[05.06.09] Fly To The Sky goes on farewell trip ending their 10-years activities together


The Fly To The Sky members HwanHee and Brian go on a farewell trip to commemorate their activities together for the last 10 years since their debut.

They did that through SBS ‘Close Note’. Their manager said in an interview that this vacation will leave them with some good memories as part of Fly To The Sky before they take a rest from group activities to focus on their individual activities.

The 2 also provided, “It is a lie if we said we don’t fight. We learned to be careful with what we say and be understanding after being together for about 7-8 years.”

They debuted with the song ‘Day By Day’ in 1999 and them appearing on SBS ‘Close Note’ will be their last activity together. This episode of ‘Close Note’ will be aired on 8th May.

>>>I cried after seeing them cry while hugging each other on the teaser of this show.. can’t wait for their episode to be aired this Friday. I hope the subs will be released soon… I WILL MISS FLY TO THE SKY…






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