[05.02.09] SS501 coming to America, concerned about Swine Flu


Back in March, three members of SS501 or Triple-S flew to Los Angeles to perform at the Victory Concert. This time, all five members of SS501 will be making the trip. The boys are scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles, California on May 6th in preparations for their second album release and also to perform at the Korea Times Music Festival on May 9th.

SS501 member, Kim Hyung Joon met with the press recently and stated that they will take pictures for their album jacket while in America and also meet with some music executives / producers. He also said that it won’t be a vacation and they will be working hard in America… however, he didn’t end it there. He continued by saying that the group is somewhat concerned about traveling to America because of all the talk about Swine Flu. Even with these concerns, they’re not concerned enough to have it ruin their experience in America.

Credit: AllKpop

3 Responses to “[05.02.09] SS501 coming to America, concerned about Swine Flu”

  1. wow , kim hyun jun . Why are you like that, you have really taken my heart,
    i dont know you will read it or not.
    i like you very much that i cannot mention. i like your dance and sionging very much.

  2. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope they come

  3. w3w… i love them^^

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