[03.23.09] Junjin makes his comeback in April before army enlistment


Singer Junjin will be making his comeback in April before he enlists for the army.

In a recent interview, Junjin said, “The album is scheduled to be released on 9th April. We’ve completed 50% of the recording now.”

The title track is a dance song that will allow Junjin to exhibit his dancing skills, and he is now working hard on recording and dance rehearsals.

As Junjin has been confirmed for active duty, this spate of album promotional activities will give fans the last opportunity to see Junjin before he enlists for military service.

With regards to the enlistment date, a spokesperson for Junjin said, “Because of his age, he will have to enlist this year, but the date has not been set yet.”

Junjin has received a lot of love and support from fans since releasing his 1st solo album, ‘New Decade’, in April last year, featuring the title track ‘WA’.

Source: SPN
Trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

>>I’m so excited for his upcomming album… can’t wait for April 9. YAY!!!! ^^


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