[04.02.09] T.O.P is from the streets bitch


A few pics of T.O.P from the highly anticipated drama IRIS popped up on the internet today. I couldn’t help but laugh at the way T.O.P was holding his gun in one of the pics. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought T.O.P was playing the role of a special agent and not a street thug.


I don’t think a professional with years of training is suppose to hold a gun like that. It looks like he’s about to carjack someone or get into a shootout with a street gang. I also get the impression that T.O.P isn’t going to be stepping too far outside of his real life persona because of the colorful Big Bang type outfit he’s wearing in the pics. To put it bluntly, T.O.P’s acting is probably going to suck balls. It seems like the only reason why T.O.P is in this drama is so IRIS can siphon off of his Big Bang audience, similar to the main reason why Kim Hyun Joong was in Boys Over Flowers. I hope I’m wrong though because I’ll be watching this drama to see Kim Tae Hee’s long overdue comeback into the acting world.

Credit: AllKpop

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