[05.06.09] Behind Joo Ji Hoon’s Drug Use


Korean media outlets are starting to report what may have caused Joo Ji Hoon’s drug use. It seems to baffle many Koreans why such a popular top star would turn to drugs to end his career. Apparently critics have concluded his drug use was a tool for pleasure, pure leisure. His reason for using drugs was not due to being born with mental defects or stress from work.

Joo Ji Hoon rose to stardom after the MBC TV drama ‘Goong’ and even gained the attention as a star in Japan in the next-generation wave. There were no signs of stress, nervousness or edginess to the point falling into the temptations of drugs. His venue of choice to enjoy his drug parties were clubs where flashing lights and music enhanced his sensory experiences. Being doped up on E and cat tranquilizers might make a regular boys’ night out into a sweat fueled make out session with a tracksuit donning ugly on the dancefloor.

It was rumored that there were many celebrity drug parties at clubs. A club is a place where celebrities can party with each other and now with this case, it has been confirmed such things have happened.

Drugs are always popular among celebrities. Even up until 1980 singers such as Jo Yong Pil, Kim Seo Hwan, Shin Joong Hyun, Kim Soo Hui, Lee Seung Chul, and Kim Hyun Sik were caught using marijuana. MBC TV drama “Huh-Joon” top star Hwang Su Jung admitted she took drugs to enhance sexual pleasures.

Then in 1993, singer Hyun Jin Young was caught using methamphetamines and getting high off bond glue. Since then he has been in a downward spiral. Another case of methamphetamine abuse was in 1997, Jun In Gwan was caught and has been going in and out of jail ever since. He has composed over 40 songs during his stints in jail.

Credit: AllKpop


2 Responses to “[05.06.09] Behind Joo Ji Hoon’s Drug Use”

  1. Heu..
    I’m really concern about this..
    I hope joo ji hoon know what he do..

  2. i just adore this actor!!!
    he’s really a good actor.. (GOONG)
    I believe in you..

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