[06.11.09] Forget Ga Eul, Hello Yoo Jin


Regardless, no one wants to be typecast and remembered for just that one drama, movie or role. Actress, Kim So Eun who rose to prominence after her role as Ga Eul in Boys Before Flowers, will be taking on a totally new role for her latest drama, The Man Who Can’t Get Married.

The press conference for KBS2TV The Man Who Can’t Get Married was held on the 9th at Seoul Palace Hotel, with the main cast of Ji Jin Hee, Uhm Jung Hwa, Yang Jung Ah, Kim So Eun and Yoo Ah In attending and meeting the media. Kim So Eun talked about her role, “The role that I am playing is called, Jung Yoo Jin and is vastly different from the Chu Ga Eul character that I played in Boys Before Flowers. In the previous drama, Chu Ga Eul is a quiet girl who often encourages her friend, Geum Jandi. But Jung Yoo Jin has a more outgoing personality and is pretty similar to what I am in reality. I thus have an easier time acting out my scenes when the cameras start rolling.”

kse1 kse2

Jung Yoo Jin (Kim So Eun) meets her new neighbour, Cho Jae Hee (Ji Jin Hee) during a situation after moving house and starts finding fault with everything that he does. But during the process, she unknowingly starts to develop affections for him. But not to worry, Cho Jae Hee will most probably end up with Jang Moon Jung (Uhm Jung Hwa) at the end of the drama. The Man Who Can’t Get Married is a drama about a man, Cho Jae Hee who is in his 40s, very stubborn and hasn’t gotten married yet. His life starts to change after meeting with 3 vastly different women as he slowly opens up to them.

The Man Who Can’t Get Married will premiere on 15th June, taking over from Story of a Man/The Slingshot which ended last week with a single digit rating despite rave reviews. It does not look good for them they will be facing MBC Queen Seon Duk (currently leading the ratings) and SBS Ja Myung Go that has been running for quite a while. All the best nevertheless for the comedy, plus Kim So Eun is in it afterall!




Credit: AllKpop


2 Responses to “[06.11.09] Forget Ga Eul, Hello Yoo Jin”

  1. hi bi taniig ih shvten bisherdeg

  2. syifa akmalia Says:

    hy kk q ngefesssssss banget sama kk …. !!!!

    wawawaaaaw .. !!

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