main casts Eugene, Jo Hyun Jae, Jae Hee, Shin Sung Rok have attended.

One Mom and Three Dads is a comic drama which talks about love story of a widow and three men, and among them, she doesn’t know who the real father of her daughter is.

This drama will be broadcasted from April 2 on Wednesday and Thursday evening.

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Drama Powerful Enemy (played by Chae Rim) took photos to propagandize on March 26


In the afternoon of March 26, new drama of KBS Powerful Enemy has taken photos to propagandize with the main castings Chae Rim, Lee Jong Hyuk and Lee Jin Wook.

The casts created styles to photograph in a joyful atmosphere. Powerful Enemy talks about the jobs and lives of people who take heavy responsibility to protect the Green House (President’s Palace). Actress Chae Rim will change her previous image completely in order to act as a talented female guard.

The drama will present to audience from April 14 on every Monday and Tuesday’s nights.


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Eric will appear in an ancient drama of KBS2 in June

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My thoughts: can’t wait for his last drama before he leaves for military… 

Singer and actor Eric has decided his final work before joining in the army

He will appear in an ancient drama of KBS2 channel named Choi Kang Chil Woo (temporary). Eric will play main male character Kang Chil Woo.

Choi Kang Chil Woo is the second mini-series ancient drama of KBS in 2008 after Hong Gil Dong. Character Kang Chil Woo played by Eric is a lowest rank mandarin who works in the Criminal Court (is the place where interrogate criminals). In daytime, he’s a normal person who has nothing special, not smart, and also can’t do anything.

But in nighttime, Kang Chil Woo becomes to the strongest assassin who is specialize in annihilate the rascals, to liberate the justice spirit. Eric will be experienced with a character has two different faces.

The drama uses background of Criminal Court (equivalent as present police office) with the imposing action scenes.

This will be the final work of Eric before he enlists. His management company Topclass said “Eric feels that he himself is not suitable with ancient dramas, but the script is really interesting. Therefore, he decided to act this drama. He has relaxed for a year, now his health has already recovered. When the drama is finished in mid-August, Eric will go to do military service in September.

Choi Kang Chil Woo will be aired from June 9 on every Monday and Tuesday evening after Powerful Enemy (played by Chae Rim)

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Shin Jung Hwan and Kim Sung Eun dating?

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Thoughts:  I find this news funny… hahaha can’t believe that Uncle Shin finally found a girl who would date him (if this rumor is true). ^^

All-round entertainer Shin Jung Hwan is rumoured to be dating his co-host and actress Kim Sung Eun after being spotted with her together off-screen.

Both of them have been a perfect foil for each other on KBS 2TV Happy Sunday offering, “Immortal Music Classics” showing tremendous rapport. Since the program shifted outside of the studio for recording, they were spotted being very close with each other which led to this rumour surfacing.

When Kim Sung Eun was buying her household items, Shin Jung Hwan tagged along with her, enjoying a shopping trip together. They also attended their entertainment colleagues gatherings together which led to them being suspected of being in a dating relationship.

Some of their tv station colleagues remarked, “Even their close friends (entertainment world) and their managers are suspecting that they are really dating each other, they are now looking at them closely.”

Shin Jung Hwan and Kim Sung Eun have admitted that they have been seeing each other often in private but both denied that they were dating.

There have been a trend lately seeing entertainers turning from colleagues to lovers. The latest was So Yoo Jin and Rhymer who have admitted recently that they were dating which became a hot topic. Hyun Young and Kim Jong Min is another example of this. All the best to them if it’s true!!! Go, Uncle Shin!!!

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Hong Gil Dong – Finale

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I’m soo sad… Hong Gil Dong, my favorite drama for this season has ended last night. I was so excited as w the drama ended but after reading the detailed events of the last episode i… i became upset and a bit disappointed with how the ending turns out… i’m so sad but still i love the drama because of the cast and story but mainly because of Kang Ji Hwan. ^^

KDrama Addiction…

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I’m already having my early vacation before my graduation…. and i’m spending it by watching Kdramas (from KBSWorld-Dramas from DVDs i bought-downloaded dramas). But most of the dramas i’m currently addicted to are dramas being aired in Korea right now. Here are the list of dramas i am currently watching…. or getting addicted to…

Daily Drama:

KBS 2008 – I Hate You But It’s Fine 
I Hate You But It’s Fine
Han Ji Hye & Kim Ji Suk
Comments: This is the only daily drama i’m watching… i love the DanBaek couple but i find the story slow paced but i still enjoy watching it both from KBSworld & videos from the internet.


KBS 2008 – Single Papa is in Love
Cast: Oh Ji Ho, Heo Yi Jae, Kang Seong Yeon, Shin Dong,Ahn Do Gyu
Comments: I fancy dramas with kids on it….it just makes the story sooo cute and lovable.. I started watching this yesterday (episodes 1 & 2) and i immediately got hooked with the story. I just hope it won’t become draggy and all that sad with the coming episodes.


KBS 2008 – Hong Gil Dong
Cast: Kang Ji Hwan, Sung Yu Ri & Jang Geun Suk
Comments: My most favorite drama at the moment…. It stars my 2nd favorite actor: Kang Ji Hwan and the cute actor Jang Geun Suk plus one of my favorite actress Sung Yu Ri. The drama i comic action with a very cute lovestory. I dunno how else to explain how much i love the drama… i’ll just probably make another entry for this one when the drama finishes. ^^

SBS 2008 – On Air
Park Yong Ha, Kim Ha Neul, Song Yoon Ah, Lee Bum Soo
Comments: I still haven’t seen the entire episode 1 butwith the scenes i had seen so far… i find the drama cute and interesting. I love the cast and the story which revolves around the entertainment industry…kinda like the old drama All About Eve.

MBC 2008 – Who Are You
Starring: Kye Sang, Kang Nam Gil, Go Ara, Lee Eon, Jin Lee Han, Ahn Seon Young
Comments: I got hooked with this drama right after watching episode 1. The story revolves not only about love between a girl and a boy but also the love of a father for his daughter…. i think this drama is gonna be touching but funny. ^^


 KBS 2008 – Mom’s Dead Upset / Mom Has Grown Horns
Cast: Shim Eun Jung, Ryu Jin, Lee Yu Ri, etc…
I’m looking forward to my weekends because of this cute and funny drama i’m watching at KBSworld. The story was written by a famous writer who had made 5 successful weekend dramas in the past..

SBS 2008 – I Am Happy / Happiness / Bliss
Cast: Lee Hoon, Kim Hyo Jin, Ahn Yonh Joon, Kim Jong Su (singer)
Comments: I decided to download this drama due to intrigue with why withs2 decided to sub this long weekend drama…but after watching the first 2 episodes i realized the reason why…. the story is about a royal family with fashionable clothes, proper ettiquete and a lot more… the cast is good too… The child star Ahn Yoon Joon is in it too.. ^^
MBC 2008 – Last Scandal of My Life
Cast: Jun Jeong Ho & Choi Jin Shil
Haven’t seen the drama yet but i love the story based on the synopsis i read… i also like Jun Jeong Ho so i decided to download this drama. I’ll probably watch the 1st episode sometime this week.


KBS 2007 – Capital Scandal
Cast: Kang Ji Hwan, Han Ji Min, Ryu Jin, Han Go Eun
Comments: All i can say is that i’ve watched the drama 3 times already and i’m watching and watching it over and over again…. I love the cast especially kang Ji Hwan and the story itself…. ^^


Three Dads and One Mom
Da Mul / Big Fish
East of Eden
Cain & Abel