[04.30.09] 2NE1 to come with the Fire


Take out the lollipops and replace it with something spicy, YG Entertainment’s 2NE1 is going to debut with the Fire.

On YG Entertainment’s official website, YG posted a statement with information pertaining to 2NE1’s very first single. They stated that the single will be titled “Fire” and will be released for digital download on May 6th. The Music Video is scheduled to be released on the same day as well, with a re-cut 2nd version of the Music Video being released a few days after. A preview teaser will be released this Friday on May 1st.

In addition, their official debut performance is scheduled to be on May 17th’s SBS Inkigayo, 11 days after the release of the single. This single is just to get 2NE1’s feet wet, YG Entertainment plans to release a mini album with 10 songs some time in October. Fire is going to be written by Teddy of 1Tym and the choreography will be done by Shaun Evaristo and Aimee.

A lot of people fell in love with Lollipop, but they had their sunbae Big Bang support for that track (which really wasn’t even an official single). How will they fair alone with “Fire?” Or maybe Big Bang will join them once again to help them out, either way I’m pretty excited about “Fire.” They’ve had a lot of hype, let’s see if they can live up to it. Thanks to Talesy for the tip.

Credit: AllKpop


11 Responses to “[04.30.09] 2NE1 to come with the Fire”

  1. hi sandara mustah?? proud ako sau kasi naging member ka ng 2ne1 mag iingat ka sana palafge
    sana maging frend kita personally ingats loveyah

  2. 2ne1 ang ganda ng kanta nyo…. idol ko talaga kyo

  3. “ang ganda tlga nung naka blue crush q xa ^^ hi din sandara ^^

    “heheheh ganda nung kanta nyo

    “i dont care ^^

    “sana marami p kayong magawang kanta ^^

  4. .-‘?hellow po…ang ganda ng 2ne1 hehe…

  5. hi 2ne1 sana mag concert kayo dito sa philippines manonood talaga ako sa inyo hi park bom at sandara park also kay cl

  6. halu..ganda talaga ninyo..as in

  7. halu…ang gnda talaga

  8. halooooooooo.,., wOw!! you look sooo cool love it.,.,
    my regards to all of you and gud luck!! hehe

  9. sandara parang kau land ni bom ang maganda

  10. GO 2ne1…specially to dara…
    YOU ROCK!!!

  11. we love you here in the Philippines..
    we wish that you have a concert here…!!!
    good luck in your career …♥

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