[04.29.09] Joo Ji Hoon’s Job Going Under


Joo Ji Hoon’s future in showbiz is becoming more and more unclear after his recent problem with drugs.

He was recently spotted for a part in the new drama Tokyo Tower opposite actress Kim Ji Soo and had even gotten to the contract signing stage. However, it is possible that the contract will be dissolved due to his involvement in the scandal.


Officials involved in the making of Tokyo Tower stated, “Although Joo Ji Hoon’s casting wasn’t complete, it is true that it had came down to the contract stage. We are also very shocked over this scandalous event. The producers are now seriously considering his appearance in the drama. Truthfully, wouldn’t his appearance in the drama be rather difficult? But there will be no problems with the filming of the drama itself. With or without the problem of Joo Ji Hoon’s scandal, we plan to keep going and will start filming by end May or early June.” Even though the drama problem wasn’t really mentioned earlier, it was pretty obvious that they would have difficulty casting Joo Ji Hoon in it after this.

His movie Antique Bakery is being pulled early from Japanese theaters and his movie The Naked Kitchen is obviously not going to make it. Even his sold out fan meetings on the 15th & 16th in Osaka and Yokohama have been canceled (read that lawsuits incoming). He really has no one else to blame but himself for this problem though. No one told him that taking drugs and getting caught was going to be helpful for his career.



Credit: AllKpop


3 Responses to “[04.29.09] Joo Ji Hoon’s Job Going Under”

  1. In the Phil., where it is considered as the 3rd English speaking country in the world, we are so used to reading all types of English magazines reporting about Hollywood actors, actresses, singers etc. doing this and that( doing drugs and so forth…) then bouncing back and improved their craft, we have learned not to become so judgmental. One of the most famous is Robert Downey, Jr. who is an award-winning actor, and even the husband of Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban who won Best Country Singer; who was at a Rehabilation Center when he won the Grammy’s surprisingly the entire audience even made a standing ovation(maybe as a show of support for his recovery). We still appreciate them for who they are, watch their movies or buy the Burberry which Kate Moss is known for as an image model. My brother and I (who both just graduated college) don’t even drink or smoke. We know that that there certain drugs at certain parties or events, we just choose not to go there. I believe it is more of an individual prerogative. This is already the 21st century, its the responsibility of parents to talk to their kids but then if they are old enough and choose the wrong path so be it. The reason I think why some commit suicide is that the people around them are not supportive enough.

  2. I don’t use drugs, never!
    But as far as I’m concern, it’s really bad…
    Let’s take into consideration that CELEBS ARE JUST HUMAN BEINGS!!!
    Not because he’s using drugs, it means he’s a bad person?
    If you’re an open minded person, you’re going to understand that fact. Joo ji hoon doesn’t need to be criticized or to be observed because there’s a lot of CELEBS doing the same thing or even worse. It was just happened that he was caught.
    I know, he’s so regretful why he has done it. We don’t have the rights to judge the person. He’s neither our friend nor relative and I think EVERYONE has the RIGHT to do anything he or she wants.
    I really don’t have any idea why people are overreacting in this sort of issue

  3. Honestly, I commented that because I dreamed of him last night. I really don’t know him or his name. All I know is that he’s the “GOONG” prince and then suddenly I dreamed about him. This is really awkward but he told me in my dreams holding both of my shoulders saying “I’m not a bad person. (Crying)” (creepy right?) and when I woke up I just remembered it then searched on the internet… There’s an issue about him “taking drugs!”
    I really don’t know why my dream (about him) is like that?
    Can you give me any reasons?

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